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  1. _Renown

    RIP DD playerbase?

    I've noticed a huge drop in DD presence in higher tier matches ..... Played quite a few games without any DD at all. In fact, most of the games I've played at tier 8-9-10 had only 1 or 2 DDs in them. I recently played a few DD games to see it for myself and oh my. Really hard to do your job right with a CV around, near impossible with 2 of them in your match. Long range AA do nothing to planes, so unless you are sitting right next to your CAs, they won't save you from planes. CVs can't really help you against the enemy planes either. Near useless AA for DDs and smoke doesn't protect you as much as it did before. I don't main DDs and I feel sorry for them. Being focused by two CVs now feels like you're getting [edited] in every possible holes If that doesn't say anything about the recent CVs rework then I don't know what will. In all honesty .... you guys are [edited] when it comes to balance. Seriously, who the **** does the testing for you, [edited]?