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  1. LtLehr

    Ships of the Month

    Well, I meant ships, but hey other games are always interesting to hear about. I've been rolling with a friend in 7D2D as well, got a pretty sweet mountain base that's working out in horde nights.
  2. I'm curious to hear what ships everyone's playing these days. After an interesting month in July, I've seen my overall WR drop from 59% to 56% and some very good ships, on paper, sitting with absolute dumpster fire sub-30% win rates. Conversely there's a handful of ships I'm rocking too. So list your Ship of the Month, both of them. The best SotM and the worst SotM. For me? Best Ship for July: Alabama Surprising, for reasons I will reveal soon, but Alabama is just working for me. Little bit of extra money, some captain exp, and just swatting down citadels (especially today!). And I didn't even have to buy her full price, I just got super lucky on one of the events. Only 30 some games in, 60% WR, doing awesome. It's guns just feel right, it's got enough agility, and that torp defense works out nicely even though somehow I seem to be less of a torp magnet than usual in it. Worst Ship for July: North Carolina I know, it's surprising considering my best ship pick. I can't make NC work at all, she's lazy. Derpy guns, HE farmed, CV farmed, DESTROYER farmed (that torp defense is just...). Even discounting getting NC long before Alabama, and thus learning the similar ships through NC. I can't make it work. With a 35% WR, over only 10 more games than Alabama, NC is just far and away my least favorite ship this month.