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  1. some player had posted the link as a reply to this thread https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Super_Containers
  2. I got a Jean Bart last year from a Super Container - looks like it's with drawn from the Super Container lottery now according to the Wiki
  3. _Ironhorse_

    Server Down

    Yeah looks like my earnings and xp didnt register either
  4. _Ironhorse_

    They do exist!

  5. _Ironhorse_

    IJN Maya: A cheaper Atago?

    I have both and T8 Atago is more fun than the T7 Mayo. I do like the Mayo but I believe Atago is much better
  6. _Ironhorse_

    Over penetrations are COMPLETELY out of control

    Couldn't you imagine being in a sub IRL and a couple 15" shells OP through as you are diving - I would believe that dive would be aborted.........IRL
  7. Thanks to subs, my wife and I have had ZERO arguments about the money I spend on ships!
  8. _Ironhorse_

    UNBELIEVABLY stupid new sub mechanic!

    Mine too!
  9. _Ironhorse_

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    BOTH are childish
  10. _Ironhorse_

    11.7: RIP Submarines

    Not to mention homing torps for the Iwami that would be funny (to me anyway)
  11. _Ironhorse_

    The Money Poll

    I have stopped spending any money on the game for right now. Not sure why I would want to spend good money being chased by an unseen enemy. I'll just sacrifice the ships I have already unlocked and purchased instead of purchasing anything new for right now. I hope WGing comes to it's senses but I won't hold my breath.
  12. _Ironhorse_

    Clausewitz ?

    As a fellow Missourian I approve this message! Agir is a great ship but a bigger better one would be great!
  13. I did the same thing and they allowed me to apply my coupon - wargaming credited my account and took my coupon if I remember correctly