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  1. buddahcjcc

    New CountdownTimer Thing???

  2. buddahcjcc

    51 19Pt Captains

    lol my highest is like 5
  3. Im trying to look around for clans to join, and apparently it involves finding their webpage? I dont understand this, plus, the WG site only shows tanks and planes as options on the clans page
  4. buddahcjcc

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    for me, as a new player (Im tier IV max atm), I dont see an issue, as a DD they cant hit me most of the time and as a BB I cant hit THEM most of the time. lol
  5. I discovered the joys of streaming. Yay. My first idea was playing World of Warplanes, with "Ride of the Valkeries" on repeat for the music. It was awesome. However the stream drops to like 2 fps when I actually get into a fight so Im assuming my machine or internet (I have the best package available) isnt up to snuff for this, so, streamer people, what kind of a machine do you need to stream this game? For reference I have AMD FX-4100 4 ghz (quad core sadly) processor 24 GB RAM GT 740 graphics card Nothing else relevant I can think of
  6. buddahcjcc

    Tier 8 MM is more broken than ever

    In most other games its all of the above. I havent seen much of that in random drops so far. Mostly people just scatter. I try to stay with the group, but its hard when your teammates run off in 6 random directions when the game starts
  7. Lol, Ive been firing based on guesswork mostly
  8. Ive learned not to fire torps without considering whats behind them. I have yet to learn that firing them then ducking behind an island would be much cooler if I fired before the torps were firing right into the island :p I have yet to get the campaign mission to kill 1 ship with torps or even hit one ship with them :p Out of curiosity, Ive noticed the campaign mission has little completion bars over them if you do the final mission. What do you get for filling up the bar lol
  9. buddahcjcc

    How do you tell armored from not?

    Thanks! Im obviously new, well I played a long time ago apparently, came back and had 50k free xp and like 5 million credits (Ive been playing a lot of WoWP I dont know the name of the silver yet), decided to start playing again
  10. HE shells do better against lightly armored targets but I have yet to discern how you tell which ships are more lightly armored from others?
  11. Fired what looked to be a perfect spread of torpedoes at a ship on my first mission in a torpedo ship, the ship I fired at pivoted so that they all missed but lined up perfectly on the friendly ship behind him. Yeah I wore the pink a while after that -.- This is how you learn lol
  12. what ships are broken? So I can.... avoid them...
  13. Wheres a good place to look for captain builds? IM an HE spammer but mostly cause I havent really worked out aiming yet, it seems like a lot of guesswork My max tier thus far is four though so Bismark is kinda beyond me still lol
  14. whats fp and ce? Im new also whats Also; is there a page that has these builds for captains?