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  1. sourmash

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    How do I get the Siegfried?
  2. sourmash


  3. sourmash

    change the dang mm

    Or he could stay in a ship at a mid level tier, level up a captain and learn more about game/ship tactics before racing/failing his way to top tiers.
  4. sourmash

    change the dang mm

    The only MM they need to change is the MM for CVs. CVs should have a +/- 1 spread. CVs with +/- 2 spread is not good. CVs up two tiers are underpowered while CVs that are down two tiers are overpowered. Fix that MM spread and CVs would be properly balanced.
  5. They release BCs mainly as premiums. Most premium BBs are BCs. There are a lot of BCs in the game already. I am a CA/BC main.
  6. sourmash

    My version of a CV/AA rework.

    I think the only things that CVs need to be balanced is a +/-1 tier spread. Two tiers down and they are a bit strong. Two tiers up and they are not strong enough. There is a two tier gap between them that would be covered by the CV below or above the two tier spread.
  7. sourmash

    2 cv's a team, 1 too many......still.

    It certainly keeps you on your toes.
  8. CVs are fine. Annoying at worst. Your average CV Cpt is still stuck in the last meta. They are easy to dodge. Every now and then you get a CV that`s a bit more "up to date" and is more challenging. It`s also great fun when a CV Cpt is doing it`s nutt for you and you`re throwin` rudders hard every which way while still sending shells at the Red Fleet! Yep, CVs are fine.
  9. This. It`s still overpriced though.
  10. sourmash

    Multiple Squadrons

    Sometimes I see CVs using two squadrons of planes at once. How is this possible since rework? I`m new at this CV rework and only dipped toes into CVs when was top down RTS play.
  11. sourmash

    Battlecruisers main part/part 1

    What about the theory that Battle Cruisers are already being released. As Premiums.
  12. Have been in a couple of matches with them, both red and green. Pretty impressive, especially the Lazarus like healing abilities of the T10. T7/9 were the goals for me, maybe the T5, but after watching the zombie T10, I might have to add that as well.