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  1. Since you mentioned positioning... This map worked out... That's something I wish there was some resource available to discuss positioning. Cause I suck at it. Know any?
  2. Well, I played for the first time since starting this post. Here's the replay https://replayswows.com/replay/58946 Also, the youtube of the replay. https://youtu.be/IylYojqlQKA I played more conservatively, survived the battle and I think that translated into high damage output. After watching the replay I was questioning some of the things I did. I'll leave that for you to comment on, so I don't bootstrap any opinions. Please have a look at let me know what you think I can improve. Thanks for all your help!
  3. 10T0nHammer, I'm glad you pointed damage out... It's been horrendous... I don't think it's as much of choosing the correct target but rather dying early. Which supports your point of being over-aggressive. Now that you mention it, I'm beginning to think it might be ~75% of the problem.
  4. I used to play quite frequently but the past few years my play was limited to maybe a couple dozen or so battles a year. Recently I decided to get back into playing more WoWs. Now, my playing REALLY blows chunks! I've always been a 48% WR (overall) player with "meh it's not notable one way or the other" damage output. I've always done better in ranked - with i think like a 53% WR... (thanks for the carry yo) And I've never really survived a lot of battles. Lately, I've been grinding the Montana legendary module as it gives me something to focus on. But my wins over the last month or so has been a laugh! really, like 33% WR and like 60-70k damage, and that's on a good day! (now overall WR is like 47% and dropping) Frankly, I'm at my wits end. I don't know what to adjust... I'm not looking to be a unicum, but I would like to have fun. (spreadsheet says Im having fun) I mean I know the basic 'details' of playing... Don't show broadside give proper lead don't drive in straight lines threat assess available targets dodge torpedoes BEFORE you see them know my ranges know my enemy don't repair party single or double fires know which ammo to use and when situational awareness One thing I have noticed since getting back - everyone seems to hug islands now... I mean... really... REALLY hug them.. and not just the Atlanta types... But even the open water cruisers and battleships. Even the destroyers.... best concealment?? lets stay here behind this island... Anyway... While this may be related to the CV changes a couple months ago, I see this in every match now not just carrier games. I tend to go out and play as a tank... I know this has an adverse affect on my life expectancy... But if this is "the" reason - what's changed??? IDK... I don't know what to change and it's a bummer.