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  1. Its pretty much annoying to me at the moment as now and then this crappy "game center" fails to start up and telling me to re-install (second time this week) Then I have to put in my login detail every time after re-install, and delete the desktop shortcut, as I only use your wows product and nothing more.
  2. Can't see the reason why WG decides to further nerf the payout. Winning a 5 star operation should have something more reasonable. If this continues I probably play less, as a PvE main, I feels it is toxic to grind T9 in coop as I don't feel like random thesedays.
  3. a252

    Way too many missions now

    Too many mission is not the problem, too many grindy mission is the problem.
  4. a252

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    What's the meaning to having a program occupies 130mb of my ram running (not to mention the 400mb size launcher )that does exactly nothing than another "play" button after clicking the shortcut (The launcher is not required to run after logging in.). This is a disgusting way to improve the kpi for the launcher. If I want to read news, I will go to homepage or using the ingame browser to read it. There is no need to have the eaxct same function duplicated everywhere. I think I will probably keep my wallet shut.
  5. a252

    Operation Narai disabled

    This script sounds very familiar, sounds like a 30% cutoff is too little.
  6. I probably will buy a ship if it is being presented as the first bundle, unfortunately that's just some flags so nope, I kept my wallet shut
  7. Only got a limited selection of T8 ships, Cleveland, Amagi, Mogami, Tallinn and Akizuki were used as I treat it as a part of grind towards T9. I ranked out at 55 battles with a win rate of 52.73%. Went smoothly with a few loss all the way to Rank 3 in the first couple days, then I got stuck there for more than 15 battles.
  8. I found it weird as submarine mode is not included in the dockyard grind. Yes it is going to finish soon but still shouldn't it be included just like ranked?
  9. a252

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.5

    I rather prefer seeing the daily mission no longer requires a win in latter stage.
  10. a252

    Musashi coming back?

    Really hope Musashi would come back, got a HSF camo for Musashi but nowhere to mount it on is simply sad. Grinding 1,000,000 fxp is a long cycle even with econ flags on. Can't see why people claiming that can be done in monthes.
  11. a252

    Played a few days of Subs and I lke it

    A healthy sub battle should be plenty of real players playing bb, ca/cls and dds. However, for all the game I have played there alls subs are human players, while other ships are heavily filled with bots (3-4 human at most in one team). I think the number of player has spoken for itself already. The submarine are popular, however people are reluctant in playing against subs, the possible reason has been mentioned above so I am not going to repeat. I played 6 games in bbs and majority games ends up with subs hunting BBs/CAs which survived or subs in cap where contest/reset is often meaningless. Anyway, the only incentive for me to touch it is the x2 xp bonus, which helps in grinding through T6. Otherwise I won't bother playing subs, at least not in wows.
  12. a252

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    Using a 400mb "launcher" to replace a 10mb launcher which does exactly the same thing. Quite impressive with that "improvement". I used to play WoT before wows comes out, gave it a try last christmas and found out that it is not my cup of tea anymore so, there is no other useful function for me as I am not going to use it anyway.
  13. a252

    how great were the pre Rework CVs?

    I just missed the old CV, it was so much fun for me even through I still can't figure why my fighter planes often get deplaned. I only went through all the way to the IJN T7 Hiryu and that was quite a lot of fun. After rework I only played 31 CV games in coop. Plotting the way for the planes and decide the attack angle then let the ai do the rest is better than doing it first person on my below average laptop (ping and fps issue). Also it feels more historical for me rather than the way CV is portrayed now Even to this date my stats from RTS CV era is significantly better than this date. Too bad I didn't do my campaign back in the old days as it is much easier than what it is now.
  14. a252

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.4

    Is that From Moskva With Love mission is only available to receive during the Thrusday stream? I have the offical Russian stream on at the moment and nothing shows up yet. EDIT: It came up ingame along with a twitch container although twitch does not have any notice about issuing anything
  15. a252

    I demand a 1:40 FXP rate discount

    2 mil FXP feels like too far away that is not obtainable in years without premium accounts/flags+camos. So the distance between newish player and those who already going "too far ahead" will hardly become closer after all, especially when new ships are added and some are being replaced. So the result will probably be pretty much the same unless those lagging behinds performs really well in game or spending money to speed it up BTW: I really want to have Musashi, got the HSF camo but no chance to mount it cause I don't have it.