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  1. trikke

    I am so tired of CV's

    that's just ridiculous that radar goes right through mountains... but, maybe it was just too hard to model well? considering all of the other incredibly quick calculations the server has to make, i can live with it
  2. trikke

    Server down

    sux twice in one week now
  3. trikke

    Critical error when closing game

    same here i completely uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled still happens
  4. trikke

    Server down?

    well, i just gave up and shut it down bet a bunch did how many folks were sitting with you in queue? in other strange news items... later on that day, i did 4 Ops and three of them were Hermes that's not very random, is it? i can assume that the old returning Ops are on 'higher replay' than the others admittedly, that's not many Ops, but three of the same?
  5. trikke

    Server down?

    still down at 06:50ET evidently everyone was making 10 silver more than they had budgeted for lol
  6. trikke

    Server down?

    just watched your Jingles Henri youtube just amazing! gj
  7. trikke

    Server down?

    same for me lost 2 operations won one before it crapped out
  8. trikke

    Server down?

    down down down even tried a restart
  9. our div got Newport 3 times in a row on Tuesday am, then again on Wed am hmmm bug in the matrix
  10. for those of us that don't have many battles and even less skills, the 3 tier ops is frustrating i'm lucky to get next-to-last final score i've counted up the replay results and i'm at 48% lived-thru-it ratio i'm headed back to coop T8 seems to be by far the most popular tier being run, so lower tier boats seem to have little effect on the battle nobody will miss me
  11. trikke

    DDs undetactable

    i didn't notice your post was the RU CV forum either (my bad), but i instantly thought about how hard it is to spot DDs from planes because i'm learning CVs now it's not going well and if i even see them, i hit DDs only about 10% of the times i throw stuff at them just ridiculous i've killed one, maybe 2, in months even if you're a bot, you could just drive right up and knife me, and i wouldn't be able to stop you i keep practicing over and over in RU CVs in training rooms, coops and Ops just this am, i did 8k damage (in Naria ffs) in the Serov omg maybe i would progress faster if i rigged up an electric shock after each time a full load of torps just misses the stern because i'm gonna overcorrect on the very next drop and there goes 90-100+ secs without a single point of damage Ark Royal works just fine, but running it really throws off what feels to be a proper lead, for the Serov i know RU torps are slower but my lizard brain that aims torps in a panic situation, just refuses to believe that
  12. great job with the compare and contrast between the three! ty so much
  13. you are the best! printed it out and taped!
  14. watched all your Kaga stuff gj! i would kill to find that Carrier Doctrine thing in the bottom left of the screen, to print it out and tape it to my monitor where did you find that? google's no help at all lol