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  1. a252

    UPDATE: Bot AI

    I am happy with the status of the bot ai at the moment. I don't think there is anything need to be changed apart from the sub bot.
  2. a252

    October Prime Loot now available

    21 Dragon flags I guess I am part of the silent majority
  3. a252

    Brawls, did good until tonight

    Had three game in brawl on the first day, three game against division player and lose. Decided I will keep my hands off as there is no reason for me to grind brawl if I am not winning cause I am not competitive, I just want coal.
  4. Yeah yeah, it did use a Mark 28 torpedo and sunk a Kaibōkan (Japanese equivalent to destroyer escorts and frigates) Don't forget histroical Mk28 torpedo only has a effective range of 4000 yard (3.65km) with Maximum speed of 19.6 knots. So the sub literally sail right under the Kaibōkan's nose to have the shot to launch the torpedo against its target. If WG is willing to give it historical figure and give it a try, I am ok with it. Not some Mk28 with torpedo running 86 knots for 11km (Check out Salmon ingame, it says it arms Mk28 torpedo)
  5. I think it is more like a test to see whether player have extra incentive to grind more ship and lines just for this "challenge" thing. Remember, every level gives 50 coal no matter it give out the german token or not. So some people may want to expend the ship line a bit just for this and spend a bit extra time to grind a few game to get the mission done. Originally in the screenshot in the news page the first round was shown as 200bxp, obviously they think it is too easy and decided to shift it a bit. Anyway, the first 300 are coop friendly unless playing CV/BB, and meanwhile 600/800/1000bxp can be fairly easy to achieve in random/ranked. Not sure what goes on next
  6. a252

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Dear WG, can you please not to mess with the port setting. I love my Sarushima and I have no intention to change it. Please don't "help" me to change it to whatever port you have made changes to. I have no intention to change my port unless I want to. BTW: The first two level for personal challenge is 300 then 600? Why it does not start from 200 as your screenshot shown
  7. Please correct: Premium Ship V Container cost 10,000 community tokens at the moment. And within the T5 container Exeter is included as one of the ship can be obtained if not owned. It is kind of stupid as it cost 5000 (or 50%) more to secure one ship out of the ship provided by a random ship container. I wish they rather limit the amount of T5/7 container to the number of ship available in the list rather than this mark up version of ship container.
  8. a252

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    I saw this coming, so if I want to have the T7 I need to grind 34 per week. Looks like not too bad if the second tier is something like 400bxp or 500. The new pricing for the Armory stuff feels overpriced, especially given the T5 ship container cost 10000 token, and now a specific ship for 15000. Now I am glad I used my 10000token for the random ship container. .
  9. Cause it is the most efficient way to finish the game and move on, otherwise we have to wait for the ship to afloat then shoot it. It is just like using Anti sub plane in ranked as a BB, you got to try to sink the sub when able otherwise the red sub will keep spawning ultra fast homing torpedo and sometimes without knowing the exact location where it comes from even with a ping knowing something might be coming. The other counterplay is to stay away and hope the sub found another target to fire torpedo at. In the same logic, can I conclude that people love firing AA and using Sector Reinforcement. So CV and planes add another variable to battles that will make each game people play even more unique and provide new experiences that people will enjoy.
  10. a252

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    If Smaland, Musashi and MO can be obtainable for fxp it would be great, unfortunately it is unlikely to happen.
  11. 100 Sierra Mike 100 India X-ray 25 Dragon 15,000 coal 25 Basilisk 25 Basilisk 7 Day Premium 25 Scylla 100 Hydra 100 Indian Yankee 50 Ocean Soul 50000 FXP So far this is the end of my T10 SC, I might get 2 more from coal and steel. Maybe I should get FDR for naval accord. ============================================== Twitch Stream SC 7 Day Premium 15000 coal 50 ocean soul
  12. a252

    Just got Tier 4 GER BB Moltke...

    Free boat and free slot, also free credit in the upcoming release as you will get a duplicate. It wasn't completely free unless unless it is on the one month free trial. But unless you spend money just for the monthly prime gaming award instead of the Amazon benefit, otherwise I don't see there is any bad with it.
  13. Grinded bronze ranked to Rank 1 with Warspite, also some coop with DD and Cruisers now I am at 30mil
  14. Well, Historically its incorrect for submarines to have overpowered setup. For example real life Balao has 20.25 kn surfaced, 8.75 kn submerged. And you get a slighter faster Balao than in real life running 28 knots. Mark 29 torpedo is a slow acoustic torpedo that have Effective firing range between 4000-12,000 yards (~3.6-11km)and Maximum speed between 21-28 knots. And ingame you get ~14km at 89 knots. Since submarine performance is tuned up for the gameplay, I see there is no problem for depth charge for battleship. I think all battleship should have depth charge as a counterplay to submarine threat.
  15. a252

    Developer Bulletin 0.10.9

    So looks like if I want to do Naval accord well I have to do random. It is hard to get 500bxp+ in coop anyway. I doubt I will get the same level of reward as previous events in this case.