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  1. Of course the very next game, it does it again
  2. As the morning progresses, now it seems to be working fine. I guess the first few matches the system was having issues.
  3. To add a little more, I did a battle in the Mainz, lost and it shows that I credit towards the missions, I don't understand why some matches I get credit, some I don't yet, in both matches I meet the requirements.
  4. I'm having the same issue with the Hit Hard Hit Fast Campaign. I'm meeting the requirements, but not getting credit. I double checked and the requirements is just to earn Commander XP in T8-T10, but no nation designated. This is the third battle I have noticed this in and no progress on the bar.
  5. 209AMH

    Extremely unreliable ping.

    Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having ping problems. Was fine this morning, started issues this afternoon, stopped for a while, played again and be fine for most of the game and then goes stupid again. Also, noticed on the opposing team, it looks like two of their ships dropped mid-game.
  6. I had this same error happen last night. I was trying to recall a captain and the transaction error kept popping up. I tried a different ship and captain and I couldn't recall him. So, I tried to assign a captain and that brought up the error. So I was unable to play three of my ships because I couldn't get a captain recalled or assigned to them.
  7. 209AMH

    Server down

    Glad it isn't just me. I have tried different ships and every time, Server overload.
  8. 209AMH

    Server down

    It is my luck, I get 24 hour premium only to not have the game up and running.
  9. 209AMH

    Server down

    Tried again same message
  10. I have tried to get into the game 3 times, I keep getting the server overload message. Are the servers down or is this a bug from the new patch?
  11. 209AMH

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    I had to force the update and it then downloaded it. Game works now
  12. 209AMH


    Mine didn't auto update either. I guess I will try the restart.
  13. 209AMH

    10:10 and Servers are still down.

    Well, guess I will go find something for breakfast and cheek back in an hour