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  1. CFagan1987

    Cap the # of destroyers in Operations

    I agree, I'm not saying it can't be done ... I'm just saying that the vast majority of players in a destroyer are more of a liability than an asset. It's my experience that most of the deaths before reaching the mountain range are players that sit in the smoke screen and then end up eating torpedoes from the Shimakaze's. I always urge players on my team to sail to the right for this reason, the old hands don't even need to be told. You can usually tell right away who on your team is an old hand and who just got their first tier 6.
  2. I have long advocated merging the Commonwealth premium ships into the British tech tree and allowing them to choose between flying the White ensign or the present day RCN, RAN, RNZN naval ensigns as a concession to national pride. I know our Canadian, Australian, and NZ posters may be upset with this but the reality is that at the time these countries armed forces were basically adjuncts of the British military and in many cases operated under British command. During WWII all of these countries still had British citizenship. They were ruled by a governor general who took his orders from the Foreign Office in London and NOT from the respective national government. How could they possibly be a separate tech tree?
  3. Can we please have a cap on the number of destroyers allowed in Operations to 1 per team or even remove the ability to take them into Operations entirely? I'm tired of losing easily winnable Operations because I'm stuck on a team with 3 destroyers and they just don't have the hitpoints and damage output to be viable (as bots easily evade their torpedoes). Look, I get that there are some really good destroyer captains out there and I myself have gotten some very good results in Killer Whale and Narai while in a destroyer but in most Operations even a single destroyer with an average at best captain is a massive liability. Please, spare me the screenshots of that one time you got really lucky.
  4. Can confirm ... it works for me as well
  5. CFagan1987

    Well this is new....

    Having the same problem as well. At first I was able to just hit play and then play as I normally would but then I stupidly decided to try and verify/repair the files in the client and now I can't play
  6. CFagan1987

    Who the hel is Da, Rong, Quan, Rong?

    Agreed, the late 1800s uniforms look waaaaaay out of place. Like you I'd prefer if they were wearing the standard Pan-Asian uniform.
  7. CFagan1987

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    The cynic in me says your probably right
  8. CFagan1987

    Operations: 5 out 9 Ops removed?!

    I'm glad that Ultimate FU was among those that were removed but I am very disappointed to see Dynamo, Cherry Blossom, and Dynamo go. Hopefully they will return within a patch or two.
  9. CFagan1987

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I'm thinking I can pull this off in co-op with a moderate grind. I recently got that year of premium special deal so I can combine that with credit signals and camo. US, UK, and USSR will be a breeze as I have alot of upper tier tech tree and premium ships for those lines.The next 3 lines will be a bit harder but I'm thinking I'll go with Japan (Musashi and Kamikaze R), Pan-Asia (Gajah Mada and using the Hunghe in Operations), and France (using the De Grasse and Normandie in Operations). Italy is another option but I only have the Caesar and the Duca d' Aosta (and I'm not sure how well she performs in Operations as I only just got her via a Santa crate).
  10. For the love of God please don't. I beg you with tears in my eyes ... don't bring destroyers into Operations.
  11. CFagan1987

    When do Premium ships go on sale?

    I too am hoping that we will have either a premium shop discount or a dubloon discount on premium ships. I'm surprised they didn't announce anything today, in years past the discounts have been active by now.
  12. CFagan1987

    Indianapolis type of marathon

    Take a tier 8+ ship into co-op ... you can easily get 500+ base xp in a win. You can complete both chains in under 15 battles (and co-op battles are faster than random battles too).
  13. CFagan1987

    Doesn't Dusty Rodes Look Exactly Like

    In all fairness though the two movies those stills come from were made nearly 20 years apart. Wayne was a big drinker and a huge smoker and both of those can do a number on your looks. Dusty Rhodes could be intended as a younger Wyane look a like.
  14. I had been saving up my free xp for the Alaska and I'm currently sitting on 1.2 million free xp but the recent announcement regarding the removal of the Musashi in patch 8.0 predicted for mid January I am wondering if I should go for that instead? I'm using my ~190,000 coal for the Salem when the new coupon drops on Christmas Eve. About me and my playstyle: 1) I'm a Co-Op/Operations main, I rarely play random or ranked unless there's some sort of campaign or mission that requires it. Remember, Co-Op battles tend to be faster and it's harder for battleships to get into flanking positions ... you generally end up having to engage from bow on. 2) With the exception of a few battles in the Izuschi (I know I spelled that wrong! ) I haven't played Japanese battleships since I grinded to the Kongo in CBT but I would like to eventually try the line hence the desire to get the Musashi. 3) I'm currently at Tier 8 for both of the US cruiser lines. 4) I generally don't play battleships but I love going bow on in my Richelieu and tanking tons of potential damage while scoring citadel hits. I am leaning towards getting the Musashi and then hopefully I could get the Alaska sometime towards the end of 2019 ... however I am concerned that WG could pull it from sale before then if it proves to be 'popular'. There's also a widespread belief that the Alaska could cost as much as 1,000,000 free xp.
  15. I don't understand this tweak. One of my favorite things about Operations was the challenge of facing hordes of fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers in Killer Whale and Operation Aegis. Is this a stealth attempt at making the Operations harder without adding a "hard mode"?