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  1. Alaska shoud be a Tier 7 Battleship

    I approve of this idea. But WG can't charge as much if she's T7 instead of T9.
  2. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Honestly Alaska looks boring af. Its only advantage is allegedly large guns which seem more like disadvantage since they can lead to over pen and it can't over match jack crap. I watched flamu and he pretty much confirms this. Alaska pretty much mimics the rest of US heavy cruiser line minus the des monies boring average ships that do nothing well over other cruisers. Kudos WG.
  3. Why are these space captains locked to a nation because I am sure the lizard people will join the future american space force and a robotic dolphin is clearly Japanese. Its pretty disappointing to see this completely kills my motivation to earn any of captains since they are tied to nations I don't play but I like the design.
  4. Pretty disappointing they really couldn't give her the same sigma as Alabama. I mean if this was T7 ship or below yeah the accuracy could dealt with but T8 are going to see T9/10 games alot so that means little to no brawling chances.
  5. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    So these comments hating on profile pictures I am actually really curious about the Massachusetts reviews. Personally I was kinda excited about a secondary build US BB but with the combined T8 crap MM and 1.7 sigma pretty much seems to kill its.
  6. I despise Cleveland arcs at T6 but at least you can brawl at that Tier... T8 you might as well play a ship that can hit things at decent range. I just find these high arc shells in general without a consumable like smoke are kinda crap and just dictate this passive game play.
  7. Worcester Preview/First Look

    Yeah you ruin your argument when you mention a consumable the worcester has. Also not ever map has islands and even if they do sometimes the can go where there are none close enough to hide. I mean half the time in T10 games the only time you see pushing is when its snow balling so better farm that damage before your team completely losses.
  8. Worcester Preview/First Look

    yawn I give this ship thumbs down your in a T10 ship's , its only good at punishing teams that are aggressive and don't spin in circles on the other side of the map. I mean those arcs are [edited]awful trying to nail anything but BB's at 10 km plus range is going to suck. I can see this be good for ranked but that's about it.
  9. Revert the Montana Citadel Lowering

    I take offense good sir! The US BB buff was absolutely needed.
  10. I am sorry I don't appreciate losing to mindless HE spam. You might as well as call it gold ammo but with more RNG.
  11. Seriously DD players are such whiners. Its amazing that they think NA BB's players have some kind of secret line to WG HQ and all we do is whisper nerf DD's please especially IJN ones. Get over yourselves and stop blaming BB's players just because WG nerfed your DD whether it was needed it or not.
  12. More Info on AP Bombs

    Probably the only time I have ever agreed with you. I don't understand why WG is doing this when they haven't addressed the mechanics of CV's. Maybe AP bombs are "balanced" with the CV rework but their shoving the cart way ahead of the horse this time. WG hasn't even hinted at whats going to change mechanic wise for CVs so you know its far away.
  13. This just seems to relate that CVs shouldn't exist because WG can't balance worth a dam. I do feel bad for US CV players but this hilarious ability to citadel all BB's seems wildly broken from start either they are going to do regularly providing even more salt or it just never happens. It just generally pisses me off how easy they made CV's to play in terms of self healing planes, no plane range limits, UFO maneuverability, raw damage output/ god like spotting ability. Seriously the whole CV mechanic needs to be redone before they start adding more broken stuff.
  14. Sorry its your fault that your getting slammed by multiple BB AP shells when your obviously way to close for BB to not pick a different target. I'll admit maybe RNG can shine on a BB shooting at a DD 10 km+ and deal a few thousand damage but every ship has to deal with some RNG factor like fire on BBs/detonations/stray shell hitting your citadel.
  15. North Carolina worth the effort?

    I find it frustrating that only good excluding T4 B/ non premium BB isn't until T8 which can drag you into high tier garbage. Its pretty much why I never play my bismark that I love to death that and freaking WG had to buff Tripitz to be superior option for some reason. PS Its freaking sad that forums lost there minds over Alabama citadel buff but no cares were given about Tripitz buff that never needed in first place.