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  1. Rimrender

    "Sky Cancer"

    Case in point: the game i just played had two CVs, and i was tier 4, had an air attack on my ship every 49 seconds after each one had sunk two of my team. I had less than 20(only 117 fired, bad i know) hits on enemy ships because it was a constant "world of torpedo/rocket/bomb dodging" and trying to protect both the BBs and CVs of my own team with my limited AA and fighter consumable.
  2. Rimrender

    "Sky Cancer"

    I recently came back to the game and mid tier CVs are broken, Hosho being a fine example. Torpedoes being the main problem, bombs and rockets are acceptable for the damage they do. I spend more time dodging torpedoes than anything else. Just trying out the new tech trees and its impossible to have a decent game if one is involved, let alone two. I don't know what higher tiers are like, but in the tiers where you start seeing CVs you just don't have the maneuverability or AA defense to deal with it. I can't imagine what someone new to the game, like there are that many to start with, thinks when they start getting wrecked by things they cannot counter. I see their current impact on the game as to why so many BBs camp way too far back; they install bad gameplay habits right at the start. And no, there is no comparison to WoT arty, there you have more viable counters and more ability to be safe from them if you have even basic awareness. They also have a higher vulnerability to enemy counter battery fire, unlike the current CV set up. And god forbid I pull out the Ark B which instantly becomes a magnet for every flight in the air. (slightly drunk rant after yet another game with two Hoshos on the enemy team)
  3. Rimrender

    THOSE players...

    "Winning is the only thing!" = "My self worth and ego are tied directly to these pixels." I have frustrating wins, i have crushing losses; if i didn't enjoy the process of getting there i wouldn't be playing; which is why for WoW and WoT i stick to EU server more than ever.
  4. Better living through modern chemistry. Actually i just play the game in short bursts every few months, but given the undeniable mess that WoT has become, ill probably here more.
  5. Well, WG had to do something to stick it to the base since so many from WOT are either leaving or coming here.