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  1. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Wow the blinders on your though processes. You can attack all 4 corners of the map without every leaving A1. Tell me what other class can do that?
  2. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    No it's called realistic expectations of Balance in a Game. This is not a simulator. BB's get to fire in the Open water. Their HP pool and repairs allows this. Cruisers Island hump since their citadels are giant for their size. They can Fire throw but seen in the open water they are dead. Destroyers use their stealth for large Alpha hits but are balanced due to their small HP pools. Carriers should not be best in everything. This was the best thing to balance the class. Now you have a Jack of all Trades class that doesn't excel in one thing. This is the balance for being able to attack from anywhere.
  3. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    So you want the only class that doesn't risk it's ship to be better than all the other classes. Now i know what is broken. CV player entitlement.
  4. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Only if they yolo in to the blob. no different than any other ship. Pick your opportunities.
  5. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Sure. after the planes detect you, radar and hyrdo is over, and the other dd hasn't chased you down. Tell me how losing a few planes is that much riskier.
  6. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Try to live afterwards. Any your complaining about losing a few planes.
  7. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    So what. try the life of a DD and 6 minutes can go by before you even have a chance to torp a ship.
  8. Or you can stop using your unrestricted movement mode to always attack. I just watched Noster's video where yes he lost planes, his squads where lowered but he still did 85k in a tier 8 CV. Seems perfectly balanced to me now. He talked about needing to pick single targets, spend more time spotting and doing recon then just sending wave after wave of planes to attack the blob. DD needs to conserve it's HP and avoid detection to Survive. BB have to watch their HP pool while burning and flooding. CA have to guard their Citadels and side. Now CV have to Manage their planes. Now not a single class can control the game like 8.0 or RTS allowed
  9. Yolo get some damage and try to die in 4 minutes. Your Rate of return for credits and XP are greater than grinding for a win
  10. It's a waste of flags when i can use them on normal ships and get 10x the rewards.
  11. Yup, Finally realized the best reward ratio is to YOLO and die in 2 minutes. Play all ships. Even a Win give crap rewards.
  12. the only thing going is it's fast so you get more per minute yoloing. Your definitely not going to get it from Wins. 10 battles and not a single win. 1 draw though.
  13. I'm over 40 and I don't think this game is kiddy at all.
  14. The game mode is fun. The rewards are garbage.
  15. EasternSun

    CVs: The Worst Gameplay Experience Of WoWs

    JuSt DoDge the fLAcK