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  1. SpeedingBus

    WOWs Halloween Event Start Date?

    No solid date announced as far as I know. Flamu said it might start Oct 12th but don't hold him to that
  2. SpeedingBus

    Alaska shoud be a Tier 7 Battleship

    I approve of this idea. But WG can't charge as much if she's T7 instead of T9.
  3. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Honestly Alaska looks boring af. Its only advantage is allegedly large guns which seem more like disadvantage since they can lead to over pen and it can't over match jack crap. I watched flamu and he pretty much confirms this. Alaska pretty much mimics the rest of US heavy cruiser line minus the des monies boring average ships that do nothing well over other cruisers. Kudos WG.
  4. Why are these space captains locked to a nation because I am sure the lizard people will join the future american space force and a robotic dolphin is clearly Japanese. Its pretty disappointing to see this completely kills my motivation to earn any of captains since they are tied to nations I don't play but I like the design.
  5. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    Pretty disappointing they really couldn't give her the same sigma as Alabama. I mean if this was T7 ship or below yeah the accuracy could dealt with but T8 are going to see T9/10 games alot so that means little to no brawling chances.
  6. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    So these comments hating on profile pictures I am actually really curious about the Massachusetts reviews. Personally I was kinda excited about a secondary build US BB but with the combined T8 crap MM and 1.7 sigma pretty much seems to kill its.
  7. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    I am just going to make this MAJOR point these high citadel deniers aren't so bad seem to fail to realize. Nearly all normal IJN BB's with exception of the Yamato all have near water line citadels not a single one comes close to being what Iowa/Montana. Its the same story for US BB's until you get T9/10 they all near waterline citadels. So yeah if you want Alabama that can't do anything but sit at 1/4 speed bow on and shoot with your less accurate guns then the NC go ahead buy it. The Alabama won't reward you anymore then the NC when it comes to skill level.
  8. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    You can't look a premium ships stats and determine anything really for the most part unless it has some huge advantage over free ships cough Molotov cough because of the vastly restricted player base. Go look at ARP Kongo as a prime example its literally the same ship as Kongo except purple and it does immensely better than the free one. The only large advantage the USS Texas has over NY is AA and that's only useful IF your game has CVs which is a pretty rare occurrence for the most part. So I hardly call the USS Texas worth the money when it has such a typically useless gimmick.
  9. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    USS Texas is anything but good go in training room and laugh when Kongo can citadel you through your bow. It would a be a different matter if you could the same against a supposedly lightly armored Kongo but you can't. But anyways good review and surprise another mediocre US cruiser its beyond me why WG ignores to take shell arcs into balance there own dam game.
  10. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Good luck with extreme shell velocity Molotov is going to sit nicely in back and still wrack up the damage. So you have two choices ineffectively shoot at Molotov or shoot at much closer cruisers and actually do some damage.
  11. SpeedingBus

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Probably only 1 time then its going into the vault of OP ships.