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  1. a252

    PTS 12.1 pt 1

    The global mission is more than 3/4 done in 2 hours after the PTS server starts... Also, coop bot pathing is still a mess
  2. a252

    New IJN CL line

    I am grinding T8 in airship battle. Its gun reload is dreadful with 15sec. It have good torp but you have to try your luck hoping the red human to run into the torp wall. I have 100+ T3 xp bonus so I don't mind wasting some of them to speed the grinding process up, but otherwise I wouldn't bother with it. Playing T10 ship is much more fun than this.
  3. I guess spreadsheet wants to see people will still pay for the battlepass if spreadsheet offer meh end of pass reward.
  4. a252

    Airship Escort in Update 12.0

    Just put in my two cents. I think to boost the popularity for the airship escort, the Schroder dockyard mission should be somewhat counted. I am working on the last part at the moment, IF I want to get last part of community token I will have to grind 7100bxp per DAY, and at the same time I will have to grind ~3000bxp per day on cruisers and bbs in the coming 12 days. I am feeling I am on the fast track to burnout。 Edit: Notice that the requirement for dockyard changed to include airship escort, that's much better.
  5. I grind fxp over the years hoping there will be more fxp ships being introduced. Now I am sitting at 6mil fxp (roughly equal to 9 resets). With 8 resets (4x2 and 4x1) I planned for the anniversary snowflake in 2023 I will have just enough afford Yolo Emilio, Druid and Vampire 2. But I am more happy to get Smaland, MO, Musashi and Kronstadt instead with those fxp. BTW: If I stick straightly with those x2 resets I have enough reset all the way to AUG 24 reset. But I doubt I will be still here by then.
  6. a252

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    Looks like a ship for the early release is no more. I am expecting to see Nebraska as the final reward of a patch long mission chain, while the battle pass comes with a premium ship. I was expecting the Cherbourg treatment, but I guess this is the new norm. I guess I have to start grinding Colorado again
  7. 2500 dub. I got 15 free mega and 2 more from amazon prime free trail. I feel lucky I got 2 ships out of it, although it is S189 and Siroco. A ship is a ship, probably should not complain so much
  8. a252

    More Coop Players Recently

    I think MM is more robust in putting more human into a game than before. 7/8 human are usual cases if it is not full human. I guess WG thinks full human coop is fun and engaging.
  9. My resolution for this year is to grind 3 RB boats, that will cost me 4 x2 resets, and 4 x1 resets. That will almost deplete my 5.8mil fxp So more fxp is needed. Also I will start grinding credits for T11 for anniversary snowflake. Maybe I should choose a easier path, just forget about it and move on?
  10. a252

    Legendary Commanders' Supplies

    It will be a better deal if WG puts some dub only ships instead of some coal ship. I already got all three ships, so it is a hard no for me. I am interested if they are some dub ships that I don't have yet, but if it is coal ship, nope. I am spending it on reset bureau instead.
  11. a252

    Premium Battle Pass haul

    With no mercy kicks in I rather prefer not to gamble for ships. I got a Siroco from the last mega crate from T10 ships. 44% Chance for not getting a ship is risky enough for me. I think the battlepass may have a ship next month, guessing from the placeholder ship on PTS battlepass.
  12. a252

    Ship's Log: Winter Marathon

    I hope the dev will clarify a bit, if I have both ship and I redeem either one of them, will I still get the credit, captain AND the port slot, or credit only.
  13. a252

    Dido or Canarias mission question

    I wonder if I have both ship and I redeem either of them, will I still get the compensation AND the port slot, or compensation only.
  14. a252

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Revert to Pre 10.8 coop bot AI Reduce human player allowed in coop and put in bot as placeholder (Ideally 2/7) Revert the spawn position to pre 11.10 for coop Introduce new FXP ships Temporary re-sale of Musashi, Missouri and Kronstadt as FXP ships (NOT Auction). Isolate subs in their own coop mode. Reduce operation difficulty