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  1. Starbuck2472

    Submarine Token Error

    Wow my bad guys I totally see now that I was looking at the wrong counter; clearly I have no tokens lol
  2. Hey all, So maybe I am missing something but there seems to be an error with my submarine bundles? It looks to me as far as I can tell that I have a token but then it won't let me open this bundle because it states I require a token. Do these now require two tokens? Or is this actually just an error in this case? Screenshot below. Thanks! Wow my bad guys I totally see now that I was looking at the wrong counter; clearly I have no tokens lol
  3. Starbuck2472

    Submarines 9.4?

    Anyone else kind of disappointed by the fact that submarines are actually delayed until May 27 in the game now? They have already been tested quite a bit, probably enough for their own game mode, or at least that is what I was thinking. Would it not be beneficial to have them available a lot of longer in their own game mode pretty much constantly to gather more data on balancing / bugs / updates? Was that not the whole reason for them being in their own game mode in the first place???
  4. Starbuck2472

    Submarines: How to Play

    So I've read the earlier posts, but am I still missing something? Submarine battles and unlocking subs in the tech tree, etc. still unavailable to others who log in to PTS?
  5. Starbuck2472

    Submarines: How to Play

    Clarification question; The announcement states the game type with subs will be added following PTS 9.4 Does this aim for a date immediately following PTS 9.4 ending or the release of patch 9.4 into the game? I think there is a couple weeks difference based on the numbers is there not? Maybe undecided yet based on how the PTS goes?
  6. Starbuck2472

    Another Ranked Season?

    Just going to throw this out there as an idea. With the current global pandemic and more and more people needing to stay home due to quarantine and social distancing, I for one, wouldn't mind seeing another ranked season start in the near future given that the current one ends on the 24th. I may be the only one who feels like this, but I would sure enjoy!