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  1. I am writing an alternate history novel (After the Days of Infamy), that is based on Japan using Airship Aircraft Carriers (3 X the size of the Hindenburg). These Airships are Helium filled from a source in Japan.

    If you would be interested in becoming a beta reader of this Hard Science Fiction novel, which features the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa, please send me an email to: agkatfri@gmail.com.

    You can see my other books, including BB-39 on Amazon.

    A.G. Kimbrough,

    A.K.A CaptnAndy

    1. StingRayOne


      Thanks i really appreciate the offer and am versed in the subject, I do not get alot of free time for reading, but you can send a few pages to peruse.

    2. Grampy2015


      Might be interesting.  Not sure how much I might be able to read due to keep my grandchildren during the week and playing this game, but would like to try it out. Shoot me a chapter or two.