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  1. Dratt_Dastardly

    Atlanta help

    I don't play mine that much. Bought it for the AA role. It's lightly armored with lots of guns that can cause fires while lobbing them over islands. So when they are spotted, they get focused on. The biggest issues is the high arc. It makes it hard to hit targets right away without walking the rounds. Same issue I get with the US DD's and light cruisers in general.
  2. Dratt_Dastardly

    Indian ships?

    I wanted to do a quick search on this matter. This post looks to be pre-release of the Pan Asian line. I was curious because WG is pushing to release games in India. And they sent a guy on YouTube called Anubhav Roy a gift box off WoWs merchandise. And one would think that WG will release another premium, the C74 Leander-class cruiser, INS Delhi.
  3. I'm happy about that, it looks really good.
  4. Dratt_Dastardly

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    Yeah, I thought about that too. Where if I get my tier IV ship Captain up to a fourth skill, IFHE would be worth it. With the tier VIII, AP struggles on the heavier cruisers. Which then makes me wonder if I should get CE or another skill under the fourth level (DE, BFT, my improved AR, etc). RL would be okay if I wanted to attach enemy DD's but without CE, they see me first.
  5. Dratt_Dastardly

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    Having IFHE and DE at the same time made sense, before they changed the skills a few patches ago. DE used to give +3% for guns under 140mm back then. And IFHE only took -1% fire chance for guns under 140mm (at and above 140mm used to be like -2% or maybe even -3% back then). Now it's not feasible to mix-match them for any gun caliber. I want my Duke of York to have IFHE. It has 41% chance of fire. IFHE would drop it to only 40%. I wouldn't need DE to offset it back to 41%. Same for destroyers. Their chance is low due to the amount of shells they fire. So if you have a destroyer with low caliber/velocity HE rounds (US), then you want a higher fire chance. If you have a flatter trajectory (USSR), your HE rounds are going to hit less of the decks to cause fires. So IFHE might be a better solution. The French after kinda in the middle. So with the French, I say go with what you want, fires or pen. By the way, looking at the Wiki (which also still has some old data shown in areas), US DD's have a 5% fire chance (tier 8). But they are a faster firing smaller caliber that gets lobbed onto decks. Russian DD's have a 10% fire chance but you have to physically aim towards the superstructures. And the French DD's have a 10% chance. So even with the IFHE, the French still have a higher fire chance than the other two's standard HE rounds.
  6. Dratt_Dastardly

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    My tier 8 French DD Captain is close to getting his fourth skill. I bought one from the Armory so I'm using the improved Expert Marksman for a faster turret traverse. And at one point I plan on filling the Adrenaline Rush, which I passed on for the needed Last Stand skill. Then I took Survivibility Expert over Superintendent and Basic Fire Training. I'm going to get shot at, so the extra hit points I felt was needed more. Usually, you want Sup. for the extra smoke, which it lacks. You need the Speed Boost but with the improved equipment Speed Boost upgrade, one charge will last four minutes. BFT, well your reload is already under six seconds, the skill will still have it over five seconds. It's practically only removing about half a second. When Rapid Fire is engaged, I suppose it would be a whole second less. But that might only be one salvo extra before it retires. Concealment Expert is usually the go to for most cruiser and destroyers. But how many times do you get spotted anyway in those destroyers? And what do you do when that happens? You pop smoke. So ideally, you don't want to position your French destroyer in the same way. So you're probably going to aim at targets between your concealment range and max range. That way, you can disengage and become hidden faster. I still want it, but I don't know if I want it to be the first skill. Advanced Fire Training would make that area larger between max range and concealment. But while not the US high arcs, your shells are not like the Russian flat arcs. You're going to have a harder time getting on target at those ranges. Which means you're going to expose yourself to enemy fire longer. Radio Location maybe very helpful. Usually you would use it to now where the closest destroyer is for an offensive tool. On a French destroyer, it could also be as reliable defensive tool too, in order not get spotted by surprise. And for Inertia Fused HE shells, I'm tempted try. Just not sure if it should be the first one. The AP rounds are great already. WoWs rounded the caliber up to 139mm. You can get multiple citadels on a light cruiser with multiple salvos. But only as long as the target is showing its flat side. An angle is going to produce more bounces. So I'm wondering will IFHE still give me the chance for citadels on those flat surfaces but still give me the HE damage where the AP rounds would bounce.
  7. Dratt_Dastardly

