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  1. Goodbye for a Bit

    Good luck!. Hope to see you back in sometime in the future.
  2. Good stuff, thanks.
  3. You can also get the latest news from the drop down menu under your player name while in the port screen.
  4. I think you're spot on. Shinonome is being played by more experienced/skilled players. If you look at LWM's review, Fubuki is better in every category except guns: The Fubuki is better armoured (16mm bow vs 12mm) The Shinonome has a larger main battery (4 guns vs 6) The Fubuki reloads faster (8s vs 9s) The Fubuki is longer ranged (10.0km vs 9.0km) The Fubuki has better torpedoes (16,267 damage, 59 knots, 10km range, 1.5km detection vs 14,600 damage, 63 knots, 8km range, 1.6km detection) The Fubuki has better AA DPS (19 vs 4) The Fubuki has better Rudder Shift Time (2.5s vs 3.2s) I haven't gotten around to finishing the Shinonome campaign so I can't comment on how she plays. I do have 180 games/53% WP before the split and 54 games/59% WP after the split in the Fubuki so she's worked for me.
  5. Code within

    Thanks much!
  6. Indianapolis Marathon - Mission Expiry Date?!

    Each of the missions lasts for three days. The current mission lasts from June 27-June 29. The next mission will be from June 29-July 2. Over the weekends, there are 2 missions. June 27–29 Over any number of battles, earn 500 ribbons. June 29 ― July 2 Earn 1,750 base XP in a winning battle. June 29 ― July 2 Over any number of battles, damage 100 modules.
  7. How many Table-Top Gamers on here?

    Chaos, your posts always make me feel old lol............. Back in the dark ages before video games (my first being Pong, the second being Intellivision), all you had was board games or miniatures and I was a war game nerd. I had a ton of the Avalon Hill stuff (with Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader, the whole Squad Leader series, Battle of the Buldge and Arab-Israeli Wars being my favorites), the Game Designer Workshop Assault Series (Assault, Boots and Saddles, Bundeswehr, Chieftain), a hodge podge of Strategy & Tactics magazine games, Axis and Allies, Risk, Tacforce and many others I can't remember. I still have most of them in one of my old footlockers in the basement. I really enjoyed 1/87 scale WWII battles and literally have hundreds of US, German, British and Russian vehicles that I've recently "re-discovered". My grandsons are old enough now that they appreciate this kind of stuff and they've been helping me re-build my war game table much to my wife's chagrin (takes up space in her craft room). Semper Fi!
  8. The worst ones are the guys who insist on dropping torps behind you at targets that are way out of their range...........son of a..............
  9. Asashio regrets

    I enjoy mine. I really don't play it a whole lot differently than any other IJN DD that I have. I've found it to be a great scout but one has to try and not get into knife fights with other DD for all the obvious reasons. I recently respec'd my captain and added torpedo acceleration and BFT and I think those skills really help her shine. I only have a 13 pt. skipper but I think I'm going to use some elite XP to add EM tonight. The guns with BFT aren't bad, it's just that the slow turret traverse is painful.
  10. That's the way I took it as well.
  11. My Claim of Naval Service

    Unfortunately, the anonymity of the internet emboldens individuals to say and do things that they wouldn't do if they were standing in front of you. We've all seen many examples of internet "bravado" in these forums that just leave you shaking your head in disbelief. I have no doubt that there have been more than a few "stolen valor" types posting their B.S. here and many of them ironically are the first ones to question someone else's qualifications. At the end of the day, I think that most of us who have actually served can tell the difference between the real and the fake. We may not always agree on everything but I for one have never doubted your service or your credibility. Once you get past the "rivalry thing", we are all brothers and sisters in the profession of arms and I have great respect for the veterans of all services and of all nations. The Marines are looking for a few good men and you ain't it but hey, we can't all be perfect. Semper Fi