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  1. Troubled with Support response

    Yeah. Never sell a ship when there is a discount sale going on. Wait until the discount period is over. Nevertheless, you'll only get in game credits and not doubloons. There are some excellent suggestions made in this thread. Play it in co-op to get a better feel for its capabilities. and, Let it be a harbour queen until you have gained the experience needed to be competitive in it. Are the two best suggestions. This happened to me when I bought Tirpitz. I wasn't ready to play upper tiers then. (Still getting used to 8/9/10 but being patient and grinding through the lower tier of the line helped enormously). I suggest not letting one meh battle be the deciding factor for you. :)
  2. Name Change

    Click on your name on the top right hand corner of the main WoWS webpage A dropdown list appears Go to the bottom of the dropdown menu and click Account Management On the account management page click on the tiny information icon to the right of your username Your name change options should come up then.
  3. Mikhail Or Atago Or Scharnhorst

    I love playing both. However, if I had to choose, I'd default to the Scharnhorst because I tend to play aggressively and any BB is likely to last longer than a cruiser when on a last ditch yolo run. I especially love it when two non-torp bearing BB's set themselves up where I can run a gauntlet with Scharnhorst. Set secondaries on one, focus main guns on the other and torp both. A successful gauntlet run leads to overwhelming Bwahahahaha moments. :)
  4. kids have no respect!

    Nah! Eskimos! Eskimos! Rah, rah, rah!
  5. Oh. You want me to remove the quote of your original post. The movie is worth the time to track down and view. Looking forward to "Darkest Hour".
  6. <DELETED for lack of relevance>
  7. "The Eagle Has Landed". Donald Sutherland EDIT: LOL... you posted the poster just as I hit the post button. :)
  8. ... and the nervous tension among the captured Commando's who were being interrogated aboard the Campbeltown wondering when she was going to blow (fortunately - for them - the Germans sent them off into captivity before the explosion).
  9. I'd like to observe the 1915 Battle of the Falkland Islands and the subsequent hunt for SMS Dresden, the only German ship which survived the battle. The Battle of Lepanto in 1571 fascinates me. It was the last great naval battle between oared ships.
  10. Cruiser Perth

    You have to stay under about 12.5 knots (I believe) to avoid outrunning your smoke. 1/4 speed is 8 knots, 1/2 is too fast and it is possible to outrun the smoke in reverse. I try to vary my speed within the smoke but usually default to 1/4 speed if things get busy. You have a relatively short firing range so stocking the spotter plane is a good idea to wring a little more distance out of your guns. It fires both HE and AP which is nice and she has torpedoes. Anecdotally, I feel that, comparatively speaking, she's a tier 6 version of Belfast but with torps (but not at all OP). Not a completely accurate comparison but that's how it feels when I play her. She can be used to train up Captains in the expectation that more Commonwealth ships will be entering the game (HMCS Haida! Please, please, please, please).
  11. That would be great. I was visiting relatives in the St. Catharines area in 2002 when Haida was getting her refit in Port Weller for the permanent move to Hamilton. We drove past her just about every day in our travels. I managed to get a few pictures while waiting for the lift bridge to come down while ships were going through the Welland Canal.
  12. I think he may be referring to a Canadian officer at the British Admiralty being responsible for dusting off the old frigate designation to have it applied to classes of modern warships. I agree about putting energies into bringing HMCS Haida to the game. She's not only a museum/Sea Cadet training ship (although permanently docked) but also has a brilliant wartime record. She'll be a great representation of the Tribal Class Destroyers. (Hopefully, the Tribal Class will be brought into the game in their configuration before the torpedo tubes were removed.)
  13. It's kind of a reflection on real life, if you want to think of it that way. There are many historical instances where, if instead of retreating or moving their focus, an enemy could have carried the day if they had just pushed a little more. No disrespect intended, but "Come at me, bro!" tends to be a lot of useless bravado in electronic games.
  14. $12.99 is a deal for Yubari

    When they brought in the Aiming Systems Mod, Yubari became a contender. Previous to then she was MEH! Yubari is worth it.
  15. StrixKitty, on 06 April 2017 - 07:07 AM, said: http://latitude.to/map/fr/france/cities/soulac-sur-mer/articles/39747/elbing-class-torpedo-boat I wonder which one she is...T-23? T-28? T-35? I want to dive and see or try to map her internals. There's no pictures/schematics of her...So infuriating!!! Anyone got any videos? Must be T24. T24 was sunk by aircraft rockets near Bordeaux. ("The Kriegsmarine torpedo boats were classified Torpedoboot with "T"-prefixed hull numbers. Torpedo boats T24 & T27 attacked with torpedo and sank the Tribal Class Destroyer, HMCS Athabaskan, 29 April 1944. T24 was destroyed by aircraft launched rockets near Bordeaux, 24 August 1944.") As an aside, HMCS Haida 1944- April 28th - Sailed from Plymouth with HMS ATHABASKAN to provide cover for minelaying operation off Ile de Bas by two motor torpedo boats and eight motor launches (Operation HOSTILE 26. Note: This was part of MAPLE IE, See Naval Staff History (Mining).). 29th - During patrol NE of minelayers, warned of presence of enemy ships on passage between St Malo and Roches Douvres. Ordered to intercept with HMS ATHABASKAN and obtained radar contact. Engaged two ELBING Class destroyers with main armament and enemy turned towards coast under smoke and fired torpedoes. Obtained hits on destroyer T24 and pursued T27 which after being hit was hit and set on fire before running ashore at Pontuasval, Brittany. During initial stage of the engagement HMS ATHABASKAN was hit by two torpedoes and sank in position 48.43N 4.31W after a heavy explosion on board. Minelay operation cancelled and ship took part in rescue of survivors from sister ship. (Note: 42 personnel were rescued and another 85 made Prisoners of War. Six men miraculously were able to return to UK in a motor boat and were rescued by an RAF launch late in the day. 127 of the ships company of HMCS ATHABASKAN lost their lives) - from- Service Histories of Royal Navy Warships in WW2 by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B. Mason RN (rtd) SERVICE HISTORIES of ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS in WORLD WAR 2 by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) © 2003 SERVICE HISTORIES of ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS in WORLD WAR 2 by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) © 2003