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  1. This must mean Steven Seagal wants to be in the next Transformers movie...? I think I'll miss that one.
  2. airdave

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    GREAT! thanks. I just made a desktop shortcut to that exe. Didn't think/realize.
  3. airdave

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    I don't like programs that start with Windows. One of the first things I disabled! But this thing will also not shut down when I exit the game...it stays running and I don't like that!!!!!!!! Can I launch the game without the Game Center? ...probably not right? To start the game, I must double click the Game Center icon and wait. But nothing happens on the screen. I must go down to the task bar and find the game center icon, right click it, find "open" and click that... just to get the window on my screen. Then I must still click "play'. Why? Why so much trouble just to start the game? I still have to wait through two more screens and the launching process! Does this Game Center, in any way, control adding illegal mods or cheats? if so...I am all for it. Leave the Game Center in place! if not, then what is the point, other than to annoy and frustrate. Get rid of it.