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  1. BeastOfGod

    Nerfed dispersion

    When did you guys nerf the dispersion on the Montana? It used to be better than it is now. you might as well put it at 400 don't you think? you guys are just like WOTs. Ruin the game and I'll quit playing this just like tanks lol
  2. I know they don't get anymore money from me. When my account is done I'll be done. Sad thing is I been here since beta. They just ruined this game.
  3. yup they ruined this game , im not giving them anyore of my money
  4. I know i will get plenty of waaa waaaa about this but i have been playing this game since beta and had to learn like everyone else. i don't come close to being a unicom player but I can hold my own 1 on 1 with most anyone on this game. I have over 5k battles and have been holding above 1300 exp for a long time. Actually 1376 right now. But playing with dummies that have over 10, 000 battles holding a 5, 6 or even a 700 exp has really got old. some unicom players like this so they can up their stats bulling up their stats. It makes them believe they all that, lol. To make games like this good there should be divisions. I recently started playing Iracing, and i love it cause a rookie cant play with a class C, B, A, or pro level player. You have to work yourself up to play against them. Wows, if you grind to tier 10 and you suck,you get to screw up players that are decent, which hurts their stats. I think I'd rather be playing with guys my level and better to some extent than playing with scrubs that will never cross the 1k exp. level. They just don't belong. It's the same with world of tanks. At Iracing if your a scrub you will stay at scrub level and never will be able to play with the big boys. Those who are serious about their game. I have just started playing 3 weeks now and I already leveled up to class d. Wows is about money, if your can afford to play thats all they worry about here. Last night came in played 3 games and we stomped the other team cause of no skilled players on the other side. Today I played 2 games and before game got started well half our team was dead already. hehe too funny. For me i like a challenge but either way it's not here anymore. No need answering back with some [edited] to me cause i wont be reading this I'm going play a game where your exp. level counts. I dont enjoy killing 10000 game newbs and i sure don't like to be on the newb, no skillled teams anymore. I still have way over 100 days on my account so I will be on a little but after it runs out, I'll most likely wont be playing anymore. Wows, maybe, instead of all the newb crap your coming out with, you guys could figure out how to separate newbs that don't care and enjoy being a screw up to players that are trying to up their stats. It really gets old to plenty of players and i have seen many quit this game cause of it. Only a thought to consider. I still love this game for reasons of running ships. I'm a retired offshore seagoing tug captain. I got my license at 20 and became a captain at 21 because of the great teachers I had growing up and the on the job training from the best captains on the waters. So yes. I take my game kinda seriously hehe. This topic is in no way to degrade anyone. But if you sucked at being a deckhand where i worked and couldn't learn to be better, you got fired quickly being it a very dangerous job. So make levels here!! If your can't make your exp. level over 1000 then I feel you don't deserve playing with players that can. Level could be as such 500 to 700, 711 to 1000, 1001 to 1300, 1300 to 1500 and so on. Maybe not exactly like this but you get the idea. Have fun guys it was fun while it lasted.
  5. been playing since beta and now having trouble login in? fix the thing !!!!!!!!!
  6. been playing since beta and now having trouble login in? fix the thing !!!!!!!!!