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  1. I'm not opposed to Radar for Cruisers. It's the balance of the teams. Other Cruisers and DD's see this and refuse to move forward. Even though there was only 1 BB per team they all sat behind the islands refusing to move because of "Radar".
  2. You also get more Containers from the gated missions if you buy the ship. I did this with the Hood last year and received it's price in Special Flags from these missions. Also this. I've done that for every Campaign to progress when they require ships I don't want to grind to play.
  3. When will Wargaming admit they have no idea how to balance a match in ranked. When this garbage happens it's an instant win for the other side. How hard is it to use Radar to decide the matchups? It's way to OP without another ship to counter it. DD's become worthless and refuse to cap when they can't even get close to an area.
  4. Please next season lower Rank 15 out of the Second League. Players at that rank still do not have the basic skills needed to survive in Ranked Battles. To many still fire in open waters broadside in Cruisers. Yolo and Sit in smoke in DD's, and BB's just sit there ignoring the rest of the team.
  5. Initial Santa Crate results

    20 $3 Crates 5k Doubloons 30 Hydra 45 Wyvern 15 Dragon 30 Ororboru 60 frosty free Camo Tier 5 Russian DD Okhotnik Tier 6 British DD Gallant Tier 6 PA CA Haunghe
  6. WTR is Trash

    Yes WTR is not very good. Looking at this battle I'll get a bump for the kills but because of the low damage it's will be considered an average game. Also this was such a fun battle as this clan did a timed click and I killed 4 of them out of 6 on the enemy team. I also shot down 38 planes while their CV tried to focus me at the end of the match. To me this was my best game I played tonight, yet to WTR it's only above average.
  7. How can a Mod affect 0 damage from Torps? Yup that's an auto generated go away reply.
  8. Here's what probably happened. Sections HP was all used up.
  9. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    All you play is a Kamikaze R. I see your objection. You want to farm the camping BB players. For the rest who actually want to see their opponents and use their secondaries and scratch their paint. Hell no.
  10. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    OMFG yes. Imagine the brawls that would happen if Potential Damage was multiplied while in cap all the way to the center. You should be able to not even fire a shot and make massive XP based on how well you angle.
  11. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    While I don't think punishing Brave players ever is warranted, I do think that Points should be weighted by the type of ship inside the circle if it's under fire. Imagine taking a CAP and defending it as a BB. Of course caps need to be fully exposed to make it worth the points otherwise it's just camping again.
  12. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    That's why i reposted. Didn't want this to turn into a flamewar.
  13. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    This was more Tongue in Cheek Joke Post about how most players want better matches with less camping but will not play the objectives. Don't take the layout serious.
  14. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    Here you go. Map with all Islands surrounding water. Each cap generates points based on proximity to the center. Two generate 5 points each. Two caps generate 3 points each. One generates 1 point. And for the campers you lose your team -1 points and -5 the farther away.