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    I am a WW II historian with a strong background in Naval warfare history and naval battles'. I have played and or own almost any war-game involving naval engagements in WWII. I also am a model builder and have a very extensive 1/700th scale waterline (1 inch = 72 foot) WWII navy with over 144 ships built , and counting. Most of my navy is the Japanese fleet as no one made very many allied ship model kits in 1/700 scale water-line up until the last few years .

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  1. NightStalker357

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    I agree with you 1000% about the pay to play , to get the containers.
  2. NightStalker357

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.3

    Try getting the AA that was promised when CBT members got the Arkansas, and I agree with you on the California being drug into a battle over its head.
  3. NightStalker357

    Game Quality way down

    The game is headed I am afraid to say , if it does'nt get back to common game play and quit tweaking , down the tube. I say it with great regret and disdain.
  4. NightStalker357

    Forced to buy a ship I own?

    I have the T 4 Dahligeri BB from Prime, I have upgraded it to max and the Captain too , now I have to buy same said ship again , without compensation, so what about the free slot and Capt, its [edited], spending Italian coins on it that took time to earn , give me those back instead.
  5. NightStalker357

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    Thank you KamiYan for the info.
  6. NightStalker357

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    Is the King of The sea ever going to drop crates again , I have every collection but the current one and King of The Sea???????
  7. NightStalker357

    Anyone else kinda bored?

    I have played 6 years or so and tested it before game launched, I am a long time player and I agree with too much and not enough in this game , feast and famine, never a middle of the road like it use to be when it was first introduced ,after being a late open Alpha tester and all the Beta testing. The game is never enough for the dev.'s someone always got to tweek something some where. I got tired of complaining , giving ideas , and info all to always fall upon deaf ears. CV's were great once now mundane, most great ships nerfed because they are way above inferior Russian ships. Russian game Russian bias ,so I get it , money ,money, money , no longer free to play ,PTP is the knew new. This new combat mode sucks , no rewards worth while for time wasted , all bot teams, with 1 human , get a life. The Bots suicide constantly taking away from the game. Nice a new port , but why we have more than enough now,, where did the Premium Port go to.I use to play for hours after I got a serious head injury , these type's of games are encouraged by my Neurological PhysicalTherapist for theraphy to keep my Neuro net connectivity active, basically if I don't use it I lose it, to challenge my mind daily with complex puzzles, this was one of my more favorite therapy's, I play less than a fourth of what I use to, because of the repeat process without much advancement or rewards befitting the trials, I have currently 156 ships , I got rid of or WoWS removed certain ships and never brought them back as of yet, for another 85 ships for a total of 241 ships. no big deal, most I never play and probably will never play again unless a need to. My 2 cents not worth much . but my opinion on the game and it's future , change the course or crash on the rocks.
  8. NightStalker357

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.8

    CrusadingSamurai ,I agree with you 1 MILLION percent . Remove the BOTS totally , also increase the rewards , it's not worth my time, wasting time ,playing for only 25 tokens for the win and wins those are like icebergs in hell ,or better yet just remove the game mode .
  9. Thanks foodprinter, I changed browsers and can now get to code redeem .
  10. Why is the redeem site , come up with nothing , a black page with no code redeeming box , what have you done now???
  11. NightStalker357

    If CV's are so balanced

    Fishy I am pissed too ,still about them taking away my Zuiho,Hiryu, and Bogue. I feel your disgust , anger , and pain.
  12. NightStalker357

    0.9.6 Operations XP

    My dear friend ,I.m afraid their are BUGS in your BUGGY compensation system can not get to there from here, same thing every time, Their honestly need s to be a better compensation system put in where you don't go crazy trying to get into it , or just like a bunch of frustrated players , who just say to hell with it, very patiently.
  13. I am here because ,I am here, lol. I enjoy it love it give me a whole lot more of it ,but please leave well enough alone.  Old saying told to me by my dad who was a very good car mechanic, and as well, he was a MM2c on the USS Lexington CVA-16 in engine room #2, To many mechanics under the hood , do the engine no good . Same thing to be said about this game , quite trying to over think it, please


  14. I agree with you on smaller divisions , larger is not better , get rid of GAME CENTER and will talk.
  15. NightStalker357

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I have 155 currently , after getting rid of 71 ships for the need of revenue and port space, willing to take on more ships , for testing WG, or always excepting gifts, only ship bought out directly was IJN BB Ishizuchi , everything else was earned , by in game gold or competitions and long time spent playing. Buck up boys , get hurt , become disabled , or just don't have a life , or never have kids or a wife, easy way to max out on ships , LOL