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  1. LupusMalum

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    As a DD player, I support this message.
  2. When I read this, all I see is I don't want to work that hard, please keep BB play as simple as possible.
  3. LupusMalum

    Flamu's WIP Review of Daring - the Mini-taur

    Can the Shimikaza be competitive against the Daring?
  4. LupusMalum

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    FYI. WG does not care if radar is fair or not.
  5. LupusMalum

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    Why do DD always have to adept?
  6. Control of how you communicate is step 1 in the rulebook of convincing people that sand is wet.
  7. LupusMalum


  8. LupusMalum

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    Someone got an unexpected prostate exam
  9. LupusMalum

    Radar has ruined dd play

    don't expect radar CAs player or people who lack moral .integrity to agree with you
  10. See attached replay. 20180721_120302_PRSD210-Grozovoy-pr-40N_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  11. Yes, they made Shimakaze the stealthiest at tier 10. Then they added a new CA line that makes stealth a non-factor, gave the gearing a mod that it just as stealthy, gave the Groz a heal with all the rest of its consumables. The IJN gun line is a joke. The Akizuke is supposed to be an AA platform that does not have AA, and to top that off is a fat slow slug. And its torpedoes are not a gift, they are a historical feature they have been nerfed with the worst detection range in the game. We are told that Russians guns hit the hardest which is why the travel the straightest and fastest if they were nerfed to mimic the USN guns, there would be a huge outcry in the game. They are making the Kitakaze and the Haragumo, to be exp gift bags for all the radar in the game.
  12. Better question, do you think WG cares about IJN DDs?