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  1. Caine

    Can a Tier X CV be Deplaned?

    Deplaned also means something different for CV players and surface ships. For surface ships it means not a single plane. For CVs it means not enough planes to launch a squadron that won't just be vapourized. So a CV could have 6 (2/2/2) or so planes and still consider themselves deplaned I also think that surface ships don't realize how often a CV is running half full squadrons which means they have half the HP as normal
  2. Caine

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    I find most people use IJN I used to sometimes use the name Tardis but stopped that pretty quick after everyone started shortening it
  3. Just a few questions that would take a while to find the answers to but could probably be answered in 3 min by a veteran I know the basics of when I should be using HE/AP but if I am shooting a higher tier BB and getting under/over pens should I be switching to HE? I know I can figure it out after the fact but trying to find some more specific rules when to use HE. Should I really care about showing my broadside? I know in a cruiser it is the kiss of death and I can get hit in the citadel but it hasn't happened enough for me to care too much. I'm not talking about angling when you are being pounded. I know there are videos about angles so I don't need details, just wondering if I get to the higher tiers it will get worse. I'm trying to get good practices ingrained now. Do you have any links that would help me with aiming? I am sure everyone has a problem with a ship sailing away on a slight angle is hard for everyone. Just wondered if there are some tricks I haven't though of. Thanks in advance!! Caine
  4. Caine

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    The cloak of invulnerability argument
  5. Caine

    How about a feel good post

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments and the pluses and salutes I'll tell you one thing, 4K matches in your opponents ships before starting your own class sure gives you insight into their tactics!!!!! Sail safe everyone!!
  6. I love WOWS but because I am disabled I am not really that good. If you aren't that great Tier 8 makes you lose what enjoyment you were getting. I loved RTS CV but I can't do the dog fighting part so after about 3.5K battles in CVs, CAs, DDs I moved on. No big deal this is normal for me in video games. It is so hard for me to find a PVP or a FPS that I can play. Almost every single game has one mechanic that kills the game for me. I loved Titanfall because it had the smart pistol which could cover for the problems with my hands. I wasn't uber but I could at least play the game enjoyably. Really hurt that it was removed from Titanfall 2. I was so looking forward to another fun game. Every so often I would come back and read the forums of WOT and WOWS to see what the status was for Artillery and CVs. Artillery when it first came out was perfect for me but of course it had to be nerfed because players can't accept being killed by something they can't see (never hear about that in FPS games with sniper rifles so.........). So when I saw the CV rework I read about it, came back about 2 months before it dropped. Well we know how that went. They got nerfed to the point I didn't find them enjoyable. I can still play them, my disability isn't a problem, I just parked them. I am pretty sure that they will be fixed in the future but I am not interested in touching them until they are closer to the initial rollout as opposed to where they are now (this isn't a CV buff/nerf post) So now what? I suck at Cruisers, I suck at DDs and I hate co-op and CVs aren't worth playing. I know you are thinking 'what about BBs?' When I first started I did what most people did and went straight for BBs and HATED IT!!!!!! I need slower game play but that is just ridiculous. My hands also make my first volley a bit of a surprise so the long reload kills me so I dropped them and never went back. Out of boredom I was goofing around in my ARP Kongo that I don't remember how I got and I realized something. When I first played BB I didn't have a clue how a match would evolve. I was always going in the wrong direction, facing the wrong way etc. Multiply that by the turn time of the boat and turrets and you can see why I hated it. I spent 15 minutes of the 20 minute match waiting for my turrets to turn But I know how a match evolves now. Just because my hands can't make it happen doesn't mean my brain isn't aware what is going on. So I figured I would give IJN and USN BBs a shot and here is where the feel good part comes in. Now that I can be in the right position I found I can take a couple of seconds to line up my shots (really hard to explain why I can't do that in CA/DD). My first shot wildness has calmed down. The long reload isn't affecting me as it was before. I finally found a class I can play. I will probably be average but in my world that is super unicum. Imagine playing 4K games in this and suddenly being handed a class that you enjoy and excel at (relatively) after tearing your hair out trying not to be a potato. I really hope they get their act together and fix CVs, its a fun class to play, but until then watch out for Caine in his BBs.
  7. Yes you are, your less miserable experience is CVs not being able to attack you much less damage you
  8. I was playing a game in my Kongo and I lost my connection Came back to the game and I was dead.......but I had also killed them with my secondaries Have you ever killed anyone while offline/afk?
  9. Caine

    CVS Still deleting DDs ( Rant/rage)

    Would you be upset if a BB wiped out out from 15km+??????
  10. That's why I parked mine. I don't want to use up the 'enjoyment' of grinding a ship line when there is zero enjoyment in the class. OP/UP I don't care. They permanently broke them when they upped the AA to stop the F key spam that was being used in response to high AA. Now our starting point for fixing them is so far off base and the gameplay so bad I don't want to waste time on it.
  11. Caine

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    No, I want the person on the forums who talks about it like its on autopilot to do it.
  12. Every time we try and make suggestions we are drowned out by the DD mafia who parade out the same useless stats and anecdotal screenshots of some unicum player. I parked mine and they aren't coming out until the game play is back to something useful. I don't play the game to just grind, I enjoy it and right now CVs are so boring, underpowered and useless but people are still posting they need nerfs. When that crap has stopped I will pull them out. Not going to spend time playing a ship class that is so bad no one plays it and yet a different class still cries about it.
  13. Caine

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    You need to go play some games and then post replays on here to show us just how trivially easy it is then
  14. Caine

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    So if it's a DD that does it no problem, if a CV does it then it's an 'issue'
  15. Caine

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    This is why I quit CVs. It doesn't matter how nerfed they are, if they can do ANYTHING players are mad (arguing how they can still ram when deplaned was the final straw for me). They aren't fun, they don't do enough damage to be part of the match, the community hates you. I play to have fun and an enjoyable time. Not being able to get near a ship before your squadron dies and then have someone posting on the forums that an even tier CV was able to do 2 runs of DBs without losing a single plane means we aren't even arguing about the same thing anymore. Every CV player had a fix for the original F key spam, lower the AA and we won't have to use it. Now I just hit F after the first run 90% of the time because it saves me 15 seconds trying to weave them through the flak that will rip them apart. The problem is how you play. If you damage farm some moron off by themselves then yeah it can look good at the end. I want to help the team. When I do that, bad damage, bad xp but at least if the team wins I know I was a part. But that gets old fast. I like playing them but it will be a loooooooong time before I pull them out.