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  1. Wait I thought all you had to do was load HE and burn everything to the waterline?!?! Honestly though, even different cruisers play completely different so not surprised you may take a few games to learn each style of CA/CL play. I'm not sure I have a "main" anymore. Cruiser (41%) Battleship (33%) Destroyer (22%) Aircraft Carrier (4%) All I can say is I don't play CV's much lol... but I own 3 prem CV's so that may change.
  2. Nice vid! Here are mine: 1) expecting to be able to rank out 2) clicking join battle 3) playing on a poor connection/PC 4) blaming the team 5) Being AFK
  3. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    As a Canadian I'd be required to acquire such a ship as national pride. Tiering wise 6 or 7 depending on stats you give. Need the WWII gun layout not the Korean.
  4. It takes time to check every ship for the gun position... not to mention if they aren't spotted. for 1 point you get INSTANT tally of anyone targeting you. Which allows you to either turn out to get more guns into the battle if none or 1 is targeting... to staying at the max angle because 7 are targeting you. Also if you get spotted and don't see any ships back but 5 target you... you might want to think about your direction/backup before committing. For 1 pt I think it's the best value for information you can get.
  5. I'm most interested in her new Torp drop pattern. 3 wide followed by 3 tight. Maybe a new idea to allow more dual 6 torp squadrons back
  6. You do know that when you get a supercontainer it tells you right away, not when you open it right? And it looks different? Or have you saved up 18 supercontainers to open!??!?!? If so you have way more self control than I do.
  7. I fell in love with the Cleveland in Beta... and hated the Pepsi.... then come release I went right up the USN line and got my Cleveland back only to find out she had sub-orbital arcs and was nothing as before. So I went on to the pepsi and really enjoyed it the second time around. My aim was much better allowing me to really use those 203 AP shells. Still gets wrecked easily by a BB that can aim... but the new upcoming concealment buff will help her hide from the big bad BB's
  8. It's helpful to know that more things than are currently lit are targeting you too... You can see 3 enemy ships but your targetting says 6... info you can't really gather any other way. More handy in agressive cap moves early game before everyone has been spotted. And in divisions where you can easily relay that info to other players.
  9. If your typing in chat.....

    I can type pretty damn fast?
  10. I'm more interested in the damage per hit than the time to kill. Since bots don't fire control or repair damage the higher fire chance will likely always make the NON-IFHE kill faster. However if you calculate the damage per hit between IFHE and normal and notice there is a large difference in those values it might make more sense to the usefulness of that skill for german secondaries.
  11. yeah I put smoke expert on my fiji... the circle is quite large. Allowed 3 of us in a div to avoid 3 DD's and a gnesieau torping the crapwith us killing them all in return. You also tend to outrun the circle less with the extra 20% so that weird RN bug where at the right speed you get one puff not 2 is less annoying.
  12. This is why I chose it over IFA. That and to know when I'm spotted and not targetted at all... meaning I can get a little more agreesive and get more guns into the fight... or hold that smoke for later. Also with a division it allows you to talk to each other and figure out if the enemy is planning to pile on your weak guy... then you division mates can make themselves better targets and see if the enemy takes the bait. There is a lot more you can do with PT skill than IFA. I feel IFA I can do with my eyes easy enough... and if I can't scan I'm likely not able to dodge shells anyway because I'm locked into a knife fight with a bigger threat that has my attention.
  13. Steven Seagal skill

    Yes his name and picture https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/soarlikeaseagal/ Added back in Nov and you could get him doing a mission that ended Dec 14th
  14. As far as I can tell the Fiji upgrade torpedoes only offer 434 more damage? At a cost of 12,000 exp? Is there any reason to spend that much exp on such a small improvement? or am I missing some hidden stat that makes them better than they seem?