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    I am a WW II historian with a strong background in Naval warfare history and naval battles'. I have played and or own almost any war-game involving naval engagements in WWII. I also am a model builder and have a very extensive 1/700th scale waterline (1 inch = 72 foot) WWII navy with over 144 ships built , and counting. Most of my navy is the Japanese fleet as no one made very many allied ship model kits in 1/700 scale water-line up until the last few years .

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  1. I need help fellow player ,I registered a clan name for my dad to honor him and the ship he sailed on, and I was blessed and lucky to have been able to take a Tiger Cruise with dad and the "Blue Ghost" Association on the USS Lexington AVT-16. I just wanted to secure the name for dad and had no notion of forming a working ,fighting clan, but dad  told me in a dream , fight and get good team mates to honor the "LEX". It will be a laid back casual clan that will be using headsets eventually , maybe Team speak or Curse , not for sure at this point. I have great guys so far and a world of knowledge to hand over to the next generations , lol . I never had or was on a Clan in WOT or WOWP, occasionally I would Merc for a friend in WOT on his clan. You fit the breach like the right size shell ,can you lend me a hand, if not I understand, Anchor's Aweigh my friend ,great sailing.