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  1. I played Cvs and took me 21 battles to rank out, seemed like the Midway did better for me with the 2 and 3 DDs per side i usually saw. Seemed like I used the torpedo planes to flush people out from behind Islands alot, that and stayed after the DDs to keep them moving and dodging
  2. JamesZ28

    HVAR vs Tiny Tims

    I like HVARs for all of the CVS, they seem to do a better job of getting incaps on DDs and are great for knocking AA mounts out off of ships I wanna come back and torp and or bomb, but to each their own, Tiny Tims are great against Cruisers though, but I personally struggle with getting hits on DDs.
  3. JamesZ28

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    If they would just bump up the alpha damage just a bit, wouldnt be a bad ship
  4. JamesZ28

    Why is Nobody Playing Shokaku?

    I took the hp increase because I almost always boost in when attacking
  5. JamesZ28

    T8 CV for Clan Battles

    Indomitable doesnt have enough alpha damage to do any good in this format, relies completely on fires for her damage
  6. JamesZ28

    CV Hate

    Notice the secondaries, the red Cv and I were both in the cap at the end,
  7. JamesZ28

    Just STOP allowing CVs in rank

    Just to add to your pain and frustration
  8. well they were working on the Saratoga at one time?
  9. JamesZ28

    Indomitable Needs A Buff

    The bombers just need a little more alpha damage and maybe a heal like torpedo planes have so you dont use last gasp as a double time engine boost by dropping your 1st squad as soon as boost runs out
  10. JamesZ28

    ARk Royal VS indomitable

    The Indomitable takes awhile to get used to and figure out, and really she is slightly under powered compared even to the other British Cvs, but played right you almost never run out of planes plus they are fast as hell so you can get bombs off on almost any ship anytime. But the lack of alpha damage with the bombers hampers her a great deal, you rely solely on fire damage. the only way your damage will be decent is if the match goes the distance.
  11. The Indomitable is a little under powered, just needs a couple of tweaks, the attack planes are okay, probably could do with a small increase in armor pen, the bombers need a little more alpha on their drops, but not much, and maybe give them a heal like the torpedo planes have
  12. JamesZ28

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    Only BB I had trouble with was the Mass playing Cvs primarily the Enterprise, 40 battles to rank out, DDs I used nothing but attack planes, cruisers and BBs depended, if they had good AA I used attack planes to knock out their AA some then switched to Bombers and Torp planes, against everything except American BBs it worked out great, German ships incredibly vulnerable to AP bombs
  13. JamesZ28

    My "ranking" of best 1v1 ships.

    takes 36 stars to rank out managed 36 wins, 3 losses, and a draw, which i got when the server crashed and restarted
  14. JamesZ28

    My "ranking" of best 1v1 ships.

    I played the Enterprise and it took 39 battles, MA was the only BB I had problems with esp if they charged me,
  15. JamesZ28

    Where is the HMS Indomitable?

    where is this thing at, its been half a year since you announced it?