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  1. 6a6a6a

    Can't hear sound when alt-tabbed

    Thank you so much
  2. Hi. I recently started streaming and have been having audio problems, when I alt-tab the game sound stops playing. Now this was never an issue until now when i need obs to actually record the sound for the stream. Does anyone know of a way to play sound even while alt tabbed?
  3. 6a6a6a

    Lag spikes

    Specs are as follows: i7 8550u quad core 1.8ghz gen 8 NVIDIA GeForce MX130 4gb 8gb ram SSD 256gb
  4. 6a6a6a

    Lag spikes

    Its just with world of warships and it is ingame fps not ping. I have tried with nothing else running and the game still lags just as hard.
  5. 6a6a6a

    Lag spikes

    I recently got a new computer. I installed wows on it and now I am having severe lag spikes which are making the game unplayable. My computer isn't reaching max cpu gpu or memory so i don't know what could be the problem. Anyone got some tips?
  6. 6a6a6a

    Houston We Have a Problem

    Why is the server down. No planned maintenance?
  7. My whole ui is laggy no matter what i do...
  8. 6a6a6a

    Port UI constantly freezing

    isn't the game already 64 bit they are just dropping the support for 32bit?
  9. 6a6a6a

    UI lag is insane

    `I agree
  10. The UI is ridiculously laggy after 0.8 I can hardly move my mouse before the port just freezes and then goes black for a couple of seconds before I can use my mouse again. I can alt-tab out perfectly fine however when it is black. Its not even using all my computers resources in task manager. Don't even get me started on how unusable the training room is after the most recent patch.
  11. 6a6a6a

    FML is Recruiting

    Hi Remember all those times when you just saw so much fail - either on your team or the enemy - and you just want to shout FML? You are not alone. Come join us FML (Fail play observed) is a semi competitive clan which actively participates in divisions, Clan wars and fun events/scrims with other clans. We have a discord where you can contact us, all are welcome to join our discord whether in the clan or not. Our discord: https://discord.gg/4DbMqNS If you are interested in joining our clan you must join our discord and message one of the admins or recruiters. Requirements to join FML: Active discord use 53%+ winrate solo At least 500 games Ability to attend a majority of Clan battle sessions What FML offers you: Top 100 clan (https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000052898,FML-Fail-Play-Observed/) Majority of the base unlocks A Competitive learning environment Clan events Training and fun events A group of people to division up with and have fun Examples of our fun: