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  1. Hermetica

    Torpedo Friendly Fire WTH?

    This is very true. As a DD, I take responsibility for my torps. That said, I still occasionally turn pink specifically because of this. Especially with the longer-range torpedoes, and doubly so if they're not particularly fast. I always apologize and move on, but it's a thing that happens, and it's not always avoidable outside of simply not using torpedoes ever.
  2. Hermetica

    Blow out after Blow out

    Oh, they said they don't use it? Well, that settles it, then. After all, corporations never, ever stretch the truth or omit important information, and they certainly never lie.
  3. Hermetica

    Private Profiles and Clans

    As someone with decent (middling, but decent) stats who doesn't act like a unicum, I'd like to propose a third possibility for your consideration: there are quite a few of us out there that dislike the fact that mods such as MMR can harvest that data and convince people to give up before a match even begins because "their team is bad and they can't win anyway" and have no interest in providing those mods with data. Plus, I'm a bit of a stickler for digital privacy, but that's a different issue. But I do concur on the "don't worry about what people think about your stats or lack thereof" point. A-holes will indeed be a-holes.
  4. Hermetica

    Missed shells? Da Kamerad, Flamu sees.

    Hold on, you just followed up a reasonably thorough explanation of server infrastructure with the IT cardinal sin of the "It hasn't happened happened to me, so it's not a real problem" fallacy? Seriously? So you haven't experienced lag or sync issues. Great. Good for you. Others have, myself included. The fact that it hasn't happened to you is irrelevant to the larger conversation. Especially given that we have WG staff in this very thread confirming they're aware there's a problem and are working on a fix.
  5. Hermetica

    The endless Weekend

    Changing my perspective won't change the fact that in the last 5 events this trend has held true. :-P And it genuinely isn't just perception bias. I've tracked my games, and my team compositions. I genuinely am fairly unlucky when it comes to this. That's entirely random, I know, and I do my best to create my own luck, but yeah. Some people get lucky. I'm not one of them.
  6. Hermetica

    The endless Weekend

    I am a notoriously unlucky person when it comes to games like this (I opened 6 European containers and got 60 tokens, for example, and if there's a thing in a random bundle collection I want, it'll invariably be one of the last possible bundles... and this applies to MM, too), so I get the potato teams far more often than not. I will also say that on the rare occasion when I'm facing the potato team, that's not exactly satisfying, either. I would really like to actually play in competitive games more often, not games where I'm the king potato in a hopeless situation or just another guy riding the steamroller to victory. Personal performance in key, sure, but there is a limit to how much that actually matters. Team composition is the other key component.
  7. Hermetica

    Is Anshan Still Good?

    I second this. With MBM1 and EM she's a good enough ship, but without them I find her actively painful to play. So, if you have a captain with at least 12 points to spare (because you do also need the other standard DD skills in addition to EM), go for it. Otherwise... eh.
  8. Hermetica

    The endless Weekend

    I mean, yeah, but when your team is SO BAD that you STILL can't win even after lots of face smashing, it can get frustrating. Example: I am not a good player. I hover right around a 50% win rate, with some ships notably higher, and some ships much, much lower. Last night, despite not being a good player, I managed to earn a Kraken... ...and we still lost by a landslide. Because only one other person on my entire team scored even a single kill. When I, as a painfully average player, am somehow regularly the MVP on my team by many orders of magnitude, there's something wrong.
  9. I lost to a Mass in my Tirpitz exactly once as well, and that was because a lucky hit permanently took out my torpedo tubes and then he just burned me down.
  10. Hermetica

    Jekyll and Hyde ships

    IJN torpedo boats are, with only one premium and two tech tree exceptions, pretty bad in coop but pretty good in randoms, provided you know how to play them. Given the ability of bots to Matrix dodge torpedoes unless you're cross-firing or very, very close to them, the slow-firing, heavy hitting torps of the IJN are not great options given that you also have garbage guns to work with. Everything up to and including the Fubuki are especially awful, with the Kagero and Yugamo climbing into "mediocre" territory by either using the torpedo booster to ensure hits on bots or by relying on their six reasonable but not great guns. The three ships in the line that do reasonably well in coop in my experience are the Akatsuki, Shinonome, and Shimakaze. The Akatsuki is the first tech tree IJN torpedo boat to get six guns, and her 3x3 fast-reloading torpedo tubes allows her to set up cross-fires for bots to ensure hits. She can also stagger fire to just keep a steady stream of torpedoes headed toward the bots. And her guns are decent. The Shinonome is essentially a Tier 6 Akatsuki, so same strengths apply, just toned down a little bit. The Shimakaze can create torpedo soup and also has reasonably fast-firing guns. The IJN gunboat line is similarly limited until the Akizuki, though the Minekaze does alright on account of fast reloading torps and multiple launchers. Garbage guns, though.
  11. Hermetica

    Des Moines

    You have until December to complete the mission for it if you already have it. The missions stopped appearing two patches ago.
  12. Hermetica


    Yeah, I think a big part of the problem is the extent of the nerf. Dropping it below the health of some Tier V BBs is... questionable. I get that it's a cruiser hunter, but honestly, my Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are both cruiser hunters as well (and are very good doing that) and have more health, despite being a tier lower. I see no reason why I would buy and play the Odin when I have two ships that appear to be superior at their role at a lower tier. Plus, I already have the Tirpitz as well, and she's also quite excellent at cruiser-killing while also being pretty tanky and with decent health. Why would I get the Odin when I already have the Tirpitz?
  13. At Tier 8, you're really not facing any new threats as a DD than you would be a Tier 10. Tier 8 is where radar becomes common, and that's by far the biggest bane to DDs outside of CVs, and CVs are dangerous to DDs regardless of tier. What changed to make you reluctant to play DDs when uptiered? As a DD main, I can say that it makes basically no difference to me. The only time a tier difference affects my games is when I'm top tier in a T8, mostly because radar stops being a thing. And true, a Tier 8 BB in a Tier 10 match is a bit harder... but honestly, the differences aren't huge enough that skill stops being the main deciding factor in who comes out on top. I've taken down many a T10 BB in my Tirpitz, and conversely, I've been taken down in my Thunderer by a Bismarck on more than one occasion.
  14. Depends on the ships. If I get matched against T10s in a T8 BB or DD, it's not really a big deal. It only really hurts if you're in a T8 CL or CV. T8 CAs aren't great, but you usually have the guns necessary to do just fine so long as you're smart about positioning. Plus radar becomes a thing at that tier, so...
  15. Hermetica

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    ...60 tokens and nothing but camo in my 6 crates. :-/ Yaaaaaaay...