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  1. LupusMalum

    OK, the IJN CAs are actually unnecessarily OPed.

    More likely this guy is some butt-hurt BB driver trying to get WG to get out the Nerf-bat to IJN CAs. SO that he can sail in a straight line and amuse himself with the sound of his guns. Pew Pew.....
  2. Due to the Hak drop pattern which has an induced spread on the drop and the arming distance which prevents close drops, this allows for ships to easily evade the best attack option for IJN CVs. Of all the drop patterns for T10 CVs, the Hak is already gimped due to only being able to drop 2 torps ( the 4 drop option is not even worth talking about), and it arming distance. The RN and the USN CVs drop more torps and are allowed to drop closer. The RN spread has an induced converging drop, which leads to more hits. The USN drop in an induced straight line which again leads to more hits. The Hakuryu is already disadvantaged from not having reliable damage over time attack. Could WG please at least even the field a little bit and give the Hakuryu a drop that doesn't spread and allow a ship to sail in between the drop so easily. Please leave your well informed and much-appreciated comments below.
  3. To everyone saying western civilization is soft. I bet you won't leave this country.
  4. LupusMalum

    It's official Yamato Kobayashi Camo overpriced

    For the premium player
  5. LupusMalum

    Save your money the Saipan Sucks

    Thank you for the feedback.
  6. I had the Saipan before the rework, and I am a average CV player, but I feel like the 3 f ighter and 1 DB setup is more of a torp threat that this rework soup sandwich. Replay provided 20190414_182316_PASA528-Saipan_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  7. My point is that the Hak, has difficulty killing an enemy, not getting damage. By the time you are able to whittle the enemy down, the game is usually settled. The HE dive bombers of the Midway, are able to have a decent Alpha and a good DOT attack. The HAK has no such ability due to the recent torpedo nerf.
  8. The Hakuryu needs to a consistent DOT attack, the torpedos which serve as the HAK's Alpha attack is very mediocre at best. The 4 torp Attack planes are slow and very easy to evade. The 2 torp Attack Planes have low alpha and an abysmal flood chance. The AP Dive bombers are again very inconsistent. You are more likely to over pen or pen without citdaling which again has a low alpha. The Rockets planes have a decent chance to set a fire, but have low alpha and low survivability. The Hak cannot reliably defend itself against DDs much less attack because of the torps again are easily evades, the rockets planes are useless also due to past nerfs. The AP planes are also useless vs DDs because of the horrible aiming reticule and the increase chance of over pens. The Midway HE Dive bombers have a greater consistent Alpha than any of the Haks Aircrafts. The consistent DOT fire is the icing on the cake. The Midway has a greater flood chance due to more torps in the water. The midways rocket planes hit harder and have a greater fire chance. What I propose is that the Hak is given the ability to have a 3 Torp plane attack with a decent aim time ( Increase flood chance would be great). The AP dive bombers are increased to 4 (5 would be great) planes in an attack run. The rocket planes need a lot of help but increase the planes that make an attack run would be a good start. I have attached 2 screenshots from a previous game and also a replay, that will aid in my discussion. I am not a good CV player by any measure but I had a decent damage output in this game. in the beginning, I tried to keep the team out of the cap while the AA bubbles thinned out. Which is why my damage output was slow to start. I appreciate the feedback. compete 20190413_215952_PJSA110-Hakuryu_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  9. This is ship is not worth 1 million FXP.
  10. LupusMalum

    How is Azuma?

    I am not happy with the Azuma, I would like a refund.
  11. Azuma is painful to play, turns like a prego on skates
  12. No problem, "KIND SIR"