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  1. macmonster

    Flamu has lost his mind.

    Looks like that channel may be run by a third party, and not Flamu himself.
  2. macmonster

    New graphics card needed, recommendations?

    Yeah, this needs some more info. Assuming you have an old OEM system you could provide the model of the PC. May be able to find something in system info. Found a simple guide for finding basic info ( https://www.bloomberg.com/faq/question/how-do-i-check-my-pc-hardware-specifications/ ), can upload a screenshot of it here I think. With something like a GTS 250 as your GPU though, may end up with your best choice being a completely new system unfortunately.
  3. So, FSR is resolution scaling option basically. It will render the game at a lower internal resolution then upscale it to the set resolution. This is normally done to gain performance at some loss to image quality, and while yes it is technically a competitor to Nvidia's DLSS it's a much simpler implementation as it's more of downscale + sharpening filter approach as apposed to DLSS's use of AI image sampling and Tensor cores to try and create pixels based off of existing data. Honestly, FSR 1.0 can be hit or miss and I don't see anywhere from Wargaming on what quality mode their setting operates with as FSR 1.0 typically has 4 options; Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced, and Performance. Each one trading progressively more resolution for frame rate. The intended purpose of this setting is for people who may not quite be able to handle the game at their native resolution, allowing them to get an image that is better than simply down-scaling the resolution but worse than running at native. Also, were you having crashing issues as I see you posted an exchange with support?
  4. macmonster

    Built a new gaming PC

    Hopefully not their "special" PSUs though. Also in regards to the 3060 having different configurations and the 3060ti. They are actually completely separate products as they use completely different chips for their core, the 3060 is using the GA106-300 with 3584 cores and the 3060ti uses the GA104-200 with 4864 cores. Technically speaking, the 3060 is just a better binned 3050 die with more cores enabled and the 3060ti is a 3070/3070ti with less cores enabled.
  5. macmonster

    Constant microstutter

    What version of windows is this? I don't remember the taskbar ever being visible in windowed borderless, at least for Win10.
  6. macmonster

    Constant microstutter

    Any idea what your hardware usage looks like when it's stuttering? Able to see if CPU or GPU are randomly maxing out or maybe even dipping sharply for some reason?
  7. macmonster

    Heard a new excuse for YOLO'ing...

    Actually had to fill out a support ticket recently with replay because of 2 "passive" players in a ranked battle. One stalingrad that left because they thought there were too many DDs and a zorkiy that sailed behind an island at the start of the battle and just sat there the whole time, shot at the water right next to themselves once and nothing else. Filed as "collusions" at the time, so glad to know situations like that actually get looked at.
  8. Don't like playing randoms, but Arms Race was pretty fun. The buffs increased the casual feel of it, which I enjoyed a ton. Would definitely play it again if it came out as it's own mode.
  9. Bots follow the same reload rules as players, assuming no upgrades on the players ships and not counting consumables. Otherwise I would have gotten nuked by the bot Marceau at least a few times.
  10. macmonster

    Video card replacement

    Sad thing is, used market is a wreck too. Used cards from 2016 going for $300+.
  11. macmonster

    Video card replacement

    Yeah, market is broken right now and finding something at that price would probably mean it's a scam or a pre-order than won't arrive for months to years later. Average price for a 1650 super is now around $300.
  12. macmonster

    Video card replacement

    Where did you find a 1650 super that isn't almost $300? Because that sounds sketch.
  13. macmonster

    Video card replacement

    Any meaningful update from that may cost a pretty penny, because the GPU market is absolutely broken. Maybe a 6500xt, but the card would be terrible value in a normal market. Terrible time for a GPU to die. Espcially with 3 gen old cards going for more than their launch MSRP.
  14. macmonster

    Invicible ships

    If you're referring to the minimap, that icon is the Last known position and shows where a ship was last seen before going undetected. It does not show where a ship currently is. A greyed out empty icon means last known location, and blackened icon means destroyed on the minimap.
  15. macmonster

    10.11 Pre-load has started.

    Yep, think it was mentioned on yesterday's stream that next week would be an "update stream" so should be going live next Wednesday.