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  1. CaptnAndy

    Eye Test - Help

    At 76, with Mac Degeneration and Glaucoma, I had to go to a 35" monitor, and still, the dark maps are difficult. If I adjust settings for them, the bright maps wash out. I had to give up clan battles and most division play because I'm not an asset to my team. I still play a couple of games of operations or ranked every night, but even though I love the game, the fun has left the station. Although my degraded reaction time is an issue, my vision is less of a problem when I play Tanks. I stopped WOT when I got into CBT of WOWS, but restarted last month, and it is now more fun than ships. I have tried the limited options for WOWS color blind settings and they don't help. I suspect that many WOWS players are not being served well by WG with improved vision options.
  2. CaptnAndy

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    When they made the movie Tora Tora Tora, the studio built 20'+ scale models of all the battleships. When the filming was completed, the Nevada model was still intact. They donated it to a Long Beach Navy vet group, who mounted it on a big trailer. They take it to events all over Southern California, and sell BB36 ball caps to support their costs. I was lucky to see it at Seal Beach and buy a cap that I still wear and treasure. I support bringing BB36 into the game.
  3. CaptnAndy

    How to Shchors?

    As I ground through the line I found the Shores a fun ship & made it a keeper. I moved the captain up to the Chappy & replaced him with a lower tier one. I still play the Shores in tier 7 Operations, even though they did nerf it.
  4. CaptnAndy

    Range-finding and Fire Control

    As a former USN Fire Control Tech (61-65), I found epojokke's video very interesting. The only thing I found that he missed was the compensation to Initial Shell Velocity for magazine temperature, which was measured daily by the gunners mates, and input to the fire control computer. I worked on the Talos Fire Control Tracking Radar, but in Fire Control A school, I learned how to solve the fire control problem. Our final exam required trig tables, a slide rule, and at least 1 full legal size page to show all our calculations to compute the gun range, bearing, elevation, and fuse setting commands for one instant in time.
  5. When they made the movie Tora Tora Tora, they built large models of all the battleships. When the film was done the Nevada model was still intact. The studio donated it to a Navy Vets group in Long Beach, CA. They put it on a big trailer, and take it to events all over Southern California. They sell BB39 ball caps to support their efforts. In 2012 I went to a DLG open house at Seal Beach and saw the model. I also bought a BB36 ball cap, which I still treasure.
  6. The one I'm talking about is clock time, not the game timer. I used some Aslins mods, but could not find one that effects clock time. Thanks for the suggestions. Might be related to character size, since my vision is shot & I remember increasing it. I'll check it tonight when I refresh Aslins. Stay safe my friends.
  7. The in-game time display blocks the first two green team display. It's not super critical, but I do check it to see if we lost a CV or BB. That display (time) used to be in the lower right corner. I checked Settings, but didn't find any access.
  8. CaptnAndy

    Log in issue (not actual)

    Problem is Aslins Carousel mod. Delete to fix, or upload the Aslin .1 update, which also deletes carousel.
  9. CaptnAndy

    0.9.3 - What? No More 6 CVs In A Battle?

    I have missed being able to play my Ark Beta when I'm helping a new player learn the game. With zero AA it is futile with 3 CVs, since that ship is target number one, by successive waves of torp planes. The lone Bosin Mate on the fantail has only 2 clips for his 45, so even 1 CV is a serious threat. If it's true, Thanks WG for a step in the right direction. And for anyone want to ask why I helping a newby, with my low WR. I know what to do, but my 1944 vision, reaction time, and multitasking abilities fail to execute too often. Stay safe my friends.
  10. CaptnAndy

    Best/Funniest Sea Stories

    Good to hear from a fellow Chicago sailor (I'm a Plank Owner). All good Sea Stories start with "Now This IS No Sh*t".
  11. CaptnAndy

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    As a retired USCG licensed Captain, you are correct, but I suspect only a small fraction of our players know the rules of the road, and most don't give a sh*t. I use a long blast to (hopefully) alert a teammate on a collision course with me. If I'm in a BB, I probably can't avoid a crossing DD.
  12. CaptnAndy

    USS Albany

    USS Albany CA123, was an Oregon Class Cruiser that was converted to the CG10 Guided Missile class in the mid-60s. I served on the other 2 ships in that class, USS Columbus CG12 and USS Chicago CG11, which were converted from Baltimore class cruisers. The conversions included stripping the ships down to the main armored decks, and installing an aluminum superstructure that combined the masts with the stacks (Macks). Long range (65 miles) Talos Missile Systems were installed forward and aft, and short range Tarter Missile systems were installed Port and Starboard, amidships. Shortly after the first ship in the class (CG12) was commissioned, someone asked how the ship could defend itself from a torpedo boat. As a result, we returned to the shipyard in Bremerton for another 6 months while a pair of 5"38 open mount guns and MK56 Gun Fire Control Systems were installed amidships. These ships were kept in service until the early 80s, and even shot down some migs in Viet Nam.
  13. CaptnAndy

    U.S.S. Houston

    As a Plank Owner on the Chicago, CG11, I greatly enjoyed this story.
  14. CaptnAndy

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    After my last 3CV match in my Arky Beta, I gave up playing it. My AA Bosin Mate on the fantail only has 2 clips for his 45. Sad, I love the ship, but it's futile against 3 CVs.
  15. CaptnAndy

    What is with the AI in Raptor Rescue

    Twice last night I saw red ships run away, all the way to the map edge, and stay there. The first BB, and then one of the CA escorts for the first CV.