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  1. been playing since beta and now having trouble login in? fix the thing !!!!!!!!!
  2. been playing since beta and now having trouble login in? fix the thing !!!!!!!!!
  3. Name him BeastOfGod !!! I'm a retired offshore tug Captain ! that john doe really a sad name. Why did they change it?
  4. Wabut recuiting !!!!

    If your have tier 8 or higher, you 18 or older, and you want a guarantee to be in the next clan battles, come join us!
  5. Wabut recuiting !!!!

    Looking for players that want to get in the discounts and help us build our new team. We have players that rather play solo and that's ok but needing a few decent players that might be interested in doing some tourney stuff and clan battles next go round. We have no special rules for staying in clan as long as it's all legal. I'm a retired offshore boat captain and kinda miss running them so I play this game now. I played WOT for 6 years 39k battles and was on one of the top 25 teams there, but quit cause too much issues with keeping up with stats and wanting us to be married to the game every night. We will not get that way at all. Only requirement is that you be at least 18 or older . We have no kids just a bunch of good guys having fun. If interested drop me a line and I'll get back to you. Thanks for considering to help us build a decent team. We do have a discord channel and get to chat we each other.
  6. Division Screen Thoughts?

    Thanks to all who replied, now i wish wg would have something to say about everyone here. You all agreed with me, so it is not just me that seems to think this is not a good fix. Ok WG fix it please?
  7. Division Screen Thoughts?

    would like to hear from other player. Thanks
  8. Division Screen Thoughts?

    Personally i wish they left the division screen the way it use to be. Now it's always in the way unless you check it at the bottom to disappear. When we division up we are using discord and don't need the text part, so we would just - it and only had the little screen at the top and all worked well. I know you guys trying to better things but I just don't like the new one and all of our team seems to feel the same. Please consider changing it to the old way!!!!!! Thanks
  9. Battle of the North Cape: Mission 5 Task 3

    If I dont get my bb cause of this crap well bye bye wows !!!!! :)
  10. AFK in ranked battles

    Afk in ranked battles is happening way to often and it makes me wonder can this be happening for cheating reasons? I think so. and no one is doing anything to stop it. Fix this please. If someone does not do any damage in a ranked battle he should be booted from playing in ranked battles at least 24 hrs. Fix this please for the ones that that are trying to rank up. Last 3 games I've had 1 dd and 1 bb afk in 2 games. and I've seen more since ranked battles started. Some people will do anything to rank. I have 3 comps in my house i could be doing it also. So sad to have people screw up a good thing.
  11. Cant get into Clan Port?

    glad I'm not the only one but still annoying
  12. Cant get into Clan Port?

    It says " an error occured"? please try later? whats with that?
  13. Division games fair?

    guess u dweebs dont understand, we go in 2 tier 8s and always in a 10 battle. but cant bring an 8 and a 10 where i could support him better. It's still [edited]
  14. Division games fair?

    Why can't a division not play a battle with a 2 tier difference like 8-10? Every time we get in battle we playing in a 10 battle so why we cant have an 8 and a 10? We play 2 BBs, @ CCs, 1BB & 1CC it doesn't matter we will be in a 10 battle. My son only has an 8 and I have 8, 9, & 10s, but I cant get in a 10 to back him up. But we will always be in a 10 battle. I have to play my New Orleans when I could be in my Des Moines or even my Montana. It seems to me if we got some tier 8 battles but it's never the case. It will always be a tier 10 battle cause his only 8 he has is the North Carolina which is a great ship. but against a Des Moines and a Montana it's hopeless. And I cant back him up in my 10. Complete dissapointment:(
  15. same medal every game?

    still getting that stupid medal, Skipper on deck medal 39 freaking times wth is up with that?