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  1. Brutalus_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    I would agree with those who have talked about not having a dedicated Captain for this ship. I have a Murmansk, Nickolai, and this Aurora. All three run exclusively with my RU DD Captain. All the skills are still good for each ship. The few skill that are not the "perfect" set up are vastly outweighed by the fact that my Captain has so many points already and is gaining them far faster than otherwise. Between the 4 ships that is 4 first victory bonuses a day even on the days I don't play much. Also with the 2nd highest range in Tier the Aurora gets the most benefit from the % added by AFT. At tier III it is never hard to find something that is fat and slow and as this ship is fragile out ranging things is great. I would take AFT over DE even if I did not already have AFT because it is key for RU DD. Last bit. This is a fun little tier three relaxed play ship and I would not recommend buying it. Why? This ship has "Giveaway/Prize Premium" written all over it. Codes, holidays, anniversaries, contests, you name it this little honey is gonna be available for free on a regular basis. That is how I got mine. It is also the only Premium my pure F2P kids have. (Same giveaway.) Keep your St. Louis for your slow tier three gun spam enjoyment until WG gives you an Aurora.
  2. Brutalus_Maximus

    Premium Ship Review: KMS Tirpitz

    How am I going to explain to my wife how much I need this ship?
  3. Brutalus_Maximus

    OUT OF DATE: Premium Ship Review - HMS Warspite (2.0)

    That is just not the model for WoWs like it is for WoT. The Nicholai is better then all the other tier 4 Battleships and the Murmansk is at least the equal of the others if not better. In WoWs premium ships are like other ships of their tiers. Some in the middle, some better, some worse.
  4. Brutalus_Maximus

    OUT OF DATE: Premium Ship Review - HMS Warspite (2.0)

    Bought it. Its turret traverse is as bad as you say. Really Really Really frustrating.
  5. Brutalus_Maximus

    [12.2] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hi, sorry for my incompetence but which mod increases torpedoe wake? Somehow missing it looking on my own.