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  1. RMS_Gigantic

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Oh, I realize they're already doing that, such as with the FDR carrying a full loadout of prototype aircraft. Still, we can both agree that such a weird plane deserves to be fitted onto such a weird ship, and vice versa.
  2. RMS_Gigantic

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Aye! I figure this new line might be the perfect opportunity to show off some of the USN's more unusual never-built/prototype-only carrier-based aircraft, without slapping them ahistorically onto pre-existing, historically significant carriers.
  3. RMS_Gigantic

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    World of Warplanes introduced me to the XF5U, and I've wanted it in WoWs ever since. I know it was on the Phantom Fortress one time, but I was never able to play it despite how much I've always wanted to. WoWp also shows off how the plane could use Tiny Tims potentially, or how it was historically designed to be able to accommodate up to 2,000 pounds in bombs. If the wrecking ball story has any truth to it, then it could rather easily be depicted as having the same kind of beefier HP pool as the Kearsarge's planes have over other planes of its tier! I hope the development team either hears of this or is already considering this, because I love the Kearsarge's playstyle, and if a Tier X equivalent arrives in WoWs, armed with my single favorite fighter(-bomber) plane of WWII... hoo boy, I might have a new favorite ship overall! The next step is to imagine what the supership might look like...
  4. RMS_Gigantic

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    @Boggzy I noticed that we've only seen what planes the Tier VIII US tech tree hybrid BB will carry, which leads me to suspect that the Tier IX and X ships will use newly modeled planes. If it's not too late, might I recommend the XF5U Flying Flapjack as the tactical squadron on the Louisiana? I've wanted to see it appear in the game as a playable squadron for years, but I struggled to figure out which carrier, historical or hypothetical, would suit it. Now that I've seen this new line, I'm convinced that it would work exceptionally well, especially on the Tier IX or Tier X! The hybrid US BBs are often viewed as weird-looking, wacky designs that are nonetheless quite effective in World of Warships despite how questionable they may have been in real life; and the same can be said of the XF5U in World of Warplanes! Aesthetically, I think they both fit together. A refit Montana hull would surely only enter service post-war, and the XF5U program was cancelled in 1947. Surely, if both projects proceeded, they would be finished around the same time. It seems that jets only appear on superships, and the XF5U was one of the very last carrier-based propeller plane projects the US pursued in the roles that it did, so it works rather well tier-wise. Armament-wise, durability-wise, and speed-wise, I also think the flying pancake would fit the general criteria of how hybrid ships' tactical squadrons tend to play, and its maneuverability would certainly make for a novel improvement over similarly-tiered carrier-based aircraft, potentially. I could go on and on about this, but I'll cut it here for the sake of making the reply at least somewhat short... Still, I think the two were practically made for each other!
  5. RMS_Gigantic

    Feedback on Ranked: Part 2!

    1) Yes. Currently in Silver, and I appreciate the steel and the healthy challenge: I feel that ranking out is within my skill level, if I can get a long enough streak going. 2) Yes! Here in Silver, I appreciate being able to play in a game mode other than randoms at a tier other than VI, VII, or X; I have several favorite ships at tiers VIII and IX. With that said, I have to wonder (even if only for novelty/curiosity's sake) how lower-tier competitive matches would look--something like a high-tier Bronze league to keep out the newest players, followed by Tiers IV-V for Silver and II-III for gold. Dreadnoughts, anyone? 3) Yes, though I don't have especially strong feelings on the matter.
  6. Will Lesta continue to develop World of Warships out of St. Petersburg under some form of license as an independent company, or will Wargaming be relocating the development team in-house and out of Russia or Belarus? In short, will this change affect the game's development timetable and/or roadmap?
  7. RMS_Gigantic

    Supership Speculation

    I agree that a more faithful, unabridged Tillman IV-2 will likely cap off the Vermont line. I like to think that it'll be named Rhode Island, purely for the irony of it. Perhaps Connecticut would work as well, as the whole Kansas-Vermont line uses Connecticut-class battleship names, and Connecticut is the only other ship in the class to have not also been a planned name in the Montana class? Then again, they had already tested a ship called Connecticut recently: a brawling-focused duplicate of Vermont. If you want a unique gimmick, you could let "Rhode Island" retain the original Tillman IV-2 design's four 21-inch underwater torpedo tubes, as the only battleship in the game to actually be allowed to use them. After all, submarines and the Forrest Sherman seem to prove that unmovable torpedo tubes can work in WoWs from a mechanical standpoint. Perhaps the torpedo tubes could be accompanied by the "brawling Vermont" playstyle of the seemingly cut Connecticut? Another supership that I have speculation about is the Montana line: I think Wargaming could conceivably base that line's supership, at least loosely, off of the 1934 Maximum Battleship studies, described below. Note in particular the idea of this 66,000 ton ship sporting eight 20-inch guns in dual-gun turrets! One other supership possibility I'm aware of could be the Holland-class destroyers that were exported to Colombia with an entire extra main battery turret. Whether that supership would appear in the Pan-European/Swedish tree or at the end of an eventual Pan-American DD line (or both), however, might be a matter of debate. Let's also not forget the almost certain supersubmarines. I figure that the US's supersubmarine, if we follow the CV United States as an example, would be something that almost looks modern but isn't quite: That is, some teardrop-shaped submarine hull but with purely conventional torpedo armament and propulsion system. The Barbel class is an excellent example of what I'm referring to, except that her armament would be a massive downgrade from the Balao as supership. Still, perhaps there were alternative designs with a similar hull form that could be given life?
  8. RMS_Gigantic

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships

    Vermont continues to be directly up my personal alley, now featuring even more of an ability to ward off air attacks!