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  1. How else are they going to fleece the whales when everyone else closes their wallets after all the horrible reworks.
  2. $1200 is nothing to cry over. Top of the line.
  3. Now that I no longer spend any money on this game since the CV Reworks I got my dream Grill/Smoker. Thanks wargaming for curing me of spending on this game so I can cure meats instead.
  4. EasternSun

    Almost gave them money today

    My Wallet has been permanently closed after the CV rework. Let other suckers fund this game
  5. THe issue isn't the 5% additional. It's that they took away the 30k I could get each match with my 5 19 point captains. I didn't need to grind Low captains. I could play the fun premiums instead.
  6. Now that you need 1.2 million more XP to Elite a captain what's the best way to get ECXP for your lower captains or for the extreme cost for retraining 200k to retrain 20point, 300k for 21. I see that you get a pittance each battle now 5% but I used to use flags and get 30k using my premiums. Seems the old Grind or pay mechanic in full force. This doesn't seem like this rework was anything more than a cash grab.
  7. Also 300k ECXP to retrain a level 21 captain. Not a cash grab at all.
  8. Thanks. They reset my commanders after submitting a ticket. They said since i never played 10.0 I was eligible for a ticket reset.
  9. Saw an email that I got an anniversary reward. Came back to see what's new. Found that all my captain's skills are crap and I have to pay to change then with gold or Elite XP after this rework. Back to being uninstalled.
  10. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Wow the blinders on your though processes. You can attack all 4 corners of the map without every leaving A1. Tell me what other class can do that?
  11. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    No it's called realistic expectations of Balance in a Game. This is not a simulator. BB's get to fire in the Open water. Their HP pool and repairs allows this. Cruisers Island hump since their citadels are giant for their size. They can Fire throw but seen in the open water they are dead. Destroyers use their stealth for large Alpha hits but are balanced due to their small HP pools. Carriers should not be best in everything. This was the best thing to balance the class. Now you have a Jack of all Trades class that doesn't excel in one thing. This is the balance for being able to attack from anywhere.
  12. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    So you want the only class that doesn't risk it's ship to be better than all the other classes. Now i know what is broken. CV player entitlement.
  13. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Only if they yolo in to the blob. no different than any other ship. Pick your opportunities.
  14. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Sure. after the planes detect you, radar and hyrdo is over, and the other dd hasn't chased you down. Tell me how losing a few planes is that much riskier.
  15. EasternSun

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Try to live afterwards. Any your complaining about losing a few planes.