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  1. I check profiles after the blowouts. Usually one side has 4 or 5 sub 45%ers, the other side 4 or 5 above 52%ers. Horrible matchmaking = steamrolls
  2. Hi

    You sent me an ingame clan invite.   I'm on the road right now, will be back home Weds night.   I usually don't do Discord, so it might take

    a bit for me to get it working.   Talk to you soon hopefully!   I get tons of clan invites, yours looks interesting as you have a lot of 51-52% players, like me.


  3. zeke3

    Looking at...

    Watch some CV videos on YouTube by TopTier. Do as he does.....
  4. With CV's everywhere, it's a very tough time to be learning DD's. Your guns don't do much damage, but they give you away; stealth torping and spotting is your game. I would NOT skip ahead, it's much tougher as was mentioned previously.
  5. Two games in a row right now. 6 CV's in the game. With almost zero AA, it's just a mess.
  6. zeke3

    Nobody expects the kii in rank

    I just crushed a Kii with my secondaries spec Mass. I kept an island between us, he kept working for a torp shot that never happened. Just kept pumping AP into him and wtched the secondaries burn him up
  7. Massachusetts is very strong vs Tirp/ Bis with a full secondaries build. Fire AP with main guns and let secondaries go wild. Just expect Tirp torpedo's and don't give him a broadside. Now Mass vs Mass - those are all white knucklers down to the last shot matches. Enjoying the 1 v 1
  8. zeke3

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    zeke3 North America Exeter. It's always given me good games and is surprisingly strong at tier V
  9. With so many BB's, I tried the Kagero and slaughtered the Tirpitz's I came across with torps. Then I met a Z39, well that was bad.....
  10. zeke3

    Sell me midway

    Toptier has several very recent Midway videos on youtube. Like all ships, IF played well it's fine
  11. zeke3

    Are dive bombers useless?

    Top Tier has a number of Ryujo vids on youtube. He nails ships with dive bombers.
  12. zeke3

    Provide AA Protection

    Thanks guys. So if I’m a higher tier with this fighter consumable, how do I activate it and designate the ship I’d like it to protect?
  13. zeke3

    Provide AA Protection

    I don't play much CV, no expert here. In Hosho last night, I was primarily using Torp planes and dive bombers. Our team was melting fast from the start, a bad team. I was piling up torpedo hits and got confederate. Then this BB starts in on me that I wasn't providing him fighter protection. He wanted a fighter "dropped on him". He says he's a tier 10 CV player and he does it for his BB's. Is there a mechanic I'm missing? I was trying to pile up damage with torps and bombs, only using fighters to hit charging DD's. How do you provide him fighter cover while flying mostly torp strike?
  14. zeke3

    How bad is it?

    Tier 4 is also brutal AA. WG is just floundering. Clueless stabs at "fixes" since the CV intro. They've created a huge mess, and are losing big numbers of vet players