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  1. Replay provided 20210420_132144_PJSC520-Yoshino_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay 20210420_130746_PJSC520-Yoshino_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  2. DDs shouldn't have to tank for BBs and CAs, hiding behind rocks not supporting DDs. More context to my rant: Replay of the match 04/02/2026 20210402_231421_PRSD210-Grozovoy-pr-40N_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay The Marceau beat me fairly. I was pissed off at how deep he came into my side of the cap, to murder me. With no assistance from my 'team'
  3. LupusMalum

    What do your stats say about you?

    Again I appreciate your opinion, my response was based on your initial assessment. My reply and exposition were based on your statement "I'm interested in your insights and perspective on your own gameplay... how you approach the game. Tell me about Zao... tell me about Groz. " I took this as you were interested in an exchange of insights. Nowhere in my reply did I say you were wrong and nowhere did I say what I was doing was a recipe for success as measure by the main metrics used by most, in this game. In fact, it was my drive to get better, which is why I asked for your opinion. Regardless of this conversation, I will get better. Again, thank you for your opinion. Fair Seas and pleasant breeze.
  4. LupusMalum

    What do your stats say about you?

    _Eno_ Thank you for your reply. I consider you to be a decent person and look forward to your further post. 2 questions for you. 1) Would you finish this statement "You play the game to relax so I'm inclined to just leave it at that.", with the knowledge that even though I play to relax, part of my relaxation is being the best at what I do. 2) What did you and the father discovers " I spent a lot of time consulting with the origin of their beloved theory (their Dad) to figure out the true depth of its potential and we actually stumbled into something remarkable. " Later and enjoy your day.
  5. LupusMalum

    What do your stats say about you?

    _Eno_ First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to look at my stats and provide your insightful input. I see a guy who is almost exclusively solo with a little bit of division that hasn't done much with regards to influencing the course of the battle. I mainly play the game to relax, which is why I play a lot of solo matches. I prefer to play DDs, but the continued watering down of torpedos in the game, with the rise of more radar and carries, has greatly lessened my tolerance for low and mid-tier play. I can play BB, but am not a fan of the slow boring play. When I play the Zao, I am usually the last to die, I am very aggressive, but I have decent reaction time and map awareness to keep me alive. You've played double the tier 10 matches that you've played at any other tier with tiers 7-10 accounting for the bulk of your gameplay though to be blunt it doesn't look like you found your footing in any tier. So far as my survival in a Zao I have played 2,113 games and survived 1,471 matches so for every 4 games I survive 3. Dealing with ultra-conservative, I would argue that I am the opposite which is why a rarely play USN CA because of the weak armor scheme and the below-average speed. I also am not a fan of Russian CA/CL because of their lack of maneuverability. I do enjoy the Goliath and the Venezia and have decent numbers in regards to damage with them. In regards to long-range, I have the legendary mod for the Zao, which limits me to a range of 17.3, I think. I played my Zao as close support for DDs in the cap, harasser/road bump depending if the side I am on is pushing or being pushed. I also use AP if the opportunity allows. But the Zao long reload rate and inconsistency past 10 Km for armor penetration, makes for a hindrance to high Alpha moments. IJN CAs as a whole are given good HE damage, but AP is very lackluster. To look at your most played DD (Grozovoi) I can see that really high main battery hit percentage again with a perilously low damage rate again... The Grotz is not my best DD. Being a jack of all trades it excels at none. Yes, it has a fast fire rate but a max range of 13 KM means if you are using your guns vs a CA or BB, you are at a disadvantage, because of the HP disparity. To me the playing DD is all about stealth, if you are shooting your guns, you have given up your stealth. The Grots has decent torps, but this is hindered by the average range and long reload times. If you want to torp, there are better DDS. If you want to shoot, play a Khab or Kleber. I will draw some reference to your Minekaze... With 530 battles in it it's probably the single ship that stands out I have not played the Minakaza in almost 2 years, about the time WG, did the IJN DD split, and castrated the Mineakaze as well as the Fubuki. Now as I've alluded to before and as someone else has mentioned at least once you can't git gud at high tier by playing low tier... I hate low tiers, I would rather watch cement dry. My Damage and PR suck, because in my opinion, WG does not reward good DD play. with little reward for caps or spotting. And the side with the most DDs at the end of the match usually wins and I am that DD in rough estimate over 60% of my games. I would argue against me being conservative because I have at least a 1.0 K/D ratio on almost all of my DDs, with a high 4.86 with my Ashasho in over 82 games and 3.62 in my Fletcher with 173 games. The Groz is 2.13 with 700 games and the Shimi is 2.6 with over 600 games. And my favorite the Zao is 2.73 with over 2000 games, my 2 most played CL the Edinburgh and the Atago are both over 1.6 K/D ratio. So I would offer that counter the conservative comment. And to further argue against conservative play I have a .8 warship destroyed in the Zao and Shimi and a .7 with the Grotz. I don't know if it's all about aiming and map awareness, I'm also wondering if you are switching shell types to meet current conditions. To provide insight on this statement. I have been a battle caller for one of my previous clans with a small amount of success. I am aware of the difference between AP and He, but because I either play IJN who favor the HE or DDs who favor torp attacks. My alpha damage suffers. And with the nerfing of torps throughout the life of the game, torps hits are not the most reliable damage dealers due to low hit rates. Again I would like to say I appreciate your help and hope I didn't come off as too defensive in my reply. Smooth sailing and the blessings of RNG to you in the game. Please if you have any further questions or insights I welcome them.
  6. LupusMalum

    What do your stats say about you?

    When you have time please give me your assessment of my stats.
  7. LupusMalum

    Micro stuttering / pausing since patch

    I am having lag/pause/stuttering issues also.
  8. 12km radar, bow tanking armor, rail gun with good reload. can you see the Moskva advantages
  9. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    Just looking for feedback, working on conflict resolution skills, by arguing in the forums.
  10. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    Have I kept my comments in the the proper context
  11. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    Slava has better Ballistics, Survabality and Armour scheme .
  12. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    The insane accuracy and alpha is the problem. This on top of digital Russian tankiness and stealth, this is just another op nightmare for every other nations ship line to deal with.
  13. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    OK, my agenda is that I want a fair balance for every nation ship line.
  14. LupusMalum

    14 km Concelment "WIP" Slava= Mind Blown

    The insane accuracy and alpha is the problem. This on top of digital Russian tackiness and stealth, this is just another op nightmare for every other nations ship line to deal with.