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  1. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    Thank you for your post. I don't understand the idea behind pre-dropping... even after the regeneration explanation (there are 3 different types of planes, I can just take a dif. kind out while one regenerates), so I will not do it for now. However, once I understand how CVs currently work that may change. I will check out that discord and those videos. not to single elazer out for his help, thank you everyone else for your help as well!
  2. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    Could you elaborate on this? Why would dropping a load over empty water only to fly back to ship to re-arm help me? Thanks for the info
  3. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    Thank you for your help. What is the purpose of 'pre-dropping'?
  4. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    Thank you all for your replies. I will try practice and co-op see how that fairs. Not a big fan of T4, not enough squadrons, too boring --- but perhaps that is different now that its not RTS at all.
  5. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    I only have the one CV, the midway, so that is what I hop into.
  6. Desmios

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    I wish they would change it back to the old RTS style, the new style is fun at first but gets old quick
  7. Hello all, I have been playing WoWs on (and very off) for the last 4 or 5 years. I have a T10 american CV whose name I can't remember. Aircraft carriers were my favorite part of the game before the re-work (I preferred RTS style), and coming back post-rework is daunting & stressful. The main problem I'm having is when I go to attack a ship: Sometimes my planes get shredded, sometimes they do not. It seems to depend heavily on the ship. This is a major problem because I rarely play now as much as I used to, I don't even know a quarter the ships in the game anymore. When I logon to my CV to play a game, its a total crapshoot when I go to hit a ship whether it will wreck me or not. Often its a ship whose name I haven't heard of, or if I have, I have no idea if it has strong AA or not. I don't play this game enough to memorize every t8-t10 ship in the game, nor would I want to if I did... and in my opinion, nor should I have to. It isn't fun. There needs to be a way to tell CV players the AA level of a ship they are about to engage; without that knowledge, playing carriers is a practice in futility for hyper-casual players such as myself. I always quit after 1 game in frustration and go back to my shimikaze. I spent (probably) over a 100 hours grinding out to that T10 carrier and now I can't even play it. I am pretty sad. I've installed Aslains and tried to modify the HUD to show AA ratings but even though its so compact and limited. Every time I return to play there's a plethora of new ships I've never heard of. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation.
  8. Desmios

    Gameplay is so slooowww...

    what 2 ships would you recommend?
  9. The first 3 minutes are spent getting into shooting range, the next 2 minutes long range shooting, then positioning, the actual action, then 3 minutes at the end of the game to find the last DD/CV and kill them. Of course, not all matches are like this. But I find it slow, with a lot of down time; so much down time I've been able to play a phone game while I play WoWs (except for firefights). Its odd, I used to love love love this game. Put in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours years ago; however, now just coming back... it seems so slow paced. Did I change, or did WoWs? thanks all!
  10. I paid for a firearm that shoots .45, instead it only shoots .22s. I'd get a refund. People bought carries that shot 45s, now they shoot 22s. Issue a refund.
  11. Desmios

    Midway Service-Cost Stupid Expensive

    Thank you all for your help, but sadly advising me to spend real money so that I can play my T10 midway is pretty sad. I spent 3 years getting to that T10 midway because I love carrier play and it was the best of the best. Now I can't play it unless I spend $$ to get 5000 doubloons for a camo. I've tried clans, but I get kicked out every-time I'm training (11 days every month). I'm not spending $15 to play the midway; that is stupid. I have the ship unlocked and purchased, I should be able to play it.
  12. Desmios

    Midway Service-Cost Stupid Expensive

    I can understand not making credits, but I should not have to PAY credits to play my ship. I cannot fathom any valid excuse for my midway sitting unplayable for 10 days because I don't have the credits to spare to service it.
  13. Hello all, Why does the midway cost upwards of 270,00k per battle to service? It is freakin' nuts. Even on my best games I lose money unless I am running a premium account then I break even.
  14. Desmios

    What are your professions?

    corporate mergers & acquisitions
  15. Desmios

    Allow CVs to choose new or old style

    How would it be useless? This isn't a 'git gud' situation, its preferring one drastically different style than another.