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  1. No offense but the last time they had the old name it was outta place. But here you go.
  2. See you all in ranked.

    I look forward to this Rank Season. Got me a Shinonome recently and been wanting to take her out on a spin for this season. I hope everyone has fun.Not that this mode was fun to begin with.
  3. New but not a noob

    Welcome to the game. If you ever need advice or have a question there is a Questions and answer channel that should usually have someone who can help. Aside from that. I hope your problem with the account name goes thru to WG. Anyway Good Luck and Fair Seas Dood.
  4. You listed Akagi and forgot the Kaga? I mean she looks pretty. I think she can also take the empty tier 9 slot you have.
  5. You guys still around?

    Welcome Back. Hope the Sea's be Fair to you.
  6. You do. Trust Me I got all the Arp ships.
  7. Double the waifus

    Fill your reserve slots with regular captains. Once Arp Missions get done. Game will add more slots for the old arp captains, While it puts the new ones in the ships.
  8. Fill your captain slots with regular captains. Or else you will get slots just for the ARP Captains. This way you can avoid losing some of your reserve slots. The game will add more slots for the old ARP captains you already have.
  9. ARP December Missions

    For those that want to know about the captain filling your slots in reserve. The game adds more to your account to move your old arp captains in reserve.
  10. So this is what happens when you fill the captain slots. The game adds more to your account to keep them going to reserve.
  11. This is actually the main thing I only dislike about the event. I filled my captain slots with regular captains to see what happens. Only time will tell me what happens.
  12. This is actually what I wanted. So I am happy for this month. I mean No point to cry over working hard to get the ships early. Plus Those who wanted the kongo or myoko that couldn't can now get them. So its a win-win for everyone. Plus I feel the need to grind my nagato again.
  13. Unopened containers

    I know this is not really as related to the topic. But if anyone wants to know it would take around 1 year. *Yes A around a full year's worth of containers. you can store up to.*
  14. GG, Iwo Jima will officially get wiped off the face of the earth due to this order.