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  1. As a 1944 model potato who's declining vision, reaction time, and multi-tasking abilities have kept me at a consistent 42% WR since CBT, I love the game, even though I'm stuck at Rank 15. I am in the casual sub clan of Team Special Forces, and don't play in CW because CW because I would not be much of an asset to my team. If fate finds me on your team, please know that I'll be doing my best to contribute to the team win. If that's not good enough, TS. I support WG by paying for premium and a few flags, so I'm pulling my weight toward keeping the game alive. Your salt won't have any effect, since I don't give a s**t.
  2. Mine laying DD's

    I played Navy Field for the 5 years after beta, and it had low tier DD laying mines. Because they were low visibility and would run toward the enemy lines, drop mines and die when they were detected. It probably contributed to the fact that the BBs just sailed in a line back and fourth from the top to the bottom of the map at max range. That game did not restrict lower tiers. It helped fill the 16 player teams because 10 minute wait times were typical. I don't think mines would be positive in this game.
  3. As another old (73) player who served on CG11 and 12 (61-65), my vision, reaction time, and multi-tasking abilities have faded, but I love the game. Team Special Forces is a large clan, with multiple sub-clans. We have very serious completive, moderately serious, and casual sub-clans (SF-B where I reside). We are a mostly mature (over 18) clan, and you won't find much trash talk. I play every night from 2100 to 2300 PST, and am on the SF-B channel of our TeamSpeak server. Check out our web site at: https://www.team-sf.com/ You can find TeamSpeak access, and clan information there. Hope to see you in game, from an almost as old as you are former Talos Fire Control guy.
  4. As an old (73) Navy vet, I was proud to serve, and I salute all those who have. Thanks for your service.
  5. I served from 61 to 65 as a Fire Control Tech for the Talos Missile Systems on the USS Columbus, CG12 and the USS Chicago, CG11 (plank Owner). Both ships were Baltimore class heavy cruisers that were stripped down to the main deck. An aluminum superstructure, Talos batteries forward and aft, a pair of Tarter launchers were amidships, and the design was altered to add a pair of open mount 5"/38 guns.
  6. You ran right into my torps!

    For the 4th time since CBT I torped a friendly teammate. Both in Gearings & he was headed away from an island gap, 8K away. An enemy DD appeared headed for the gap & i fired both salvoes. About the time my torps hit the water, the other Gearing did a 180, toward the path of my torps. I immediately warned him in chat and he took evasive action, but one hit him and I turned pink, which I deserved. At least it didn't sink him. I apologized to him and served my 3 red games in coop. On the last one, I crashed and the game was over by the time I reset and reloaded the game. I was afraid I would get an AFK punishment. When I finally got back into the game, I had not received the AFK punishment. My crashes seem to occur after 6 or 8 games, and I can't get back in, unless I kill the game and reload. I' just an old fart that started with CP/M systems, so I can't analyze this issue, but it sounds like a memory leak that others have described here.
  7. San Francisco Naval yard

    That picture was taken after Hunters Point (SF) shipyard closed. I was there in the early 60's, while my ship, USS Chicago, CG11 was being converted from guns to missiles. Since the Viet Nam era the Bay area has become extremely anti- military. SF would not allow the Iowa museum ship to be located there. The California "Sanctuary Cities" are now rapidly becoming 3rd world s**tholes, except for the enclaves of the 1%. SF now publishes a map that shows the areas to avoid most of the human feces on the streets and sidewalks. From an old fart who used to love the city by the bay.
  8. This 1944 model grandpa can only play 2100 to 2300 PST, and my 42% WR since CBT may contribute to some of your losses. While I know what and how to do, my reduced vision, reaction time and multi tasking abilities frequently prevent me from executing the correct actions well. Since most months I can afford, and do support WG by purchasing premium, I have as much a right to play this game as anyone. I do see my share of drunks, fools, and bad players, and I have to cope with them, just like everyone else. There is no guarantee of success in life or in this game. I suggest that you play when you can, do your best, and try to enjoy the ride, even when you get bucked off.
  9. Literary Agent

    Thanks for the kind offers, but I really hoped to run across a real literary, who happens to play WOWS, and I wouldn't need to educate them about naval warfare.
  10. Literary Agent

    I'm looking for an agent that is into warships. I'm a naval history buff, and author with several self published novels on Amazon and other platforms, including a Greatest Generation novel, BB-39. My latest book will be the first in an alternate history series based on the War in the Pacific. After the Days Of Infamy departs from reality with the discovery of helium on an island in northern Japan in the early 30’s. A secret agreement between Japan and Germany results in a technology exchange that results in Japan developing a fleet of airship aircraft carriers instead of additional ship based aircraft carriers. The 2 attacks on December 7th are made by 400 planes from a fleet of airship carriers, that are followed later that same week by a series of devastating strikes up and down the West Coast. By the end of the week the aircraft, shipbuilding, and marine industries there are all in ruins. This story does not include steam punk, fantasy, time travel, magic, elves or faeries. The deviations from historic technologies are based on what could have been accomplished with the availability of helium and a push in that direction. The reason I’m considering traditional publishing, is that I would rather spend my time and resources writing, than promoting. I believe this book, and the series, has a wide potential audience. If you are interested in possibly representing me, please message your contact information. You can see my books on Amazon under A.G. Kimbrough
  11. It was after my time in the Navy, but I remember, and will be running my Iowa on the 19th. Thanks for your reminder and the suggestion.
  12. I got fired today.

    Looking back at 74, I recall getting fired 3 times. With a mortgage, car payments, and kids used to getting fed regularly, it was not fun each time. But, I got through it and switched industries completely each time. You will get through this, just don't restrict your options by refusing to get out of your comfort zone. I'm pulling for you.
  13. Serving Time

    I live in Folsom, but not at the prison. There is an inmate group there that knits stuff that the Folsom Lions distributes to homeless shelters and battered women's homes for kids in them. They do mittens, scarves, and stuffed critters. My wife drives all over the area dropping the stuff off. Her gas money offsets my WOWS spending. I do enjoy your posts, so don't get hit with the ban stick.
  14. I agree, or be able to trade them for random flags or camo.