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  1. Just missed Westpac cruises on CG11 & 12. Flew over many times later.
  2. Great Post! I'll take the opportunity to make a shameless plug for my Greatest Generation Novel, BB-39. This story is about a group of young men from a small town in the southwest, who join the US Navy in 1938, and serve on the USS Arizona, BB-39. The first half of the book tells their story in the pre-war Battleship Navy. The last half, tells the stories of the three December 7th survivors. BB-39 is fiction, set in reality. This book is available on Amazon as an eBook, in print, and as an audio book, by A.G. Kimbrough A.K.A. CaptnAndy.
  3. The Warship branch of Team Special Forces has several subclans that range from serious competitors to casual. Check out our web site at: I'm the olders player in the clan at 73, with a solid 42% win rate in the SF subclan. I'll be happy to division with you any time I'm on (2100 to 2300 PST).
  4. Just take out all the Cleveland nurfs to go a long way toward tier 8. It was Bad in CBT. I can't wait!
  5. Great Post! As an early 60's Fire Control guy, I worked on the development of using digital computers and ranging systems for the Navy's early missile systems that were using analog electronics to solve the fire control problems. The reason for the switch to digital, is that the analog electronics were very unreliable, especially compared to the MK1A. My first ship, CG12 was a new class that was built on WW2 CA hulls. The existing superstructure and guns were replaced with an aluminum superstructure and guided missile batteries fore and aft, and amidships. Shortly after CG12's commissioning, someone at BuShips asked the embarrassing question, "what will this ship do if confronted with an enemy torpedo boat?" CG 12 was returned to the yard at Bremerton, and an open mount 5"38 was installed beside the Tartar missile system. A WW2 vintage Mk 56 Fire Control System was installed over each gun. One thing you did not mention was a gyrocompass that was mounted directly beside the Mk1A. It had direct shaft inputs for Pitch, Roll, and Heading, so it was no longer necessary to fire on the up role. I'll stop my Fire Control Trivia with a comment about the Fire Control switchboards. They were massive six foot tall doors containing over 30 large rotary switches, and filled a bulkhead (wall of main plot). The commands to each gun mount for bearing, elevation, fuse setting, and a contact closure to fire. The first three signals used a minimum of 3 wires each to drive a rotary transformer called a synchro. There was also a feedback contact closure that indicated that the gun was loaded and ready to fire. There were switches to permit any primary or secondary Mk1A to send commands to any Primary or Secondary gun mount. There were also switches to send the target range, bearing and elevation signals to any of the Primary or Secondary Mk1A's.
  6. Ode to the Cleveland I loved her in CBT, and the nerf broke my heart. I have kept her on the shelf, waiting for her return to glory as a tier 8. I still long for that day...
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I missed the announcement, and will make good use of the reset and upgrade removal.
  8. Great Story! It should be a winner. I have a small problem. My Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya must have missed her shipyard overhaul, because she does not have the Stalium armor. Unless I keep her angled, she doesn't live very long. I'm still glad I bought her, since she's totally fun to play, even for this old (1944) Captain.
  9. Oh Great, another mode where these old eyes can't tell the direction of the enemy ships.
  10. I disagree with the comment that CA 5"38s are more accurate than DDs because the CAs roll less. Both systems use the MK1A Fire Control Computers, which are directly connected to the MK?? Stable Element, a Gyrocompass that provides pitch and roll compensation to the Fire Control System. The DDs may have rolled more than the CA, but their accuracy did not suffer. I agree that the US DDs performance has been hammered, from a historical standpoint. Thanks for the thread, and the great ideas.
  11. Having been part of, and running many development programs on a wide range of technology based products, I know they always have to answer to management. There is a tendency for engineers to seek perfection, marketeers to want one more feature, and release it yesterday, and bean counters to stop the bleeding and start generating a return on the investment. Senior management has to say when to "Kill the Engineers, and Release the Product." Blaming the Developer for a bad product, and insisting he be fired is most likely a gross misunderstanding of where the fault may lay, totally unfair to the developer, and very bad form. I don't play carriers (degraded reaction times and multitasking abilities) and rarely watch UTube videos. I only opened this thread when I noticed the huge firestorm brewing across many threads. Finally, an observation from my many years of Product Development. Bad products will be driven by the marketplace to fix their shortcomings, withdraw the products, or fold the company.
  12. Bremerton (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard) was the Battleship repair and service shipyard from pre WW1 on.
  13. Big help, Damn Well Done!
  14. Thanks for bringing this up. I am a Former FT (61-65), and I'm proud to support this Hero. Signed, Facebook post, and sent to my email list. His heroics should not be ignored because of the actions of those responsible for the accident. A.G. Kimbrough