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  1. JamesZ28

    RIP Saipan?

    The Saipan is a good ship, maybe marginally OP when she is top tier and is a liitle harder to play when uptiered, this is because when top tier most AA is ineffective and you can land strikes easily and the reverse when uptiered she cant handle aircraft losses well and is easier to be deplaned because of the slow aircraft regeneration. The attack aircraft with tiny tims though harder aim and RNG to land on DDs will do impressive dmg when they hit, Ive seen a max of 12k off one pass on a dd. the torpedo planes each have 2 torps and attack in pairs and can lay a good spread and there speed minimizes AA exposure on the 1st pass, the dive bombers are MEH, only good for starting fires or finishing off ships although because each plane has 2 bombs its not too difficult to land them on a dd. the bread and butter of the Saipan are the torpedo bombers for racking up dmg numbers,
  2. JamesZ28

    various aircraft customization

    Or it could be and achievement or mission reward.
  3. I hope they let us adjust our our speed and give us more waypoints, really the problem has been there since day one when trying to use waypoints. Has to do with the crappy turn radius of CVs, u can set a waypoint and if it cant get to it it will just circle around it continuously
  4. JamesZ28

    Topedo Planes Drifting

    Probably a combination of ship movement and mouse creep, Ive noticed it but I realized I was sliding my mouse to try and keep my aim
  5. Even though this rework went in a direction I didn't personally like, its still kinda fun although there are still a lot of balancing issues and bugs to fix, I do hope that down the road they offer cosmetic customization for the aircraft I've gotta stare at the whole game, various camouflages and coloring, distinctive insignia on tails etc.
  6. JamesZ28

    CV's suck so bad now

    I dont know this rework is pretty bad right now, every game I played last night either has a cv or a dd, the cvs were at the bottom every match and only one time did I even see a cv sink a ship and that was a midway. Plus the mechanics of the cv rework are just crap for me at least, i dont like it. Just not fun for me right now, Ill keep trying for awhile and see if it gets better, but i dont play Pc games for console style game play and thats what this is plain and simple, On a side not the graphics are pretty good at least
  7. JamesZ28

    Thoughts on CV rework.

    This rework was never about balancing CVs, it was about getting CVs to work on console and mobas, and making the gameplay the same across all the platforms, where they wouldnt have to chase different types of CV game play for balancing etc. Otherwise all they would have had to do was modify strafe to fix most of the balance problems between the good and bad CV players, manual aiming was never that hard to master, it was the strafing that was the biggest difference separating the cv players
  8. JamesZ28

    Stop the rework!

    Thats fine that its happening just know that this is pure [edited] that you are pushing this console crap on us in the name of increasing the player base
  9. I would imagine wargaming is trying to figure out a way to combine consoles and pc play together at somepoint. They are changing Cv play where you only have to control one thing at a time the same as ships. The current Cv play wouldnt be compatible with a console controller, IE can you see somebody on a XBOX trying to run a tier 10 cv esp the japanese one, be like 8 different units to control. Console game pads arent made for that, I personally feel this whole CV rework is for the console release, They have pretty much tapped the PC population out and are now gonna look at the consoles to increase their player base
  10. JamesZ28

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    Cvs arent the only class that can one shot, the dds can one shot any class, quite a few cruisers can one shot Dds, and BBs can one shot broadside cruisers quite easily. This statement is very broad and unrefined, but if your in a fuso dont sail off alone away from your other ships, you will get one shotted. I play mostly tier 8 Cvs, and the opposing teams that stay in grps usually make my play very restrictive and most times when they do Im under 100k in dmg even when my team wins.
  11. JamesZ28

    GreyFox Carrier rework opinion

    yeah which is what I would concentrate on especially since the name of the game is World of warships My favorite part is when a ship sails off by itself with no support, gets alpha striked and then screams bloody murder that CVs are OP
  12. JamesZ28

    GreyFox Carrier rework opinion

    The biggest skill gap difference is strafing and if they removed it or modified it that would fix 90% of the so called skill gap problem they keep talking about is the reason people dont play, truth be told if the other cv player is a strafe god it does make the match miserable
  13. JamesZ28

    CV Rework Part 2

    It still looks like they simplified and dumbed down CV play to work on consoles, all they really had to do to fix the Cvs was modify strafe so it wasnt so OP esp against new and or less skilled CV players, or just remove it. This just look like MOBA game they modified to work in Warships
  14. JamesZ28

    CV rework twitch reactions

    Well this should work well on the console version they are releasing