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  1. Moving it to 2 mil will only delay the bad players at T10. If they had the time and perseverance to fail their way to 1 mil FXP T9 ships (and they most certainly have), then it'll only be a matter of time.
  2. Hermetica

    Defense of Naval Station Newport Carry

    I've gotten exactly one 5-star in it, and that was only because I happened to be in a match with a division of unicum players blowing off steam in Newport for some reason. Outside of that, yeah, a three star is the best I can usually hope for. More often a one star.
  3. Hermetica

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    No, the game's not still in beta. I was in both of them; they're definitely over. Their version numbering scheme doesn't reflect moving toward a "true" release. It's just the numbering scheme they settled on for whatever reason.
  4. Reported for reporting. That's toxic.
  5. Clickbait thread titles are a plague* that needs to be addressed (FTFY)
  6. Hermetica

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    The chances of enough people reading this for it to become common enough knowledge to be at all likely to be of use is probably ≤ 0.01%, but I appreciate the information nonetheless. I, for one, will definitely use the horn greeting listed above.
  7. Hermetica

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    Psh. Where's your sense of adventure? You could pretend this is ancient Mediterranean naval combat! (Though seriously, I have only a tiny handful of ships I regularly intentionally ram things in, so I feel you.)
  8. Hermetica

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    I mean, you COULD sell them off... or you could turn your ship into a giant torpedo. I think it's clear which is the more awesome option.
  9. Hermetica

    No More Super Containers?

    I've gotten two in the last three months while collecting Resources crates. Granted, both contained flags, but still. They still happen. It's just very much a matter of RNG.
  10. Hermetica

    Scharnhorst HE or AP

    Yeah, you're better off firing HE at bow-on BBs in many BBs, depending on the BBs in question. But you're pretty much always better off doing that in the Scharnhorst, given your small-caliber guns. Those guns are built for murdering cruisers, not so much BBs. Though it's true that if you have a good shot at the superstructure with AP you should definitely take it.
  11. Hermetica


    I mean, compared to radiation, yeah. But that's like comparing getting hit by an SUV and getting hit by a bus: in both cases, it's really going to suck. One just sucks more than the other. Never gone through it myself, but have had close family who have, so my sympathies and best wishes on getting through it quickly. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  12. Hermetica

    Power Creep

    This seems like the most reasonable option. The Kagero is a great example, as it sits in the odd position of being thoroughly outclassed by both the ship before and after it in the tree - seriously, in the current meta I'd rather bring an Akatsuki to a T8-10 match than a Kagero - because it was balanced with a different meta in mind. Its only definitive strength is its 5.4 km detection range, but its slow speed and its reliance on TRB instead of smoke means that advantage is of dubious value at best when so many ships have radar and smart CV players can permaspot you. She could definitely use some tweaking, either in terms of speed or torpedo reload time. Something that allows her to either disengage more effectively, either through running away or allowing her to use smoke without sacrificing a huge portion of her damage potential.
  13. I also killed the Atlanta in a straight-up gunfight. That was probably the highlight of the match for me.
  14. Hermetica

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    Depends on the nation. I try to keep it thematically relevant. So, on French ships I usually sail the Free French flag plus my CBT flag, on my German ships it's usually either the Scapa Flow scuttling flag or the PEF flag, on my British ships it's usually the British CL flag + either the Dunkirk flag (for ships like the Gallant) or the Duke of York flag, on my Japanese ships the Yamamoto flag and some other event flag, etc.
  15. It's not just low tier (and also, this was a Tier VII game - I was just uptiered). Last night I had a pretty shameful game, where I played my Benham and ended up with a -1 kill to my name after misclicking and clipping a badly wounded green JB with one of my torps... and I still ended up third on the scoreboard. In my Thunderer in the game before that, I had a single kill - an opportunistic kill secure on a badly damaged DD that had just won a knife fight with a green DD - and finished fifth. Before that I was in my Cossack, killed literally no one, captured a single point, had all of 28k damage, and finished second.