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  1. Mala_suerte71

    How is this not loot boxing?

    Maybe, but 7616x3=22848 doubloons, for a player who have all 8s better buy a 25k doubloons package. This is why I think its a great pack for some people only. o7
  2. Mala_suerte71

    How is this not loot boxing?

    From Premium shop: You can obtain three Premium ships at once, two of which will be randomly dropped from the new Premium Ship containers. Alabama will take her rightful place in the collection of any admirer of U.S. battleships, or fan of naval history. This ship boasts a combination of maneuverability that is quite good for a battleship, as well as accurate and efficient main battery guns. Discover new tactical solutions and playstyles by taking her helm! Key features: Nine powerful, accurate, and reliable 406 mm main guns Excellent anti-aircraft firepower, enabling you to effectively fend off enemy air groups Good anti-torpedo protection: a priceless advantage during close encounters with hostile light ships Impressive maneuverability for a battleship Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage Follow this link for the detailed performance parameters of this ship. If you already have this ship in your Port, you’ll receive 7,616 doubloons as compensation.
  3. Mala_suerte71

    How is this not loot boxing?

    Actually IF you have the Alabama, only get 7616 doubloons, and in any place I read about 100% doubloons compensation, just take this with caution until someone buy it or some CC or WG staff clarify this. (sorry for my english. Of course if you not have Alabama and others tier VIII premiums this its a big deal. I quote: If you already have all the ships from the list above in your Port, you'll receive an amount of doubloons as compensation that corresponds to the cost of the ship that dropped from the container.
  4. Mala_suerte71

    Just to show something about russian ships (kremlin).

    Exactly this, why 60mm? That thing can even float? Have more armor than Yamato, fore end and aft end only in "some" points have 32mm. In the places that you can maybe citadel it, just go to 60mm and 150 mm ( we all know the week spot on Yamato XD). TY for the answer, it just a rant about "bias". Just dont take it serious. 07 and gl.
  5. Mala_suerte71

    Just to show something about russian ships (kremlin).

    Ok, only see the broken shell in the game, shatters then. XD. But with the 305 of the Alaska. 305/6 = 50mm should not shatter at superstructure IMHO. Thanks for correct me.
  6. Mala_suerte71

    Just to show something about russian ships (kremlin).

    Secondary guns has no effect on kremlin, its not saturation, shot AP on him. Armor its too much, just hit two full voleys with my Alaska and did 0' dmg, all ricochets, WITH HE!!!, at 16km. Just a little mad and had to post it. Thanks for the answers and Cpt_Cupcake, I still think this ship its OP, just have to bow on and its enough.
  7. Its fine if WG make some ships better than others, but in this screenshots you see how OP some things are. Sorry but have to. Feel better now. o7 1.- Georgia against Missouri 2.- FdG against Massachusetts 3.- FdG against kremlin
  8. Sorry, but the national language in Brazil its portuguese. Its sad.
  9. Mala_suerte71

    Hakuryu vs Midway

    Well....its hard to play now but tier 8s are playable. Only have Midway on tier Xs, still learning, the small rockets its the way to go for me. And do more dmg with my Saipan than my Midway. Hope this help to the OP. o7
  10. Mala_suerte71

    Huzzah for Savage Battle !!!

    28500 hp 3 stars DDs vs 18500hp from one star DD. This mode suck, its boring and UNBALANCED. Like all the latest WG stuff. My opinion. Glad you can enjoy this thing. o7
  11. Mala_suerte71

    Open challenge, CVs.

    Almost XD. o7
  12. Mala_suerte71

    Savage Battle is VERY buggy

    Its BORING. o7
  13. Mala_suerte71

    Seattle: Skip or play?

    Average player, bad luck on WR but decent avg dmg after all. Its not easy to play but its a good ship Imho. gl
  14. Mala_suerte71

    About WOLF clans

    I think I had games where at least one player was a real pain in the a** (almost in all games XD), but from others clans, and Im not call "that" clan in any disrespectful way because the behavoir of one member. And yes, from your clan too, a good player who insult ALL other players in a loss (random battle). A swalow does not make the summer. A player torp me because play in a CV, and write to the others that he do that because I OWED HIM MONEY. I live in Argentina!!!!! was a NA player!!!!!!!!! Just a funny note o7
  15. Mala_suerte71

    About WOLF clans

    Wolf A here, take some "names" in battle like "wolf trash can" and others. But its rare, anyway I just ignore them and enjoy be a wolf. o7 (sorry for my english).