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  1. If I die to fast, I just pick a different ship/captain to re-que with.
  2. I have 2 other 19P Captains, they are both German. It speeds thing up having other 19P getting XP.
  3. Markk9

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Review

    When the ship first came out, I played PEF in ranked. Being all ships were the same tier, I did very well. But, once in randoms, when PEF is not top tier, he takes a lot of damage. I don't play him much, the Graf Spree is my best T6 ship.
  4. Markk9


    I liked her, very good boat.
  5. Markk9

    Lyon — French Tier VII battleship.

    Had a great time with this ship, moving on to the Richelieu.
  6. WOWs nerfed BB Concealment, I can see Target Acquisition being useful, being able to spot and shoot earlier would be nice. I dropped CE for AFT on my Scharnhorst Captain, hasn't really changed the number of people that target and shoot me.
  7. Which one for a the Richeliue? I have a 14P Captain I'm going to assign to her, with PT, EM, SI, BoS, CE. Main gun range is 25K with a Detectable range of 15K. Would it be better to take the Concealment System mod 1 and drop CE on the CPT?
  8. Markk9

    Racism, swearing at a player

    Again, no you can't legislate morality. It's not legal to murder, drive drunk, speed, and many other things.....people still do them.
  9. Markk9

    Racism, swearing at a player

    Being a woman is any MMORPG is hard, can't even imagine.
  10. Markk9

    Racism, swearing at a player

    What are the boundaries? Each and every person has different boundaries....You can't legislate or make rules about morality, each and every person's are different. Life is to subjective and people do need to learn how to ignore and turn off things. In randoms, all chat is good for, is see which points the team is heading to first, after the first 2 minutes, chat is useless.
  11. Markk9

    Racism, swearing at a player

    It's the faceless internet, there is no respect. When people can't hide behind a profile, will it change. This games chat is very, very tame...
  12. Wargamming's only responsibility is to make money for the investors.
  13. What is the consensus for the Hindenburg mods & Cpt build. I'm going for Main Armaments 1, Damage Control 1, Aim System 1, Stearing Gear 2, Concealment System 2, Main battery 3 Capt Build: PT, JAT, AR, SI, DE, MFC, CE
  14. Markk9

    Giving up on tech tree ships

    Just putting an update. I'm now playing the Colorado, she is a fun and hard hitting ship, I have 70K XP.