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  1. Assuming you had a fully coordinated team capable of doing it, do you think it would be successful?
  2. Hello all, Throughout the 19th and early 20th century (where many of our ships are from), the best naval position you could be in was 'crossing the T'. Which looks like this: crossing dat T son This allowed all of your ships to be broadside to the enemy, all guns available, while they only had their forward guns. This is the exact opposite of world of warships; if you did that in game, you would be citadel'd and dead in no time. Accuracy concerns aside, the fundamentals do not add up. Do we place too much emphasis on citadels? Should they be so easy to get? Historically, it doesn't seem they were easy to get -- as the best navies preferred to show their broadsides to a head-on ship. Thoughts? Thanks guys!
  3. Desmios

    I got called into Service - CVs

    Playing a CV is hardly like an RTS, you control what, 5 units max? 4+carrier or 5+carrier? Are there people who can't handle that?
  4. Hello all, As many of you know, I am one of the best CV players in the game. I have not, however, played in months. I just received an e-mail stating they are updating carriers and they would like me to test it. Few questions: any idea how long these last for? How long will I have all the carriers unlocked w/ max commanders and silver etc.? Also, what exactly is changing? I can't find notes anywhere. Thank You, Desmios
  5. Desmios

    Getting Credits without doing anything

    Do you actually get xp just for staying alive?
  6. Desmios

    Getting Credits without doing anything

    Wargaming has certain values in place to ensure high paying players always have an enjoyable gaming experience. Have you spent at least three figures on this game?
  7. Desmios

    Mouse's Angry Youtuber Reviews of IJN Destroyers

    Buff the shimakaze.
  8. Desmios

    I want a refund for Roma!

    That's what you get for attempting to pay2win.
  9. Usn: Battleships and cruisers have no way to deal with DDs since they have no secondaries and no torps Usn CV: horse already beaten dead IJN: DDs are trash because they rely on capping, which is no longer possible, and on 8 -12km easily detected torps. Plz Fix.
  10. Desmios

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Impossible to play my shima.
  11. go yiff your waifu pillow you sick pathetic bestiality [edited]

  12. Buff T8/9 USN CV & Cruisers