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  1. Greetings my fellow Captains. It is my pleasure to present you with the 2nd project I have completed as part of my continued ONNI Recognition Manual. This page featuring the Tier IX Cruiser IJN Azuma (formally Tier X). And I do believe this entry will be close to, if not the, format I will be making use of from here on in. Of which, I would like to thank all those that gave feedback and criticisms. The suggestions of adding a top down view makes for a far better perspective of the ship. In addition to providing a pleasant challenge that was darn worth it. I have also changed to something close to the suggested Courier font. Both of these additions giving this work a more authentic look. I will admit my initial want to create one entry for the ONNI guide each month was a mite ambitious. Especially having a collective 5 months of experience drawing in vector under my belt haha In reality, adding the top down view may be taking these back to 10 in a year due to the added load. With that said, I am still learning the intricacies of Inkscape. So things may pick up the pace with the more knowledge I gain. As a side note I had planned on having this completed 2 days ago. Then the recent devblog post announced some changes to the Azuma. This changed her armor model for one. As you can imagine that required some further editing haha To bookend matters; If you fancied catching updates on my progress for future ONNI guide entries feel free to hop on over to the Numpty Navy Discord - https://discord.gg/EJ4YMM4 *Keep things laid back and civil* Updates are posted in the onni-teaser channel.
  2. Starshield

    SMS Viribus Unitis Recognition Guide

    Admittedly that is one of the reasons I decided on ONNI vs ONI. Gotta love quirky typos in the original ONI files. Figured I'd explain the use of ONNI here since it triggered a mate of mine to no end when I showed this to him for the first time haha
  3. Good day my fellow captains. Today I would like to share with you a project I have been working on over the past 3 months; A facsimile ONI Identification guide featuring the upcoming Tier IV BB SMS Viribus Unitis. I tried mixing aspects of official recognition guides w in game stats. And potentially make tweaks/additions in the document for future works. I created this while learning Vector using Inkscape on my own in my spare time. And I have to say, learning/working in vector is worlds easier than doing line art in raster. It is my want to get one or two of these done for each new set of Work In Progress ships released in WoWs. Mostly due to the fact that making this has been very therapeutic. In addition I figure if everyone enjoys these even half as much as I do making them, I look forward to posting them here on the forums for your viewing pleasure. As an aside the 'ONNI' tag I used is intentional. For those that do not know, ONI stands for Office of Naval Intelligence. ONNI (Office of Numpty Naval Intelligence) hearkens back to my Silent Hunter III days. In where myself and my cohorts named our group the Numpty Navy when we had gaming sessions together haha Which I now use as the title for the folks I play/stream shooty boats with. To bookend to all of this, future works will be even cleaner. As I has mentioned I am very new to vector art. Heck, since producing this work I have learned a fair bit more about alignment tools alone. So input/criticism is most certainly welcome. One doesn't get better at a craft without it. That said, keep your eyes out for the Tier X Azuma. I took a liking to her and plan on making one of these for her next.
  4. Starshield

    US Alaska Stream

    Curious to see how the current 'Work in Progress' US Alaska plays? I will be streaming her over on my twitch channel for the next few days during the Late Night billing: https://www.twitch.tv/starshield_na Swing on by, lay back, have a chat, and watch the show. The company is most certainly welcomed. *As always, if gravely voices aren't your thing this wont be your cup of proverbial tea. This bloke is no Mickey Mouse.