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    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    If you follow the link to the portal there is a link to the Warlord Games store for this set
  2. EDIT: Issue resolved. Restarting the game fixed it. The problem was that for some reason the game sold the Sinop when I told it to sell the Gaede... So every time I tried to sell the Gaede it was trying to sell the Sinop which was why I was getting transaction error. Every time I tried to select the Sinop it would send me to the Sims because the Sinop didn't exist in my port. Not an issue because I was probably going to sell it anyway. As per the title. No mods installed. I select an unrelated ship Just to show that I am selecting Sinop I set the filters to show only my Sinop After selecting Sinop it brings me to the Sims... weird. This happens even if I don't set the filters just for reference I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I was upgrading and selling ships before this and when I tried to sell my Gaede I got a transaction error (and every time I've tried since I still get a transaction error). Figured this wasn't too big an issue but this was the first thing that went wrong. Like I said, I have no mods installed. Not a huge deal but it's just really weird
  3. Fireplace4

    Don't torp behide your teammate!!!

    I had a battle a couple of days ago in my T-22 where I launched my spread and right after I launched it my teams Mutsuki doubled back on himself straight into all my torps... There was no way I could know he would turn around and run straight into the torps that he could see from km away...
  4. Fireplace4

    I'm Confused About The RN Event...

    Does anyone have any idea of the drop rates on the destroyer missions? I completed every one I could for the first week's stage without a premium British DD (3 crates per round means I earned 12 crates there), the first round of this weeks stage (3 more crates), and purchased 5 premium crates without getting a single mission drop. That's 15 standard crates and 5 premium crates with literally nothing to show for it, anyone else having this issue of not getting ANY missions? Starting to get pretty discouraged by this mission haha