    No French 10 Point Captains

    Eh, I bought both from the Armory. One for the battle ships, the other for destroyers. The faster turret rotation and adrenaline rush helps both lines.
  8. Dratt_Dastardly

    The Roar of the Jaguar

  9. Dratt_Dastardly

    The Roar of the Jaguar

    I have this issue too. I have a ship where I'll started Defensive AA instead of Boost. Smoke and Boost should always be their respectful letter, while Defensive AA, Rapid Fire, or Active Sonar should be rotated. I wasn't planning on keeping the Jaguar but it seems nice. Turns a bit slow but it does cruise. I also managed to get the tier six ship which I want to keep for operations, hence why I'm not planning on keeping the Jaguar. And yeah, French DD line isn't so much about capping or even deep strikes. They need to be able to maneuver and be able to disengage from a target in order to survive. It does seem to do great at punishing targets that are focused at a friendly on the opposite bow/stern. Or really focused at firing at a closer friendly. I'd say my biggest issues are just knowing when to fall back (from lack of support) or to stop firing my guns and go stealth. Torpedoes, while okay, I tend to launch more as "area denial". Some of my best games in them so far, I have a slow start in earning damage, from holding my fire. When everyone is emersed in the battle, that's time to run amuck and let loose with those guns.
  10. I haven't unlocked IFHE yet for my Atlanta, focusing on the AA skills (from pre-CV changes). But I have experimented IFHE on some of my Russian destroyers and a couple secondary build battleship captains. Anyway, to get this right, it went from anything over 139mm used to have less chance to penetrate then under 139mm to being the same. And now they are dropping penetration values again? I'm just a casual player but I don't see the reason they needed to. I mean, it's a tier four skill. Most captains are only going to have one of those, maybe two. (My Atlanta originally had Advanced Fire Training and Manual AA). At that tier, you have to choose somewhat wisely. Picking one thing will put your at a disadvantage against others. A destroyer or an anti-destroyer build cruiser with Radio Location is going to be spotted sooner by their target using Concealment Expert. With IFHE, you're opting for increased penetration over being spotted later, shooting further, or protecting your wooden decks. Nerfing such an uncommon skill (due to experience needed to acquire) makes it less useful and undesirable. Oh and trying to use the Wiki to get the skill names right, was unhelpful. Where it once was easy to use and see on a chart, it's just a jumbled mess of names under their categories with links that don't work for their descriptions. I managed to find the information from the game site but it has their descriptions from a couple years ago with the original mechanics.
  11. Dratt_Dastardly

    Nikolay Kuznetsov or Murmansk?

    But come on, how can you forget the Omaha's supreme tactic! Sailing in a circle, repeatedly, while cycling the guns at a target! Lol Anyway, I have the Murmansk but I got it when it first came out. And I was going down the Russian cruiser line then. I would say the commander may be the better buy when it comes to using special currency.
  12. Dratt_Dastardly

    Jingles to re-record his lines! - Update

    He needs to, some were very dry, unexcited responses. If you're in fire, spot a target, or whatever, you wouldn't sounds like an emo. You would have some excitement in the responses.
  13. Dratt_Dastardly

    Bots infecting ranked

    Lol. He probably had to go AFK right when the match started. So he put the engines on full, maybe set a waypoint or two for the cap, and then walk off wondering how many secondary guns would hit targets.
  14. Dratt_Dastardly

    Why is this game have to be so darn hard?

    Lol. I have been trying to play the Le Terrible. It looks very nice, even has wooden park benches throughout the deck. But boy do I get punished for lingering around after getting spotted.
  15. Dratt_Dastardly

    Blitz added the HMS Agincourt

    That's what I meant. I'm trying to only use my Google Rewards to spend on anything Blitz related. Legends is still in Beta, buying anything there, is way more expensive. Not planning on spending any real cash there either. Afterall, I can't play that well on my little phone (WoT Blitz was great to play on a PC with Windows) and if I have time to play Legends, I can just as easily get on the PC for the regular version. Blitz also had the Sirius(?). British ship that reminds me of a Flint. Don't think the standard game had that one either. Which would have been something I wouldn't have minded on the PC if I could. Not sure if it's AA would be as effective with the new CV play, though. Blitz, I think, uses the original CV play.