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  1. Lt_Walke

    Update 0.10.3 - German Destroyers: Part 1

    Where is the Permanent camoflage for the Tier VIII G.J. Maerker. I have all of the crates, packages (all the way to the Elbing Iron cross camo) and the ZF-6. There are Iron Cross Permanent Camos for the Tier 7 Z-31, Tier 9 F. Schultz, and the Tier 10 Elbing. But no permanent camo for the Tier 8 G. J. Maerker, why not???
  2. I have seen short team roster matches before due to divisions or players sitting in que too long. but it couldn't even get the teams balanced. 6 vs. 6 Not even enough for a ranked game. Team Green. Tier 8 CV, Tier9 and Tier7 BBs, Tier 7 Cr, Tier9 and 7 DDs. Team Red. Tier 8 CV, 1Tier 9 and 2 Tier 7 BBs, tier 8 Cruiser, Tier 9 DD. Short rosters are fine but unbalancing teams like this is not. Too note this was the only short game I saw, nor did I wait in any que long either.
  3. I wonder if when they buffed the range of the New York if they created the issue that exists now. I remember the New York having 16-17km range at launch of the game.
  4. I think it is more a case that the module you are mentioning, is coded in such a way that the increase to range isnt seen by the spotter plane consumable code (isnt seeing the math that the module is doing) or more likely there is a bad line of code that alters the 20% to 2% with module installed. If someone states the conning tower, well that is nonsense as the target is being acquired via aircraft with an artillery spotter aboard. If gun elevation is the issue I would say then give my South Dakotas, North Carolinas and Iowas back their 40km range??????? also remove the spotter if you dont want New York having that much range. I say this in response to people quoting reality. Beyond Radar and sonar seeing through mountains, sonar working at high speeds, DDs with more than a single load of torps (a few Japanese DDs having a second load). So many more things should be dictated by reality then 3.6km of range on a BB.
  5. Lt_Walke

    Captain Build post update 1.0.0

    I am looking for Captain builds though and videos from 4 months ago will not address the new skills. Not saying his video doesn't have merit just it doesn't solve the current question of what Commander skill builds for British CVs are working.
  6. Spotting plane on New York not working properly only increased range about 4-5% not the 20% as stated in consumable. Never noticed before but the spotting plane isn't working properly. currently New York BB has 20.9km or range and with the spotting plane up the range increased to 21.3km. It should be 25.5km ish when spotter is launched. I editid the post played another game and noticed that the new distance is 21.3 with spotter plane not 21.8. this means that the game is currently adding 2% range not 20% range as the consumable states.
  7. Lt_Walke

    Captain Build post update 1.0.0

    Always curious of builds and as I will playing CVs in Ops for my friends that are new to the game, I am very interested
  8. What are everyone's suggestions for the new captains skills, this has been the weakest CV for a long time from my experience. The long animation from carpet bombing just making it worse. Maybe I am just not getting this CV play style right? But I am now on my 2nd skill layout and although I did better I am just not overly satisfied, nothing seems to hit hard and the planes get torn to crap far worse then any of my other CVs. I want to like this carrier more, but I am struggling with it. Maybe I need to find some videos on better play with it as well. My current attempt is (17pt. Commander) 1pt: Air supremacy 2pt: Torpedo Bomber 3pt: Demolition Expert, Aircraft Armour 4pt: Proximity Fuse, Enhanced Aircraft Armour Thanks Lt_Walke
  9. Lt_Walke

    IFHE All Night Long

    @LittleWhiteMouse I realize I am replying to a older post but it bears the question anyway. What are your thoughts on IFHE now? Among other things its costs have changed depending on what it is on and now that they nerfed Demolition expert to a flat +1% chance across the board also at varying costs. Does IFHE Deserve more usage where a 25% pen increase mixed with some of the HE damage buffs?
  10. Lt_Walke

    Hidden Bonus Code in "Pin Up" Video

    i just posted mine and it worked fine. Keep trying and make sure if you copy pasted you dont have any spaces in front or behind it.