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  1. JamesZ28

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    where is the Indomitable, is there any kind of ETA on it???
  2. JamesZ28

    Where is the HMS Indomitable?

    where is this thing at, its been half a year since you announced it?
  3. JamesZ28

    Just played Ark Royal for the first time...

    Ark Royal so far is a turd, 1ST PREMIUM SHIP Ive bought that I regret
  4. The learning curve for CVs is again very steep, i spend the 1st 5 min or so just scouting and making runs on DDs to push them off capture points and or keep them spotted. then Ill start trying to make runs on isolated ships and or ships with weaker AA, some matches the opposing team has it together and the AA cruisers basically make it impossible to approach most of the ships. Those games typically suck, where you can start to get after them is midway to the end when their team has lost ships, been damaged and or scattered. Then even a strong ship like a DM is vulnerable, really the only exception are Minos and the like, they are pretty much no fly zones start to finish.
  5. JamesZ28


    Where its at right now no, we were supposed to be able to make multiple passes with a single squadron in return for decreased damage, now with current AA we get maybe 2 passes if we are lucky, most of the time just one for basically chip damage and spend all our time flying to targets and dodging AA bubbles trying to not run out of planes, Sure every so often you get to be top tier and beat up on -2 ships and the you can rack up some descent numbers, most of the time though that doesnt happen.
  6. JamesZ28

    What is best nation to start playing Carriers in

    Right now it seems like the American line is the best all around tree, the Japanese line aircraft along with The Graf Zep planes are too fragile especially when uptiered, The British line has tough plane but with their lower avg speeds can be difficult to maintain decent air craft reserves although the attack planes are very good against isolated DDs and cruisers in most cases.
  7. JamesZ28


    I still think a skip bombing mechanic would be cool as hell, like a narrow torpedo cone with alternating zones of green and yellow where the bombs made contact then bounced too high in some case to hit, IE DD and the front and rear of larger ships, bombs would just bounce over them and continue on
  8. JamesZ28

    Why did they get rid of odd teir cv?

    One of the problems with the rework now is it has changed alot from what originally came out, A Cvs alpha strike was lowered and compensated by the ability to make multiple passes, that now has been negated by the improved AA so now Cvs are back to making one pass maybe two if its a isolated ship doing a fraction of the damage that the RtS CVs would do, plus its even worse when uptiered.
  9. JamesZ28

    AA since 8.5

    I wouldnt mind the aircraft losses if they would just increase the alpha strike dmg so that one single pass your gonna get would count for something
  10. Or just put engine boost on a 60 sec delay at the start of the match, move Cv start position to the back edge of the map, and move Dds forward just a bit at the start to get them a little closer to cap points
  11. JamesZ28


    Hornet wouldnt be T10, it would prob probably be a T6 cv with the B25s and prob Wildcats for attack planes, or you could put Dauntless bombers on it, or even a combination, the B25s would be a one trick pony type thing where once you use a squad its gone, m
  12. It gets better once you learn it and get used to it
  13. JamesZ28

    Enterprise - Worth Getting?

    This is why the Lexi is better with the HE bombers you can just do more damage to everything
  14. JamesZ28


    I think it would be cool to have them just do a skip bomb attack, have 5 squads of 3 planes, each one individually attack in a low level skip bomb with 4 500 lb bombs, and and once you use all 5 squads, ur done, and just have attack planes after that.
  15. JamesZ28

    How do I play a Tier VIII Aircraft Carrier?

    As you go up in tiers on Cv, patience and situational awareness become more and more important, especially if uptiered, at tier 8 it becomes paramount to know which ships have strong AA and not only approach ur target carefully do avoid overlapping AA bubbles, but to also look beyond and make sure you dont fly into them after the attack run, multiple ships and their corresponding AA bubbles will wreck your planes, I typically start with attack planes and go after DDs or isolated cruisers or the occasional Bb that wanders out to far, knocking out AA modules on a ship can pay off when you come back with torp or bomber planes right after.