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  1. After the first 2 nights, I only play T8 cruisers. All operation games are a lot tougher now.
  2. CaptnAndy

    PSA: 24 Hrs Premium Time

    I went through everything twice, & couldn't find it. Thanks anyway!
  3. CaptnAndy

    Anyone Else Unable to get into the Armory

    Running the Game Integrity Check worked for me last night.
  4. Every time I attempt to access, the screen opens, and nothing else happens. I left it up for 20 minutes, & still no change.
  5. CaptnAndy

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    In addition to studying the Prince Eugene's optics, the survey team was very interested in the magnetic amplifier servo controls, which were much more hardened to shock and vibration than the USN tube based servo controls. During the transit voyage through the tropics, from Europe to the West Coast, the crew suffered a lot, from the limited compartment ventilation.
  6. CaptnAndy

    Operation of the Week

    I used to avoid playing Defeat at Newport because it was almost impossible to get 5 stars. I tried it this week & almost every gameI got 5 stars. I think I remember that the last bunch of enemy ships were tier 8, and we could never kill all of them. One tactic that has helped me survive this week, is to run back (using auto pilot) & repair before the last batch of enemy ships arrive.
  7. CaptnAndy

    107 Years Ago, USS Arizona (BB-39) Was Launched

    As a USN vet, and a naval history buff, the Arizona was special to me, even before I started researching and writing the Greatest Generation novel, BB-39. In honor of the 107th anniversary, the Kindle version of BB-39 is free starting tomorrow, for the next five days. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008IVOBR6
  8. I read a report this AM that they had decided she was unrepairable, and would be scarped. Sorry, I didn't save the link. The Little Rock had a leak some time ago that flooded the Talos Fire Control Computer room. It's a shame...
  9. Thanks for the warning. I always appreciate your posts.
  10. CaptnAndy

    PSA European Codes

  11. CaptnAndy

    Pearl Harbor “live stream” of attack

    WW2 fans might enjoy my WW2 Alternate History Trilogy. The first book, After the Days of Infamy is available in print, and as a Kindle ebook at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JLVPGXD
  12. CaptnAndy

    I'm getting old...

    I'm old enough (1944 model), but too young to resist. I still love this game, even when my vision, reaction time abilites have left the station...
  13. CaptnAndy

    Pearl Harbor “live stream” of attack

    Today, December 7th, is special for me. My son was born on this day, I'm a USN Vet, and two of my novels chronical this day. You can find them both at: https://www.amazon.com/A-G-Kimbrough/e/B008J28CME/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1
  14. My Ark B has an AA defense of a Bosin Mate on the fantail with a 45 and three clips. Unfortunately, he's drunk. Unplayable with 2 CVs.
  15. CaptnAndy


    Me too in Northern, CA. On ConCast network.