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  1. How can a Mod affect 0 damage from Torps? Yup that's an auto generated go away reply.
  2. Here's what probably happened. Sections HP was all used up.
  3. All you play is a Kamikaze R. I see your objection. You want to farm the camping BB players. For the rest who actually want to see their opponents and use their secondaries and scratch their paint. Hell no.
  4. OMFG yes. Imagine the brawls that would happen if Potential Damage was multiplied while in cap all the way to the center. You should be able to not even fire a shot and make massive XP based on how well you angle.
  5. While I don't think punishing Brave players ever is warranted, I do think that Points should be weighted by the type of ship inside the circle if it's under fire. Imagine taking a CAP and defending it as a BB. Of course caps need to be fully exposed to make it worth the points otherwise it's just camping again.
  6. That's why i reposted. Didn't want this to turn into a flamewar.
  7. This was more Tongue in Cheek Joke Post about how most players want better matches with less camping but will not play the objectives. Don't take the layout serious.
  8. Here you go. Map with all Islands surrounding water. Each cap generates points based on proximity to the center. Two generate 5 points each. Two caps generate 3 points each. One generates 1 point. And for the campers you lose your team -1 points and -5 the farther away.
  9. Can i get for Christmas Matchmaker based on Potential Damage. The lower your PD the less I want you on my team. GO away you camping cowards who run from the first sight of a Red Dot on the map. Too many teams, and I mean way to may teams are losing battles all because they show that weak rear of the ship instead of the strong Bow. Please Wargaming, I'm sick of your playerbase and the level of competition they bring. Why even load into a Battle. it's not like their really doing that much damage. They shoot, get spotted, turn to run, and die to Broadsides.
  10. Took mine out to see what all the fuss is about. Not sure what your referencing. Seems Under powered if you ask me. Look only 1 plane shot down. . Especially since this is like 1 in a Million games you get this. Free XP with Papa Papa and Win though is very nice.
  11. The Des Moines does not Negotiate with Carriers. 18 of your planes have already been destroyed. Release the BB's at once.
  12. Ocean is still in the Rotation. Got it This week in my Baltimore. I had a blast waiting until the BB's where all focused on the other side of the map when my AP salvos started ripping into their sides. I used my radar to spot but never fired in the beginning so I could get back in stealth.
  13. But your not reading the replies. Cruisers are just as vulnerable as BB's. It's even worse when they are suppose to stop Planes.
  14. And your ignoring that Des Moines players are reporting that even their AA cannot stop the I-Win planes.
  15. Can a Montana shoot it's shell without ever being detected. Can a Montana sit at A1 and reach J10? No, that's why there is hate for CV mechanics. It's the same garbage that players found years in WOT to remove as too many battles could be changed by a mouse clicker who only needs 1 hand to play. Let's assume that it takes 6 minutes round trip each drop. at 60K each that's 200k damage. How is that balanced?