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  1. Let me give you more insight into my reasoning. "Don't play like a BB" But it is matched up against BB from the opposing team "Play it like a cruiser, you'll live longer and have more success." It isn't a cruise, it lacks accuracy, living longer is not the goal, damaging ships is the purpose of this game. Scharnhorst was designed to be an effective brawler. But do to a changing meta and power creeping ships. Brawling is not the most effective way to play the game. "I have no problem in my Scharny." I have compared our stats, and we are not much different. you have a 50% win rate to my 49%. Avg Damage you have me by 10,000. But I have at least 100 more games in my Scharn. My point being I don't have too many problems playing a scharn effectively. Sinop a purpose-built BB outshine the Scharnhorst maritime raider. If it was given Supercruiser match up, it would not handicap its team when going against true BBs I hope you are able to understand my logic and be less condescending in the future.
  2. Sinop does not need to citadels. The penetration power the tight grouping and the damage per shell will take away plenty of hp. I have been penetrated from 10-degree angle bow on in a Scharnhorst, from a Sinop
  3. Do you think it is too much to ask for an accuracy of at least 11km. Please watch the replay I provided.
  4. It lacks the accuracy of cruisers, and it is still matched up against BBs in MM
  5. LupusMalum


    Don't expect too much sympathy. WG has a unique set of people, who will say that there is no Russian bias, that you are just not a good player to feel that other ships or outclassed by Russian ships, or tell you that the spreadsheet doesn't support your argument. I would like to know what is the reasoning for making Germany BBs so inaccurate, while a Russian BBs get more consistent performance for a ship that is supposed to be a close-range ship.
  6. I don't think it is asking too much to hit a ship 11km away consistently. 11 km doesn't seem like long-range or even mid-range
  7. I would beg to differ, there is a thing called Vertical and Horizontal dispersion. Which is the sneaky reason that Russian BBs are more accurate than their stats. Wasnt specced for secondary. 3 torps would not sink a Sinop, I know from first-hand experience. Wasn't afraid of the Atlanta, the Atlanta keep setting me on fire, if I was to charge the Sinop, the Atlanta could have torped me. The Atlanta with the least hp was the best way to get rid of a threat. I don't think it should be a comedic act when using your main guns, it is an unneeded way to differential the lines.
  8. I am forced to accept that for some reason Germany Ships are inaccurate. But I think that I should be able to reliable hit a ship that is 11 km from me. The scenario- I have a broadside Sinop 7 km in front of me ( I didn't shoot AP at the Sinop because I have a bad time getting penetration. I didn't shoot HE, because for some reason I have a hard time getting fires started, due to the Sinop barely having any superstructure. I didn't rush the Sinop for 2 reasons. 1) A set of 3 torps isn't going to kill a Sinop 2) To my right I was using an island to shield me from a Colorado that had my Broadside. 11km away is an Atlanta with its stern facing me. I shot 4 salvos at the Atlanta with a total of 24 shots with only 1 hit. I think I should be able to defend myself from a ship that is 11km. I don't even want to speak about over 15 km accuracy. So I ask would you please give the Scharnhorst an accuracy buff. The replay is provided. Public Disclosure- it may have been 3 salvos I fired, but still only 1 hit. 20200526_170650_PGSB507-Scharnhorst_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  9. LupusMalum

    Why is Stealth Radar a Thing Again?

    It still detects DDs, no matter how short it is. If a DD is detected it makes landing torpedos almost impossible.
  10. LupusMalum

    Why is Stealth Radar a Thing Again?

    Listen to all the enablers who make excuses for the reintroduction of Stealth radar. If you notice it is always the same people defending Russian Bias.
  11. If a mechanic doesn't make a good player then why does WG make (Kremlin RP), reinstate (Smolensk fire in smoke), or nerf (torpedo flood chance)? Also on the horizon Russian CL with (USN AP performance). To make certain tech lines user friendly.
  12. LupusMalum

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    More Russian behind the scenes magic where a ship is said to be inaccurate from a certain range and Super accurate from the range where the majority of the battles happen. Oh yeah, let's tweak the shells to penetrate from more angles and program them to overpen less. More propaganda for the plebs.
  13. LupusMalum

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Another garbage release, and surprise it is not a Russian ship. #Tsushima is still giving bad feels
  14. I agree with everything except the forced surfacing and the O2 mechanic. People underestimate just how much a handicap it is to be limited to a top speed of 25knots.