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  1. Just played in a match where our Musashi was our team's top performer. Checking his stats, he's played 395 games. How can he own a Musashi, one I wish I had for a very long time.
  2. zeke3

    In one sentence.

    Focus fire
  3. Fuso or Mutsu at range well angled, not brawling, work good for me. Keep the guns firing Focus fire Ise divisions are awful, ruins a good match Izmail
  4. This says solved, yet mine doesn't work
  5. I use some Mod Station Mods, Radio location still not working
  6. Just played vs 2 Ise in a Div. They were cross dropping DD's and Cruisers with the planes. 16 torps coming at you at right angles. Ridiculous
  7. zeke3

    The WOW New player experience

    Actually I've been coaching him but letting him play. There seems to be a threshold now around 175 games. Below that he only sees bots and one or two humans of similar experience. That was fine. He's now transitioned beyond that number of games, and it's full on Random Battles Clubbing. Kind of like day 2 of Driver's Ed and they throw you onto a big city freeway at rush hour.
  8. Our Grandson (12) has been visiting lately, I tried getting him started in Warships as he's shown interest watching me play and wanted to try it. He's now up to 180 whole games at tier 3, mostly DD. He's now being thrown in with double CV's, Divisions, guys with 10-12K battles. He gets slaughtered suddenly pretty fast, especially vs dual Hoshos. He doesn't want to play now, not fun. I tried Wargaming, your low tier matchmaking is awful.
  9. Big fan of Kuro's How To DD videos. I've learned a ton watching his Youtube channel over time
  10. zeke3


    Guns are extremely flat shooting, hits every rock when island hugging. Frustrating
  11. I tend to stick around and try to pick up pointers from the guys still alive. But if it makes you happier, leave and go push the battle button again.
  12. I check profiles after the blowouts. Usually one side has 4 or 5 sub 45%ers, the other side 4 or 5 above 52%ers. Horrible matchmaking = steamrolls
  13. Hi

    You sent me an ingame clan invite.   I'm on the road right now, will be back home Weds night.   I usually don't do Discord, so it might take

    a bit for me to get it working.   Talk to you soon hopefully!   I get tons of clan invites, yours looks interesting as you have a lot of 51-52% players, like me.


  14. zeke3

    Looking at...

    Watch some CV videos on YouTube by TopTier. Do as he does.....
  15. With CV's everywhere, it's a very tough time to be learning DD's. Your guns don't do much damage, but they give you away; stealth torping and spotting is your game. I would NOT skip ahead, it's much tougher as was mentioned previously.