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  1. Having been part of, and running many development programs on a wide range of technology based products, I know they always have to answer to management. There is a tendency for engineers to seek perfection, marketeers to want one more feature, and release it yesterday, and bean counters to stop the bleeding and start generating a return on the investment. Senior management has to say when to "Kill the Engineers, and Release the Product." Blaming the Developer for a bad product, and insisting he be fired is most likely a gross misunderstanding of where the fault may lay, totally unfair to the developer, and very bad form. I don't play carriers (degraded reaction times and multitasking abilities) and rarely watch UTube videos. I only opened this thread when I noticed the huge firestorm brewing across many threads. Finally, an observation from my many years of Product Development. Bad products will be driven by the marketplace to fix their shortcomings, withdraw the products, or fold the company.
  2. Bremerton (Puget Sound Naval Shipyard) was the Battleship repair and service shipyard from pre WW1 on.
  3. Big help, Damn Well Done!
  4. Thanks for bringing this up. I am a Former FT (61-65), and I'm proud to support this Hero. Signed, Facebook post, and sent to my email list. His heroics should not be ignored because of the actions of those responsible for the accident. A.G. Kimbrough
  5. The primary reason I go to the trouble to download Aslains is the fog remover. Without it, I can't see target direction at max range. I have also used the WOWS mod pack, but it hasn't been updated since May.
  6. Great Post! Think about the number of blueprints it took to make a WW2 warship. The original drawings (either ink or pencil on vellum) were kept in the Engineering offices and multiple blueprint copies were distributed to the workshops. The original drawings were never folded because they had to run through the rollers of the blueprint machine. they were stored in either flat or hanging cabinets. The most common drawing size was 24 x 36", and the drawings were scaled to fit that D Size format. The lettering was mostly done free hand during that period. I started an engineering company in 73, and an early purchase was an engineering copier that would scan a D Size drawing and make a black and white C Size (18 x 24") copy. We hated to have to work with blueprints because they smelled, they would fade when exposed to sunlight, or welding arcs, you couldn't write notes on them, or make copies from them, and they were frequently hard to read.
  7. As a former Talos Fire Control Guy, I Had to add this from Wikipedia: "In the late 1950s she was converted to a Galveston-class guided missile cruiser, which involved removing all her aft six-inch and five-inch guns and rebuilding her aft superstructure to accommodate the Talos missile system. Also, like three other of her sister Cleveland ships converted to missile ships, she was also extensively modified forward to become a flagship. This involved removal of most of her forward armament to allow for a greatly enlarged superstructure. She was recommissioned in 1960 as CLG-4 (and in 1975 redesignated CG-4). In her new career, she served extensively in the Mediterranean, often as the Sixth Fleet flagship. She decommissioned for the last time in 1976 (after 20 years and 4 months of commissioned service), and is now a museum ship at Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park. Little Rock is the sole surviving member of the Cleveland class." Although I served from 62 to 65 on 2 different Talos Ships (CG11 & 12), I never got to see inside the Missle House. Because Talos had a nuclear shore bombardment capability, there was always an armed Marine guard at the entrence to prevent unauthorized entry. When the Little Rock was opened at the museum, I finally got to see what was inside. If I ever get to that part of the country, it will be a must see.
  8. One more time I have reached the level of my incompetence and/or ability at Rank 14 (best ever). I am a consistent 42% Wr since CBT. As a 1944 model who is a naval history buff and loves the game, I know my reaction time and multitasking abilities are long past prime, but I do my best to support my team. I know not everyone will reach Rank 1, but we can all enjoy the game.
  9. TSF has over 100 members, with 30 member sub clans. Some members want to play very competitively and others, like myself, are casual players. One advantage of a larger clan is that no matter where you are located, you can generally find clanmates on Teamspeak to play with anytime. No one clan can satisfy everyone, but we have a lot of good people who will be pleased to play with you or answer your questions. As we continue to grow, we will add more sub clans. We have a good bunch of officers who try hard to service the needs of the competitive teams and our newer players, which can be a sometimes thankless job, and not unlike herding cats.
  10. I am writing an alternate history novel (After the Days of Infamy), that is based on Japan using Airship Aircraft Carriers (3 X the size of the Hindenburg). These Airships are Helium filled from a source in Japan.

    If you would be interested in becoming a beta reader of this Hard Science Fiction novel, which features the USS Fletcher and the USS Iowa, please send me an email to:

    You can see my other books, including BB-39 on Amazon.

    A.G. Kimbrough,

    A.K.A CaptnAndy

    1. StingRayOne


      Thanks i really appreciate the offer and am versed in the subject, I do not get alot of free time for reading, but you can send a few pages to peruse.

    2. Grampy2015


      Might be interesting.  Not sure how much I might be able to read due to keep my grandchildren during the week and playing this game, but would like to try it out. Shoot me a chapter or two.



  11. The USN Mk1A Fire Control Computer not only compensated for the curvature of the Earth, It compensater for the Earth's rotation during the flight time of the projectile, and the changes to the initial velocity caused by powder temperature (checked every morning in the magazine) and the barrel erosion due to the number of shells fired through it. Just a bit of trivia from an old (1944 model) Fire Control guy.
  12. Even as I turn 73 today, my writer's pen is still full of ink. In celebration, of my birthday, I'm offering my WOWS friends an opportunity to receive a free Advance Review Copy of my latest book. The first 25 people who send an email to: will receive a certificate from Amazon that will let them download my book for free. Anomaly Report is an Adult Hard Science Fiction Novella is set in the present, but the search eventually leads to a series of events that began in the late 40's. The loss of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. When the child disappears with no explanation, and the government seems to be covering up something in this case, as well as hundreds of others, the father, Ryan Kirkwood begins a quest for answers.
  13. I second that observation. If you are interested in novels set in that period you might check out my Greatest Generation novel set on the USS Arizona, BB-39 ,by A.G. Kimbrough. It is available as a Kindle eBook, in print, and as an audio book on Amazon.
  14. This is a fun game that is great to play with 6 other clan mates.