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  1. I'm still alive /o/ And on a roadtrip around Virginia. This is probably the only post relevant to this forum. USS Wisconsin (BB-64) & Hampton Roads Naval Museum It contains a sample of the 209 or so pictures I took earlier this afternoon. Going home tomorrow, will probably go to Dalton to that Tank Museum there next time. Oh yeah, also got a speeding ticket. :/
  2. Calling it quits for the Saratoga missions for now. I bum rushed worlds 4 and 5 because I never finished them. I think I need to slow down and get Sara to CVB first and train up other girls.
  3. In front of a building.
  4. Same. A few have resolved to only play on Easy. Some have said "I'm done". I'm the fool who'll continue to play until the servers die.
  5. Two-hundred and thirty-three screenshots and four hours later, I finally publish this post that I started almost a week ago. And this is why I don't blog for a big name like Random Curiosity, even if I had written out an application some years ago in a previous recruitment drive for new writers. That and I suck at it. Not gonna lie, Lycoris was cute until I saw her legs. I might have a slight aversion to that kind of legs due to my Catholic upbringing. But then, that was the point wasn't it?
  6. Meanwhile I don't have the BP and level to upgrade. So working on that right now. I'll upgrade to CVB when I finally get night attack aircraft.
  7. I have the one from the event and I haven't even gotten the quests yet. Wife and her older sister were catapulted (no pun intended) to CVB form from event rewards. /bombed by wife
  8. Well, I'll turn her to a CVB then. As much as night ops would be nice, I think its better to increase my pool of carriere that can take some hits and still be operational. But what did you mean by night ops equipment? The new planes?
  9. Will she retain her night ops capabilities as a CVB though?
  10. Can't wait to get home and intensify the levels of FREEDOM!! in the Shenandoah Guardian Office.
  11. -lurks- Slowly working my way through the movie, even though it's been spoiled to me. Gotta say, at least it's movie level quality. And...yeah.
  12. Long time no see/talk/lurk. As usual, I do stupid things. i really am not looking forward to writing about the movie but kinda going ahead with it now. Also a quick thought on Brave Witches 13...also not really looking forward to that. Because was never an SanyaEila fan. Also, some writing because bored/trying not to do blogging stuff.
  13. >Event August 10th
  14. SD is forgetting the ' in 'Murrica.
  15. "You gon get Plasma'd." Cheap bourbon for ten dollars seemed to be on his desk often now. In with the fights between the wife and certain other carriers, Yuubari and Akashi blowing through a year's ar-and-dee budget on a single incursion of simple PT Imps the mundane staff could've handled, and the petty cash fund basically empty due to the base having been sucked into the US F/GO release, Lorenzo wasn't a very happy man lately. Well, he was happy, but little problems piled onto big ones which added to some stress with other factors that his usual mixed drink after work became a little more than that. Bismarck doesn't like it and neither does Haruna, but Zuikaku at least understood. And why she is in charge of his money and only bought him cheap bourbon or beer. So when there was a boom followed by the wail of ambulances, he'd signed off his computer, given himself an early dismissal from duties, and out came the Evan Williams green bottle. "It seems your daughter, Inazuma, went plasma." Ooyodo explain, reading from her Toughpad. "Where?" The portly admiral asked, using a jigger measure some of the cheap bourbon, which he dumped into a glass of sweet tea and stirred. Zuikaku sat her own desk, her own head on the blotter, just as annoyed. "The beach." "God...damn...it." "Nothing is damaged, though it seems Iowa, Saratoga were badly hurt." "You know, I laughed when Terminal Lance posted that age comic. I now understand. I truly, truly understand. En-jay-pee Inazuma and see to it that Iowa and Saratoga are in prime condition by next event." "Already done. Inazuma is helping refill the hole she crea-" Ooyodo stopped as Lorenzo held up a hand. He put another measure into his tea and drank it all. Then rather than redo the mixture, dumped the ice from the now empty glass back into the pitcher, and gave himself a few fingers of the stuff.