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  1. trikke

    Lack of New Maps

    planes has a nice night map it's so dark that you can barely make out the plane's outline against the night sky, if he's above you it's not a favorite map, but it's "interesting"
  2. what is WG's next tier... T12 super-duper ships?
  3. speaking of dispersion, i got taken apart by a guy in a Nassau yesterday o7 i ignored him my fault i assumed he would litter the sea floor with unexploded shells until i got a free minute to deal with him nope he was smart i was not i charged at him and his secondaries started kicking in is it available somewhere? asking for a friend
  4. well, we'll see how he does! that's the true measurement
  5. trikke

    New Temporary Battle Type

    i think the quote said "invulnerable"
  6. just read that whole long thread now i understand
  7. knee-jerk reaction really, to the whole tone of the post, but i'll edit it i like to say "that's your opinion and you're welcome to it" but that seems over the top to me doesn't it to you? shouldn't it? who knows maybe the guy "hates law enforcement" it's his opinion
  8. edit: too reactionary they don't care if you stay or not you know that
  9. i'm new too, but i would recommend some at least some midtier ships you will need to learn what midtiers teaches you before you go up against vets in higher tiers tell us what interests you most... high speed slashing and dying early, or low stress stand-off calculations that keep you in the game longer? or something in the middle?
  10. trikke

    New Temporary Battle Type

    never got to see it, but planes guys loved Bomber Escort Mode they quickly shut it down when they saw how much money we made can we at least try Convoy again, devs? take it off the shelf and stick it in the CD slot please
  11. trikke

    New Temporary Battle Type

    yep, you're right it can't be damaged
  12. trikke

    Co-Op Ruined Part II (PVE Thread)

    you're absolutely right and by the time Fred thinks he's manly enough to blow through randoms like he blew through coop, he'll run across you! seriously, Fred will have -at least- noticed that many of the clanned-up humans he sees running the table in coop are considerably better than he is and will be waiting for him in randoms so, WG... leave low tier coop alone it has a purpose it gave me just enough confidence to continue, to make me believe i could do this ty, WG (spent 3 hours this am in randoms, and very gradually moved up to T6 so much fun!)
  13. trikke

    Co-Op Ruined Part II (PVE Thread)

    frankly, coop is what kept me going, my first 5 weeks it's what planes is sorely missing, a protected sandbox for new players learning all this from scratch is bewildering keep coop new-player-friendly!
  14. i am soooo slow! i read it all the way to the end, not following what you were talking about... then it punched me in the face! well crafted!
  15. trikke

    How to Dallas in coop?

    ah jeez no way am i ready for T10 ty! hmmm tried to click on the purple TY icon "trouble reacting to this action" do you only get to give out a few ty?