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  1. Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    Don't skip the Seattle. Having a blast playing it. Play it like a french cruiser at 16km and use up all your heals. Ony use your rear guns when Kiting away. Then if you can get into an island rain fire on any ship at 17km away.
  2. And the first win after 10 losses. You guessed it. A garbage win and it was a mercy rule ROFL stomp. Battles are not fun. Matches are super boring. This is not Fun and Engaging.
  3. It's now 10 in a row now. Do you see the amount of ships left for the other team. Right now it's globetrotters vs the generals and even the ref is in on the Fix. This was another mercy rule game. 5 ships died in less than 5 minutes.
  4. More of the same. I can really only say that 1 of these wonder games I didn't perform. This is not balanced. This is not fun. This is poor coding and even worse team play. until this game rewards playing the objective Win rate is all based on luck and not skill. Players who play for fun or want to sail around to look at island should have their own Matchmaker. Call it casual and let them YOLO to their hearts content.
  5. It's not just you. The sheer amount of really bad teams are getting insane. I just cannot get any wins with this ship. This is a fragile Cit magnet. I cannot play aggressive with it so it needs teams to stay alive so I can do damage. Either the battles are over in 8 minutes or the team doesn't get any caps and we lose on points. There's no team play. No skill from any other players on my teams.They just play like it's a death match battle. It's even worse that they just keep shooting the full HP ships and don't ever get kills.
  6. It's a P2W fail because this is someone who tried to buy wins but didn't. This game cash does not trump skill. Paying to skip ships or grinding just makes you a bad player. True Pay to Win allows potatoes to compete with Skill and experience. This game does not have this.
  7. Buying a premium is a great thing for the game. It supports the developers and provides your account with a way to grind faster without affecting the battles. I own way to many premium ships myself. If you look at my Tirpitz and Atago vs their Tech tree counterparts you can see the win rate and stats are night and day. I had the opportunity to get them at 50% their normal cost. I was not good enough to play them even though I was good at the lower tiers. The point is that only playing premiums to grind to tier X without going through the learning process only hurts your progress as a player. Why lose battles at Tier X when you can actually enjoy the game at lower tiers if you know how to use all features of ships. The only way to get a feel for the game is to grind. It's practice for when you finally reach the Top Tier.
  8. So your contribution to the thread is nothing.
  9. I know exactly what it means. This game is not Pay2win. Buying a premium ships doesn't give you skill or experience. It's they only way to win in this game. The point of the article is to point this out.
  10. Had a Shima in my last battle that was so bad that I though it was a bot. After inspecting it's profile I confirmed that this is definitely a low win rate player. But the most amazing thing is the ships played. This player has 5 Tier X ships but only 24 total ships played. this means that they mostly used free XP to get to tier X. With a 39.29% win rate this absolutely proves that the only way to improve your win rate is skill and experience. Please don't skip the lower tiers. it's only going to Handicap you and who wants to always lose games like this? Premium ships are great for earning credits and training your Captains. They are not Pay2win boats and nothing teaches you the mechanics of this game more than learning each line as you progress.
  11. I'm glad other are seeing the problem. It's not that a tier 8 gets into a tier 10 battle. I actually enjoy playing against 2 tier ship and I've always looked at it as extra XP. It's when your the only tier 8 in a full Tier 10 battle. It's when you cannot even compete with 11 other ships with tier 10 insane ROF, Range, and special skills that you cannot counter that makes it not fun.
  12. T10 camo or prem ship?

    get the T10 premium cammo. Tier 6 and 8 ships are worthless with the current Matchmaking and once you get the commander to 19 it become a universal trainer.
  13. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    Your all wrong. It's a tomato juice can opener.
  14. Or they can use the same Matchmaking of their Brother game (WOT) that took years of constant complaints and did something about it. Now they have the 3 levels of Matchmaker. Solves the issue as the lowers tier ships are no longer food. 1.Three levels battles: This template manages to create teams with :3 Tanks at the top(top tiers), 5 at the middle and the rest are vehicles equal in tier. 2.Two levels battles: This template manages to create teams with :5 Tanks at the top(top tiers), and the rest at the bottom, featuring vehicles equal in tier. 3.One level battle: Well, you understand what it means :)
  15. Battleships can survive. If a cruiser i'm basically sailing around for 10 minutes waiting for the big hitters to die so i can actually get some damage if i get detected. If the higher tier maps where cruiser friendly it wouldn't be an issue.