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  1. I've always liked rank, one of the best parts of the game. Everyone the same tier, and now it's shelter from the CV mess. If ranked wasn't available, I'd probably be gone after this last patch dropped....
  2. Well written post that pretty much sums up my current feelings
  3. Wow Everything counters Yammys. Fire, DD torpedos, CV's. I ground out the Yammy legendary skill, there were lots of brutal games....
  4. zeke3

    Gearing Mark 17 torps

    Use those 16.5 torps with torp acceleration and it works great. Good smoke, guns and torps make the Gearing an excellent DD
  5. zeke3

    Defining the Carry

    This ^^^
  6. zeke3

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    If you stay together and focus fire, and your group has more ships on one side, you can quickly decimate the lower number of opponent ships. Of course, this level of working together rarely happens.