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  1. I am speaking on the contrary. I ambushed a DD in my NC and unloaded a broadside into it at 5km. It only took 1/2 damage from full and then proceeded to kill me with a wonderful wave of torps. So are you saying if I see a DD and ambush it Im not allowed to beat it and that a bb must bend over and be shamed when a bb and dd face off for whatever reason? Doesnt matter on the build, if the bb cant sink the dd on the first salvo they are more or less dead or close to dead if the dd launches their wave of torps. The DD can then proceed to hide in smoke. What about lower tiered BBs where they have weak secondaries? Even if they have a BFT/AFT secondary build that does nothing against torps at their tiers. The style of play is too linear these days where everyone is converging on the same playstyle. All I'm saying is give BBs especially ones without a good secondary a chance against these tiny tugboats when engaged in close quarters. Weve already been virtually neutered against cruisers CQB.
  2. Have you ever captained a BB and a DD pulls up within 6km of you or it jumps from behind an island point blank? You used to be able to punish them for that mistake but now you can unload a full broadside at them and theyll just shake it off and dump salvo of torps at you and kill you. WG needs to address this. As a BB player since the beta days this is one of the biggest frustrating changes theyve made. DDs need to be punished for travelling too close and revealing their broadside. Even if its not a full citadel, at least half damage or flooding or allow BB secondaries to do the same damage as DD main guns since theyre the same weapon essentially. Its impossible even on arcade physics to honestly allow DDs to shrug off a full broadside by a BB and have 2/3 health remaining. Lets give us BB players an incentive to play again instead of just flooding the server with fake ships and broken pro DD physics