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  1. Have been in a couple of matches with them, both red and green. Pretty impressive, especially the Lazarus like healing abilities of the T10. T7/9 were the goals for me, maybe the T5, but after watching the zombie T10, I might have to add that as well.
  2. sourmash

    I like the Alaska

    It`s a bit too sluggish.
  3. sourmash

    World of Warship - NOT Fun Anymore.

    Games lately seem to be full of players that are paralysed from the neck up and that are lucky they don`t swallow their tongues. When I see games that are filled with players with clan tags next to their name, I know it`s not going to be good because with my experience in this game," lotsa clan tags = lotsa mongs". I also stay well clear of the "blow hard" players that can`t rank out for JR flag, so they stick on the fake red one.
  4. sourmash

    Alaska opinions

  5. Wallet is now closed due to WG policy of changing Premiums. They spend months testing them so they would/should know what they`re releasing when they sell them. Throw in the ol` bait and switch tactics and you`ve got another view of their customer relations attitude.
  6. sourmash

    possible solution for GC situation

    I am yet to see any "OP Ship" run rampant through a game and stomp all over everybody, be unsinkable and break the game. All ships can be defeated one way or another. Remember when they nerfed Konig for being too accurate? Why doesn't WG just have one ship for each class and be done with variety.
  7. sourmash

    Alaska Spotted...

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I think. lol
  8. Not buying anymore Premium ships. Just because some good players know how to make a ship perform well does not justify nerfing them. A ship is only as good as the player sailing it. Put a unicum in any ship for long enough and it`s stats will rise. And for all you WG shills that say "read the T`s and C`s", yeah, blah blah . Not buying anymore WG products that they will change when they feel like. Don`t care whether it be nerf or buff. They spend months testing them so if they good enough to release, they be good enough to keep as is. I`ve got some Premiums I don`t play because (A), I`m not a unicum and (B), the ship is not good. Oh yeah, if you want to give me a refund for the ship WG, give me my cash back that I paid for it with, not some useless in game currency. I gave you real cash, I want real cash back. I get Doubloons from crates just for having the Premiums sitting in my port.
  9. sourmash

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    WG changing premiums
  10. sourmash

    $56 US for Vanguard

    Play it as a BC and you do fine.
  11. sourmash

    Spending intentions poll

    Tired of WG changing premium items. You people spend months on testing ships/tanks and release them when YOU say they`re "READY". If they are ready to be released and sold, leave them as is. I fear no "OP"ship, they all sink. It`s like WG doesn`t want us to have good ships or bad ships. Some people do well in ships that people think are bad and some people do bad in good ships. I haven`t seen any ship so good that it has broken the game. If a ship does perform well, so what? We can all get them. If it crosses some magical WG threshold then just stop selling it. Colour my wallet closed. And if after all this time you`ve had CB-1 in testing and it turns out to be just another "meh" cruiser, I don`t think I`ll be renewing premium time which will probably be the end of WG for this black duck. Got tired of this [edited] at WoT.
  12. sourmash

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    R.I.P WoWs 2019
  13. WG needs to either wind back the damage CVs can do to you or get rid of the multi drop from 1 squadron idea. Half your h/p goes in 1 hit then planes circle around to strike you straight away and hits you for the rest of your h/p before you can even change direction. Also now you can`t focus your AA guns on the planes any more and the planes can still attack you from OUTSIDE OF THE BOUNDARY of the map! I didn`t think there was anything wrong with CVs as they were before, so is this CV rework, which no one asked for, a reward for an ex CV player who now spreads their cheeks at WG? R.I.P WoWs 2019
  14. sourmash

    No Alaska?

    What a load of shite. How does the inclusion of 1 ship constitute a "major undertaking"? CB-1 has been ready for a while now.