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  1. Markk9


    It's a hobby so spend some real money. I pay for premium time and economic flags, get the premium camo for T10. Then learn how to hit the red ships, damage is money, win or loose.
  2. Markk9

    Anti Aircraft 0.9.6 [Operation Clear Skies]

    Anybody have a list by Tier of the best AA ships?
  3. Markk9

    Zao or Minotaur

    I could get them both, but that leave me with very little silver. I'm not much of CL player, much prefer the 203 guns of the CA's. I have also thought of waiting and getting the Alaska for free XP, I have 800K+ now. I play the Yoshino and it's and interesting ship with the 305+ guns.
  4. Markk9

    Zao or Minotaur

    How do I get the for free to play?
  5. Markk9

    Zao or Minotaur

    Which ship to get? I play the Hindy and Venezia at TX and do ok. Just looking to spend some XP and silver this weekend.
  6. Markk9

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    This is my mass build, it seems to work well for me, 56% win rate over 400 battles.
  7. Might have to give a respec a go, I'm already running the signals.
  8. I'm running the signals and I do have IFHE. I didn't think the atlanta's gun would work well with IFHE, they are so small.
  9. I played 2 ranked battles with her today. First game 173 hits with only 3 fires, second game 273 hits with only 3 fires.
  10. Markk9

    Mass, MFC or no?

    If you play with good SI, you can fight two ships at the same time. Cruise or DD targeted by secondaries, BB targeted with the main guns.
  11. The might of the Massachusetts: AA Defense Expert, Confederate, Close Quarters Expert, Kraken Unleashed, High Caliber Even with 201K in damage, we could not win.
  12. Markk9

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    In my Mass B, 71 with the ship, 2 with the fighter, total 73 aircraft shot down.
  13. Markk9

    I spent my coal - Georgia

    Thunderer is a fun ship, at range she is a fire starter, at mid to close the AP works well.
  14. I spent my big pile of coal on the Georgia! I have been playing and doing really well in the Mass, so why not get is big brother.
  15. I do the same thing with my Hindy CPT, play her as a battle cruiser.