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  1. G'day all, Just curious as I have not heard or read about this before...despite archive searching and talking to mates. I assume it is uncommon to shoot down Allied planes though I am curious if it had happened to anyone else or it's more common than expected ? I apologies in advance if this has been covered before. Happy Hunting! o7 cheers Mort
  2. Mortstone

    Gremy build and captain skills?

    Really appreciate all the responses to my Gremy query, much appreciated and happy hunting 07
  3. Mortstone

    Gremy build and captain skills?

    Mr. Mike..I was wondering if you could share the best Gremy Capt. build with me as well ? My favorite vessel in the game though I still find myself lacking in how to utilize it. i do understand it's OP though with a player of my skill and minimum time on line I would like to squeeze the most out of this little underrated monster. o7