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  1. CaptnAndy

    Underwater Obstruction Charts

    With the existing vision problems in this game, I'm afraid using different colors to show the shallow water, won't work for me. It make the game unplayable for someone who has played almost every night since CBT. Sad...
  2. CaptnAndy

    Don't mess with Texas

    With the increase in 2 CV games I've had to double my Texas AA performance. I gave the Bosin Mate on the fantail another magazine for his 45.
  3. As a 1944 model with degraded vision, I have struggled with this game's display problems since CBT. I switched to a 35" monitor, & use the Aslin mods to help. However, the recent game updates have made it extremely difficult to play. The brightness is excessive, & nothing I've been able to do improves this problem. WG Please do something!
  4. CaptnAndy

    Commemorating June 6th, 1944, D-Day

    Thanks for all these posts. There were no 'safe places' that day.
  5. CaptnAndy

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I took CaptnAndy when I first started playing internet games (Navy Field). At the time 1999, I was a USCG licensed Captain running a charter boat in the coastal waters of North Carolina. I would take families out of Bald Head Island. I would teach the kids how to fish, & tell them stories about the pirates and blockade runners that used to inhabit the area. THe kids called me Captain Andy, & the name stuck.
  6. CaptnAndy

    Scenarios/ Operations3 poll

    Replace the bots in ops with people. Would reduce server load, and add a new dimension to random play.
  7. I had 5 straight games last night where I killed CV1 & its escorts, & was the only ship attempting, unsuccessfully, to defend Raptor against 2 BBs & 3 CAs. I play operations a lot, & have never seen a string of Raptor kills like this.
  8. CaptnAndy

    USS Johnston found!!!!!

    Me too. Thanks for the post. It was one of the most epic battels of WW2.
  9. CaptnAndy

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Thanks! 07
  10. CaptnAndy

    USS Nevada BB36 Scale Model

    This Model was one of the scale models built for the movie Tora, Tora, Tora. When the filming was done, this one was still intact. The studio cave it to a Long Beach Navy vet group & they restored it put it on a trailer. They take it to events all over Southern California, and sell Nevada ball caps to help cover expenses. I bought one when I saw it at Seal Beach & treasure it. The following link shows the restoration by John Stewart's story & includes lots more pictures. https://finescale.com/online-extras/extra-articles/2017/12/restoring-pearl-harbor-115-scale-uss-nevada-tora-tora-tora-prop
  11. CaptnAndy

    Accessing Reserve Commanders

    When I first opened the game after the update, I got a page listing all my Captains, even for the ships I sold. It had provisions to sell them, but I didn't want to take the time to go through it then. I closed out the page thinking I could get back to it, but have found no way to do it now.
  12. CaptnAndy

    The reality of AA fire in WWII

    Good video, but fire control was/is the dominate element in antiaircraft defensive weapons. He also didn't mention any of the 5"/38 single guns. This is the biased opinion for a 60s era Fire Control salor.
  13. CaptnAndy


    Growing up in New Mexico, I never saw one until I joined the Navy. In my first San Diego Boot Camp Inspection, a flock of those *%#@** B1RDs flew over, and one craped in my white hat...
  14. CaptnAndy


    BB-39 is a novel that tells the stories of 5 young men form a small southwestern town who join the USN in 1938. After boot camp they are assigned to the USS Arizona, BB-39. The story follows their lives in the pre-war Battleship navy, and the 3 survivors after December 7th. The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook, in print, and as an audio book.
  15. CaptnAndy


    Good Post! I did a lot of research on December 7th for my novel, BB-39. There were many unsung heroes that day. I salute them all.