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  1. Museum ships visited: USS Olympia (C-6), USS North Carolina (BB-55), USS Missouri (BB-63), USS Laffey (DD-724), USS Wisconsin (BB-64), USS Clamagore (SS-343), USS Yorktown (CV-10), NS Savannah, USS Arizona (BB-39), USS Constitution, USS Cod (SS-224), USS Bowfin (SS-287), SS Jeremiah O'Brien, U-505. Ships I've sailed on courtesy of Uncle Sam: USS Kearsarge (LHD-3), USS New Orleans (LPH-11), USS Tripoli (LPH-10), USS Tarawa (LHA-1), USS Peleiu (LHA-5), USS Saipan (LHA-2), USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20), USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3), USS Denver (LPD-9), USS Manitowoc (LST-1180), USNS John P. Bobo.
  2. 30 years USMC. Retired in 2011.
  3. You don't always get one. Last night, I was one for three. The night before, I was two for three. I've had other nights where I didn't get any.
  4. OOH RAH! Happy birthday USN. Semper Fi!
  5. Welcome and good luck!
  6. Good luck! Semper Fi
  7. I know your pain. I spent 30 years in the Marines and had to deal with shin splints a number of times, usually after running in boots and sometimes from long distance hikes. Running in boots on any kind of hard surface can be problematic. Add in hills/inclines and it can be a surefire recipe for shin splints. I got fitted for insoles and made sure to properly stretch/flex my calves before and after my run which helped me considerably. Shin splints usually are a too much/too soon type of injury. Unfortunately, once you get them, the only way to get rid of them is 1-2 weeks of rest. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications will also help. Once you start back up, start with shorter, slower runs.
  8. I got lucky and got it done yesterday. Played mostly DD's in co-op and had two, two kill games in my Fletcher. Some of the BB players stated that they had completed the mission and were playing BB's to help others. I did the same. As more people complete it, the BB population should improve.
  9. I have to laugh at myself for making this exact mistake a number of years ago when I was a fairly new major assigned to 3rd BN, 25th Marines. The 25th Marines Regimental Headquarters is in "Woos-tah". It took me a few days to figure out that "Worcester" and "Woos-tah" were the same place.
  10. I'll be 58 in a week 1 - Retired USMCR Officer (30 yrs), retired trucking company supervisor (24 yrs), currently manage an anti-terrorism program at The Ohio State University. 2 - WOT, HO scale war gaming, board war games (Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz, Squad Leader, etc.), sports, shooting, reading and spending time with family. 3 - Retiring for good in two years. 4 - I like variety so I enjoy playing all classes. 5 - Hypocrites and people who turn every problem into a major crisis. If I've learned anything from being a two war combat veteran, it's that most of life's trial and tribulations are merely inconveniences and not emergencies lol.
  11. Just an FYI but you can pick up a ten point German Captain by earning four or more stars in Operation Killer Whale which is the third scenario of Operations Season 1. Just picked up a ten point Japanese Captain for planning the current scenario.
  12. OP, have you thought about which Tier X that you want to get to first? That may help drive your decision. As for myself, I think the Fiji is a keeper but I sold my Edinburgh when I got the Neptune. Fletcher is also a keeper. I like my Gearing but the Fletcher is special. As for my US BB's, I didn't keep any of them once I got the Missouri. Good luck!
  13. RIP I fondly remember him in the Saint. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. He had also appeared in Maverick about the same time. Semper Fi
  14. Thanks Mouse for all you do. You're one of my favorite "go to" contributors and I really appreciate the quality of your "product". Semper Fi
  15. - I kept my Fletcher. It's a great ship. - After watching Noster's latest video on 0.6.3 suggestions, I think that Superintendent will become a "must have skill". In the new meta, you will be seen if you use your guns so the extra smoke seems invaluable to me.