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  1. CFagan1987

    I missed just 5 British Tokens :(

    Why did they end the tokens in the daily doubles a week before the patch? Someone who does both chains could have gotten 60 additional tokens before the patch.
  2. CFagan1987

    British Random Bundle for a ship I already have?

    I don't understand why they couldn't have just set it to reroll if it selects a ship you already got.
  3. CFagan1987

    Were are you going to end up at the end of PR event?

    24/36 if I don't get any additional boosters I'll finish with Stage 2 of the directives either today or tomorrow but my goal at this point is the Gorizia and even that's a bit iffy. The grind is simply ridiculous, it's not that it's hard it's just absurdly time consuming at a time of the year when most people don't really have time.
  4. Clicking the "I'm ready for presents" link only rewards signal flags.
  5. CFagan1987

    Can we please do something about Co-op?

    I've consistently argued that the number of bots needs to be increased. I'm thinking 9 humans vs 16 bots with the bot team guaranteed at least 5 battleships.
  6. Wow, this is the worst possible thing they could possibly do. With all due respect, this is the time for de-escalation not adding more fuel on the fire.
  7. CFagan1987

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    *Most* base xp missions can also be in Operations which helps things significantly. I did the 4 million credit missions in Aegis.
  8. At the very least, players need to be compensated for their doubloons. Also, all of the directives starting from Stage #2 should be reduced by half.
  9. CFagan1987

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    I don't condone what's been happening to you and it shouldn't be happening however people are really pissed right now and I'm not surprised this has been happening to players that brought the Puerto Rico. The best advice I can give is report those players who have encouraged physical harm (take a screenshot and send it to Support), I would also suggest not playing the Puerto Rico for a few weeks. This will eventually blow over (although by the looks of things it's going to get worse before tensions subside).
  10. CFagan1987

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    Welcome to the cost of doing business ...
  11. I did ... I brought the 6k boost and I regret it. I wish I could get my doubloons back.
  12. CFagan1987

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Yep, and the backlash is only going to get worse as people who don't read the forums or Reddit come to the realization that they sank all this time or doubloons into the grind and still won't get the Puerto Rico. Imagine being someone who only reads the notes under the "News" tab next to their username, they sank up to 24,000 doubloons into the boosters and they still fall short. They ain't gonna be happy. WG needs to activate their damage control parties ASAP. My suggestion would be to convert this into a permanent campaign with slightly reduced requirements (maybe 30% less [ex 45 kills instead of 65]) and refund doubloons to those players who brought the boosters.
  13. CFagan1987

    Refunds for boosters?

    This is what I want to know, I spent 6,000 doubloons that I've been saving for a year on the first booster.
  14. CFagan1987

    Update Inbound on Friday morning

    Agreed entirely. I was hoping that they would lower the requirements of the missions a bit or add on another week or two to ease the grind a bit but no luck.