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  1. I like to play close with my GK. I get more wins with it than my Yamato yet i do more damage with it. I don't think that BB role is to eat damage, but if it's not that means your Cruisers and DD's are. You realize the closer you are to a ship the easier it is to hit a citadel. The issue is it's more XP just to spam. This doesn't mean you win. Just get #1 XP on the loser team.
  2. I agree. The problem is it's way to rewarding not to tank at all. I've seen and had battles in battleships where my PD was 0 and i got #1 just from spamming every 30 seconds. To me why reward that playstyle with Large HP pools then. Make them glass cannons if that's the case.
  3. Then take away their HP pool. The main issue is you can't have it both. Why even have that large HP pool if your never going to use it.
  4. Got it with a super container. Play is like a USN DD. Mix of Gunboat with occasional torping. It's average at everything but not a bad ship. I just have other ships that are more fun. As a premium I would never purchase it.
  5. Everyone is sick of the Biggest HP pools constantly sitting in the back making the Destroyers and Cruisers do all the real heavy lifting while they can freely snipe at 20km away without ever risking their ships. Why even give them 100k HP when it's never going to get used. Of course the answer always given back when players say BB's will always camp is true. There's nothing in the game that trains the player not to camp. The simple solution is to really reward forward players. Potential Damage as an Bonus to XP by itself is not enough of a reward. Just sailing to get shot is not a true reward. Making PD a multiplier of XP for damage done will go towards giving players a true incentive to get into the battle. Let's assume 50k Damage to another BB gives 500 XP(not accurate, but used for example) right now. For every 500k Potential Damage the base Damage XP should receive 20% bonus with a cap of 80%. Now you'll say wow that's a buff to battleships for doing low damage. Yes, but instead their base damage XP needs to be nerfed by 30% to compensate. So in this example damaging 50k at max range without getting any attention would earn 350xp Potential Damage Base XP Damage Modifier PD Modifier New Base XP 0 500 0.7 1 350 500000 500 0.7 1.2 420 1000000 500 0.7 1.4 490 1500000 500 0.7 1.6 560 2000000 500 0.7 1.8 630 2500000 500 0.7 1.8 630 This way a player that gets over 1 million PD gets bonus thus gaining more than they would if they just sniped originally. Now snipers who don't do anything to risk their ships earn less and Battleships that play forward with the team get real rewards. A really ballsy BB who tanks 2 million could earn 280 more XP over the long range sniping BB. This also will allow the aggressive battleships to get the same amount of XP vs sniping as their damage output would be reduced since they wouldn't last as long. This will allow the weaker hulled battleships to still use thier long ranges, but the Brawling BB ships will now have real incentive to use these secondary builds and to have fun brawling without getting penalized.
  6. I've has this same complain thread deleted. Don't let this die.
  7. It's really stupid that when your detected by Radar, then get detected by sight, that the Radar detection stops showing. It fools you into thinking the radar is finished so you smoke to run, but nope. You still are detected by radar and you just wasted your life trying to stop in smoke when you should have still been WASD hacking.
  8. You Don't. Cyclones are gifts to Battleships so they can get close and do damage without getting detected. It's a direct nerf to USN Cruisers and Short Range Torpedo Boats.
  9. I think your right. Looks like my Clan just added these with the new Update.
  10. Got these for 2 battles. Haven't since I posted. Not sure how I got these then.
  11. Seems nice for doing nothing extra. Just show up. get 14 coal.
  12. Just saw this after the battle. Earning 14 coal for every battle played in arms race. Nice incentive for testing the mode.. NVM found out it was a clan bonus with the new Clan Bases.
  13. EasternSun

    Ranked did me in!

    Here's how ranked goes every year. Starts OK. Get to Rank 8. Morons start playing. fall back to Rank 12 because i cannot carry 6 idiots. Quit WOWS for 3 months. I don't think they understand how much they lose players every time the season starts.
  14. EasternSun

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Sorry WarGaming a crate is not acceptable for this screw up. last time your servers acted this bad you gave 3 days premium to everyone.
  15. EasternSun

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Same Here. Won a battle should have moved to Rank 9. nothing