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  1. Thanks LWM, I think I'm going to get the skipper up to 15 pts then put a new one in for training, there's just to many RN ships I like so when the line comes out I will need lots of skippers 8-)
  2. I'm sure you have a well trained Skipper in her now LWM, was wondering if you considered switching in a new skipper and training at some point to have a spare for when an RN line comes out? I'm almost at 13 points for mine and was considering either at 15 or 16 points putting a new one in her to train.
  3. Mannstien

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    Indeed, I've had some 30k+ matches in her, not a regular occurrence for sure but not awful though she could use a buff in her RoF as the dispersion is bad enough close in let alone at her max range. Ship Name Tier Class Battles Win Rate Average Exp Average Dmg Kill/Death Ratio Ship Kill Rate Plane Kill Rate Capture Rate Defense Reset Rate Survival Rate Ishizuchi 4 Battleship 50 62.00% 949 30,673 1.38 0.88 0.18 0.00 1.00 36.00%
  4. Mannstien

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Imperator Nikolai I

    She's a good ship no doubt but keep your awareness up for DD's if you don't have shells loaded they can come in torp and get out if you just sent a salvo and expect to regularly see T5-6 matches as the Mouse has pointed out Nikolai has it's own MM bracket. Nice right up!
  5. Mannstien

    Premium Ship Review - ORP Blyskawica

    Thought you couldn't afford her Mouse?