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  1. Good luck! Semper Fi
  2. I know your pain. I spent 30 years in the Marines and had to deal with shin splints a number of times, usually after running in boots and sometimes from long distance hikes. Running in boots on any kind of hard surface can be problematic. Add in hills/inclines and it can be a surefire recipe for shin splints. I got fitted for insoles and made sure to properly stretch/flex my calves before and after my run which helped me considerably. Shin splints usually are a too much/too soon type of injury. Unfortunately, once you get them, the only way to get rid of them is 1-2 weeks of rest. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications will also help. Once you start back up, start with shorter, slower runs.
  3. I got lucky and got it done yesterday. Played mostly DD's in co-op and had two, two kill games in my Fletcher. Some of the BB players stated that they had completed the mission and were playing BB's to help others. I did the same. As more people complete it, the BB population should improve.
  4. I have to laugh at myself for making this exact mistake a number of years ago when I was a fairly new major assigned to 3rd BN, 25th Marines. The 25th Marines Regimental Headquarters is in "Woos-tah". It took me a few days to figure out that "Worcester" and "Woos-tah" were the same place.
  5. I'll be 58 in a week 1 - Retired USMCR Officer (30 yrs), retired trucking company supervisor (24 yrs), currently manage an anti-terrorism program at The Ohio State University. 2 - WOT, HO scale war gaming, board war games (Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz, Squad Leader, etc.), sports, shooting, reading and spending time with family. 3 - Retiring for good in two years. 4 - I like variety so I enjoy playing all classes. 5 - Hypocrites and people who turn every problem into a major crisis. If I've learned anything from being a two war combat veteran, it's that most of life's trial and tribulations are merely inconveniences and not emergencies lol.
  6. Just an FYI but you can pick up a ten point German Captain by earning four or more stars in Operation Killer Whale which is the third scenario of Operations Season 1. Just picked up a ten point Japanese Captain for planning the current scenario.
  7. OP, have you thought about which Tier X that you want to get to first? That may help drive your decision. As for myself, I think the Fiji is a keeper but I sold my Edinburgh when I got the Neptune. Fletcher is also a keeper. I like my Gearing but the Fletcher is special. As for my US BB's, I didn't keep any of them once I got the Missouri. Good luck!
  8. RIP I fondly remember him in the Saint. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. He had also appeared in Maverick about the same time. Semper Fi
  9. Thanks Mouse for all you do. You're one of my favorite "go to" contributors and I really appreciate the quality of your "product". Semper Fi
  10. - I kept my Fletcher. It's a great ship. - After watching Noster's latest video on 0.6.3 suggestions, I think that Superintendent will become a "must have skill". In the new meta, you will be seen if you use your guns so the extra smoke seems invaluable to me.
  11. Noster's latest video kind of makes me think that Superintendent will become a "must have skill". In the new meta, you will be seen if you use your guns so the extra smoke seems invaluable to me.
  12. I'm a retired Marine and when I was in high school and college, my jersey number was 23.
  13. Panzer General 2
  14. OP, I would also point out that occurrences of DP guns engaging air and surface targets simultaneously were practically nil in real life and as mentioned above, this isn't a sim. Balance will always trump realism. As a side note, the Yamato also carried the Sanshiki anti-aircraft shell for it's 18.1" guns. The Tirpitz also had it's main battery modified to fire specially-fuzed 38 cm shells for barrage antiaircraft fire.
  15. Thanks all for your comments. Like you, I've taken the economical approach and held on to unused points until I ground out the next level 3 or 4 skill. I was just curious if players thought there was some value in taking something like adrenaline rush while you ground out the experience for higher level skills.