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  1. CV Plane Controls Changed?

    Its easy to abuse Wargaming for getting a slip up here and there...but after all the testing that goes into a patch preview then release, you would think at least 1! person would try out all the branches and go..."Well this should take 15 min a class...lets do an overall proof run.....Oh wait! CV's that we keep messing up are messed up again!...Oh well, perhaps they wont notice or think we don't know what we are doing in testing.." Hey but they released a great Vid to show us how good they are! *golf clap*...Yeh THAT little gem would be smarting about now...
  2. CV Plane Controls Changed?

    The hotfix didn't fix this. Its a total CV screw up! Your planes launch to the back of the map. When you round them up like a bag of cats and head them out and spot something the moment you click on a single squadron that's the signal for all the other squadrons to turn and auto fly to the back of the map again! So yu click on them to get them back and your fighters break contact and all run to the back of the map. Dear Wargaming, this is unacceptable testing of a product before you launch it into the general public. Reminds us of when you HAD a German CV and didn't we see how THAT worked out! NOT your finest hour......
  3. Flag Idea that not only is SUPER COOL...or is that Kool for your generation..no wait...that was a brand of smokes years ago and are bad, so lets go back to just plain AWESOME....Players all over the world will want the whole set or just individuals...WG gets praised to the max...the players will gladly support them and charities will be blessed by the gaming community for raising money world wide. Firstly congrats to WG for doing what they are doing, but your not grabbing the imagination of the community even if you get some of their hearts. If you want it all; Create a Monster flag for every country represented in the game, UK a Dragons Head, Russia a Bears head, America a Big Foot, Japan a Ice Monkey, France a rampant [edited] (sorry I couldn't resist that one), or is it Cockerel, and Australia a Drop Bear, (but you have to give the Kiwis the choice of a Tiki or a Silver fern) The flags must be in a cartoon form like the head of the one I have supplied as the drop bear The Flags can be purchased at any time and be mounted as an ADDITIONAL flag The Flags can be purchased in bulk at say 8 flags at $5.00 ($40 for the lot), or $7.00 per flag of each nation singly. Yes you guys did good in raising money with your Flags and ideas...but embrace the youth and statement of the gaming community that think holding hands is nice in support.....but a kick [edited] flag is MUCH betterer...(Yes I'm trying to adopt the Lingo as I'm 60 and my hands devil salutes without cracking knuckles). I ran this past several clans in the ANZAC ALLIANCE and they thought (about 150 guys), it was an idea they wanted to give money to, on the spot. Oh and just a heads up.....Drop the "BEWARE!" and the "DROP BEARS" off the image supplied and I will pay $50.00 bucks on the spot for THAT flag, and it's my idea!...lol Oh and as a final thought? Make the next idea the same pic as "Nose Art" on the bows of the ship as a "special" commo you can purchase for your ships and you can keep the gold for that one, just donate the "Flags" raised to the corresponding charities in each country. Of course if that's to hard to organise then send it all to me and I'll make sure its put to good use..*wink* Quokka
  4. Loving the game ever since I changed over from WoT, and I love the quirks you guys put into the game, however, its hard to see the Koala on the Perth. Can you put him up in the crows nest? Maybe give the Perth another 1% boost of spotting range for him being up there?