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  1. was in a game with two midways on each team, i was an alaska (have def AA but not AA spec'd), it was unplayable as the whole time i was constantly getting focused on by planes. Shortly after i died, the rest of the match evolved into surface ships running from planes. i am still evaluating the impact of the CV re-work, but allowing two tier X CVs in the game is simply too much.
  2. i have not really played 0.8.0 with carriers in them. So can someone teach me... should i still get AFT/BFT? should i still get AA gun modification? what is this reinforce sector AA thing? how does AA mechanics work now? In the past you basically ahve a few bubbles of AA that deal damage to planes, planes have a chance to die based on their HP vs AA damage. how does it work now?
  3. _Dracarys

    How's new carriers?

    Been playing ranked exclusively since new patch. Have not seen a single CV. How is CV now? Is it balanced? Are there many in random games?
  4. so alaska has been touted for ages now. im thinking they will not release it because of current ranked season? maybe alaska would be too op. personally my musashi and black are kicking it too
  5. when is alaska hereeeee!!! btw thank you WG for giving me close to 700k free exp for my tier 1-9 CVs, while still allowing me to keep my midway and hakuryu. i had no use for those ships
  6. _Dracarys

    is alaska here?

    havent played this game for like a month. a little blip of interest for the upcoming ranked season. is the alaska released?
  7. _Dracarys

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    i think the problem with SCs is that it's not personalized enough. some players have to many signals/camos that they will find these to be completely useless - such as myself other players new to the game and still leveling their ships may want these. i think the best way to fix SC is to give the players the options to choose what kind of drops are more preferred over others, then everyone is happy and get something useful. afterall if a player gets a rare drop, you should aim to delight the customer, instead of having him become upset with something they consider useless.
  8. _Dracarys

    so bored of this game

    LOL yeah i actually fun raining HE on BBs with my harugumo.
  9. _Dracarys

    Santa Crate Mikhail Kutuzov = No Radar

    LOLOL you were afraid of something that did not exist. :)
  10. _Dracarys

    so bored of this game

    now i have every tier 10 ships, i realize this game is al about grinding. the gameplay is alright, but without a goal to hit, i dont even find myself wanting to casually sit down for a game. sorry WG, not buying any crates this yaer since i dont need exp, flags, money or anything of that sort.
  11. _Dracarys

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

    that would be fat shima on crack.
  12. the description says: This coupon gives a one-time 20% discount on selected World of Warships packages. This coupon is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt and is not applicable to containers, doubloons, special offers, discounted items and limited-time offers. what can i actually buY?!!!!
  13. my STD tests came out negative, so I am buying a ship in celebration. should i get the black tirpitz or black Mass B? I have 19 point captains for both montana and GK... Or should I just buy 6 thanksgiving crates and try my luck?!
  14. _Dracarys

    51 19Pt Captains

    I have about 40 myself, and I have played only about 6k random games, and another 800 or so ranked. By my 16k games I'll have like 100. Who's your daddy?