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  1. CaptnAndy

    When no doesn't mean no

    I was playing Navy Field when subs were introduced. Subs did not degrade the game. While NF had many problems, sub play was not one. They were slow, but could get to the battle lines where the BBs steamed back and fourth across the map, firing at the red BBs at max range. The DDs had depth charges and hedgehogs, and they screened for the subs with their sonar. The hedgehogs were fun when you could drop a load on a sub. I don't believe subs will kill Warships. We know the implementation won't be perfect, and even if it was, some would still complain. My granddad used to say "some guys would complain, even if we hung him with a new rope." Subs will add another dimension to Warships, in content, play style options, and strategy. As one of the senior (75) players, the slower pace of sub play may suit me. If it doesn't, I won't have to play them.
  2. I wish I could make this one. While you are there check out the dual Talos missile systems aft. I served on the USS Chicago CG11 and the USS Columbus CG12 during the early 60s. They were the follow on class to the Galvistons, and had Talos systems at both ends. I worked on the Fire Control Tracking radars (The cement mixer looking things over the missile house). The 65 mile range ramjet Talos surface to air missiles were beam riders until the last 15 seconds of flight. At that point, they switched to homing on the targets reflected energy from the tracking radar's beam.
  3. CaptnAndy

    California HYPE

    As part of the California promotion, I wish that WG would extend the Clan War time window by an hour, so that the West Coast players, with RL issues could have a better chance to get in at least a couple of Clan War battles.
  4. CaptnAndy

    USS Arky B and a AA compromise

    This old (75) fart has an Arky B with an AA Battery consisting of a Bosin Mate on the fantail with a 45 and 2 clips. I admit it is frustrating when you and the red CV are all that's left, and you can't run fast enough to get him in gun range, while he pounds you with flight after flight. One night, my AA battery punched a hole in an attacker's wing (for no damage). Oh well, I love the old girl!
  5. CaptnAndy

    What the f... with overpens?

    In Ranked last night, 2 BBs consistently had 3 overpens to every pen, against BBs.
  6. The USN used turbine-electric drives to replace the poor reliability reciprocating engines after WW I, because the USN did not have the high power turbine direct drive gear boxes, like the Royal Navy used. The USN did not want to be dependent on the RN, and the RN was not willing to sell the USN the license to produce the gear boxes in the US. The USN started the transition as soon as the US designs were available, and even retrofitted some ships, like the USS New Mexico. I was stationed at the Bremerton yard in the early 60s as the USS Columbus, CG12 was being completed. I had the opportunity to tour the Electrical shop there. Against one wall were several of the DC generators that were used being directly driven by steam turbines. The DC motors that were powered by those generators had their rotors fastened to the propeller drive shafts, which were about 8" in diameter and 40 to 60 feet long. The generators and motors were about 12 feet in diameter and were 20 feet long. I remember there were 6 or 8 sets of this hardware. This hardware made a real impression on an 18 year-old kid, and was one thing that contributed to my being a life-long naval history buff.
  7. Even with the Aslins glare mod, some maps are almost unplayable because of glare. WG please fix this BUG/Feature.
  8. CaptnAndy

    too many overpens?

    Only time I use AP now, is on broadside BBs and CAs, and then I still get more overpens than pens. I don't get as many crits with HE, but my damage output is higher. I'm not a great player, but I play for a couple of hourss every night (since CBT), and I started watching closely when the overpens started skyrocketing.
  9. When they made the movie Tora Tora Tora, the studio made big scale models of all the battleships. After the film was completed, the Nevada model was still intact. The studio donated it to a Navy veterns group in Long Beach. They put the model on a trailer, and take it to events all over Southern California. They sell ball caps to support the group's expenses. I saw the model at Seal Beach and bought a cap, which I treasure.
  10. CaptnAndy

    I finished Ranked Sprint, Fifth season

    I did too, last night, on the eve of my 75th birthday, in spite of vision, reaction time, and multi-tasking issues.
  11. CaptnAndy

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    As a naval history buff, and an author with several naval action books, I was thrilled when WOWS arrived. I had played Navy Field for 5 years, from beta until it started falling apart. I will never be a competitive player, and don't care for cartoon or paper over powered ships, unbalanced sky cancer (better since the last update), toxic posts/chat, or Pay To Win. But, I still love the game, and play for a couple of hours every night. I agree that Zoup's post is right on the mark. This community, warts and all, has many who love the history and the ships.
  12. Thanks for your service from a USN vet, a naval history buff, and an author with several naval action books. If you're interested, you can find my books at: https://www.amazon.com/A.G.-Kimbrough/e/B008J28CME/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

    I'm usually in game 2100 to 2300 PST, I live just outside of Sacramento. I'm the oldest guy (75) in my clan, and since I retired for the 4th time in 2010, I have published 16 books.

    I do agree with your last post, but I'll stick with WOWS until there is a better naval game. I played Navy Field for the 5 years after beta, and WOWS was better in beta than NF was after 5 years.


    A.G. Kimbrough

    1. The_Big_Woof


      lol... Just outside of Sac, Huh? Elk Grove, Roseville, Lincoln or Davis? I live in Manteca, but work out of Roseville for the UP.

      I'll check your books out, thanks. And Thank YOU as well.

    2. CaptnAndy


      I live in Folsom in the Diamond Glen 55+ community, off Sibley.


  13. Navy Field had them, but the sub submerged times were longer. They also had mines deployed by lower tier DDs, and DEs.
  14. Damn Well Said! I too love the game, and as a casual player (2 hours every night since CBT), I feel like WG is focused on chasing Whales. With the exceptions of Tirpitz and Texas, I only play non-premium ships, which are all at a disadvantage compared to the same tier premium ships. That fact, and the unreasonable CV unfair advantage, have reduce my enjoyment of this game. I have seen several clan members leave due to these issues. It's past time for a WG course correction. .
  15. CaptnAndy

    Sharing links to History?

    I enjoy all the naval history posts and links. The historical aspect of this game is the primary reasion I play it.