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  1. Mala_suerte71

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Loyang, z39. My top: - Cossack (hydro forever, very good guns, excellent concealment, only a few but 10km torps)(Plus, tier 8 credits income). - T 61 (jack of all trades, and very good at all, plus hydro at tier 6). - Leningrad (an excellent gun boat with terrific guns and 40+ knots).
  2. Mala_suerte71

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Still work, confirmed. Thanks and MC all.
  3. Mala_suerte71

    I got coal! Salem, Musashi, Jean Bart, or Wait?

    Buy the Salem, but its a little nerfed DM. Still a very good ship. The advantage of the tier 9s premiums is, imho, their are unique. You can´t buy a permacamo for tier 9s to make credits (only -20%), and without premium account you gonna lose credits. And don`t buy the Nelson with the free xp, Alaska its coming. Sorry for my english. o7
  4. Mala_suerte71

    The HMS Hood, Should i get her

    I not read the entire post, but why dont hold your doubloons until come some discounts for new year? Usually WG make 50% off up to tier 5 premium ships, 30% 6 and 7s and 15% the rest. (sorry for my english). o7
  5. Mala_suerte71

    Any one got ship from in game FREE black boxes?

    3 BOXES OPEN, 0 SHIPS, I read someone have the asashio on his first container, gl all.
  6. Lol, this make my day, "to a certain degree", the CL/CA`s are bigger, without smoke ( almost all) and have citadells, have more range detection and are slower (almost all). I play all types of ships, this change is bad. A couple of battles ago, I charge a BB in my cossack, a tier 7 british, he had Ap loaded, take only 1400 hp dmg. Of course, I torp him easy. Imo you are wrong, and this is not a complain. o7
  7. Mala_suerte71

    Cossack is weak? seems so

    Actually, I am a "meh" player, and Cossack its fun, stats are fine, is an amazing DD hunter and very good fire starter. Sorry but this ship its very good imho.
  8. Mala_suerte71

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    This one for me.
  9. Mala_suerte71

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Daily doubloons, a good deal for me. o7
  10. Mala_suerte71


    Thanks for the answer, but you have 28days to log in 14 times, not everyday. o7
  11. Mala_suerte71


    A question. If buy the package today, can reach the 6500 doubloons? My daily shipment its close to end. Thanks in advance. NEVERMIND, START A NEW COUNTDOWN, AND WITH THE COUPON ITS A GOOD DEAL. Please someone delete this post. ty
  12. Mala_suerte71

    Haida Bragging Right - 7 ships killed

    Not so many kills, but a good game. Congratulations for those 7 marks. And yes, with tier 5s (shame on me).
  13. Mala_suerte71

    new bonus code

  14. Mala_suerte71

    Free Container Code

    Thanks +1