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  1. This ^^^ I think on the 19th the "season" ends, hence the 2x bonus for the "first line" that you turn in for RB points...is reset? (So you get 20k instead of 10k) I was also wondering about this...could you turn one line in (say Huru JPN DD line), get the 2x bonus...then just wait for less than 2 weeks till the 20th...and then turn in another line (say Russian DD etc) again as the "first line" being reset for the new season??(netting you another 20k!..plus with the 10k given when you get 5 lines to T10...thats 50k in under 2 weeks)
  2. Willytheekid

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    How about seeing the view from all sides and dont use extremes to try and sell your point! ADDING a skill/experiance based "metric" to the current Match Maker to ensure new players that have bought high tier premiums to leap straight into clan wars or ranked cant be a bad thing, surely??...adding a metric that ensures BOTH teams have a balance of skilled/experianced players cant be a bad thing either?...or does a MORE competitive game play scenario scare you?...or are you one of the few sicko's that actually enjoy consistant onesided ROFLSTOMPS??...because THAT is the primary concern and complaint at hand...NOT turning Match maker into a STRICKLY skill based measure...just adjusting and adding to it, to ensure the balance and competitiveness of BOTH teams. ...couldnt hurt
  3. Willytheekid

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    ...Skill based MM please
  4. Willytheekid

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Lest we Forget ...hoping for HMNZS Archiles to be added one day (she came back home to a hero's parade after her contribution to the Battle of the River Palte) Kia Kaha from New Zealand everyone 07
  5. Willytheekid

    Twitch Drops 0.9.3 - Bonus Mission!

    Yay!...more flag drops!
  6. Willytheekid

    Armoury Coupon 25%

    Has something changed in the armory??...Now you can ONLY apply a coupon to a ship if you have ALL the saved coal?? (you used to be able to apply the coupon and see how much you still needed...but now??)
  7. Willytheekid

    Is sync-dropping and throwing allowed?

    yup...no problems here! W-G clan went on to do this for about 3hrs on the pub server...it was great night for them kicking the crap out of everyone over & over & over again, even if it made for an utter s...t night for the rest of us! (Cos Clans are just allowed to spam the crap outta the pub server...aye!...us "plebs/casual players should just shut up and deal with it!...aye!!) ...this s..t is getting old!