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  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Devildog23

    PSA: New Code

    Thank you!
  3. Devildog23

    West Virginia video

    To the place, I belong............
  4. Devildog23

    Happy Birthday - United States Marine Corps

    Happy birthday my brothers. 1980-2011
  5. Devildog23

    Good deal bad deal what do you think

    Agreed. The Halloween event has been fun and entertaining but adding "super arcade" mode subs to the regular game would kind of blow it for me. I fully realize that this is an arcade game and not a simulator but the game in it's current form is still "reasonably" realistic. Subs in game would have to have Halloween like capabilities which in my mind are way outside the boundaries realism. I want to plays WOWS, not Space Invaders.
  6. Devildog23

    let us not forget....... Rememberance Day

    Semper Fi brother.
  7. Devildog23

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    Pardon my ignorance but whats an Asashio B?
  8. Devildog23

    new bonus code

    Thanks much!
  9. LOL.......So what did you really do with the money that your mom gave you for singing lessons?
  10. Devildog23

    Tales of Nuclear Cruiser USS Long Beach

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Devildog23

    Amazing battle with 2 firsts!

    Well done.
  12. Devildog23

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Thank you.
  13. One of Murphy's Laws of Combat. "Friendly fire isn't friendly".... Followed by one of my personal favorites, "Incoming fire always has the right of way".