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  1. Current ship upgrades: MAM1, DC1, ASM1, PM2, CSM1, MBM3 My captain is at 10P right now: PT, EM, BFT, AFT I'm think about putting some Elite Commander XP to get IFHE
  2. Markk9

    Tier X Ranked Prediction?

    I hope they keep out rental ships, they sucked last time.
  3. I had a good time leveling up this line. Not happy with guns being taken away.
  4. Markk9

    Nice coal Crate

    I haven't seen one of these in a while.
  5. First 200K game and still could not carry the game....
  6. Markk9

    Black Friday Ships

    Sad to say, but I would drop all the black friday and Xmas box money into getting that, even at $200.
  7. I was a bit hesitant about getting this crap, but wow, it rains shells! 16 guns with 3.6 second reload.
  8. I have the coal for Smolensk, but could have enough for the Thunderer in 10 days. I have Yoshino, Des Monies, Montana, Kremlin, Hindenburg, G Kurfurst, Henri, and Republique. I have never been good the America and British CL's.
  9. It's seems that Roma can make a good run in ranked. She should be able to bow tank all takers with 32mm of armor.
  10. One of the best random super containers in a while, the last 2 have just been signals.
  11. Not really a re-roll, it's on the EU server, seeing how the other side plays.
  12. https://replayswows.com/replay/64111#stats
  13. Markk9

    Please make Dasha captains available

    I have 2 at 19P, one on the Montana and Kremlin. I have 2 more working their way up.