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  1. AB1Hogen

    Constant game crashes

    WorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-54-47.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-54-47.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-48-00.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-48-00.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-45-22.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-45-22.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-43-05.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-43-05.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-40-23.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_17-40-23.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_13-08-36.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_13-08-35.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_13-03-50.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_13-03-50.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_12-49-13.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-21_12-49-13.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_19-18-28.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_19-18-28.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_19-12-46.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_19-12-45.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_18-36-54.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_18-36-53.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_10-53-10.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_10-53-09.crashWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_10-50-20.dmpWorldOfWarships-2018-09-22_10-50-20.crash And because of these I am penalized and forced to play only co op as well as loosing any mods I have attached to the ship prior to the crase, ie Flags, Paint Schemes, upgrades etc etc.
  2. My game has frozen multiple times before and after a complete uninstall and reinstall. I am being forced to play 26 matches of co op only due to leaving matches early , when I am able to stay in a match. Below is the screen shot. I was not having this issue prior to the patch. I also have changed to sea port for little background. Please help!
  3. AB1Hogen

    Constant game crashes

    I have uninstalled and re installed Still having same issues!!!
  4. AB1Hogen

    Constant game crashes

    this is what I see when my game crashes, with or without skins loaded. Is this issue being addressed?
  5. AB1Hogen

    Constant game crashes

    I have been seeing this same error message. It only started after I joined a squad and downloaded Team Speak. I removed Over Wolf, still kicked. I removed Team Speak and am now able to join . however, I was kicked so many times I have been limited to Co Op only????