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  1. Your percentage benefit for survival expert is inflated. If you assume that aft is only useful to aa in cv battles, then equally se is only useful when the 3500 hp means the difference between life and death. If the match ends and you have more than 3500 hp, you didn't benefit from se. If you didn't survive then you may or may not have. Maybe you got an extra volley off, maybe you didn't. Only actions taken while below 3500 hp would be things that can be attributed to se. I don't believe the benefit of having that 3500 hp is worth 4 pts. I tend to focus on ship spec so aa is "right" in my eyes, even if it is rarely used. That said if I wasn't taking aft I wouldn't take se instead, for the reasons above. Note however I'm not a good player so take my opinion with a pound of salt
  2. From the other side but still pretty stupid. Had a ca torp me seconds into the match because we bumped during deployment. Let the flood run till he killed himself. Net result his only contribution to the match was pinkie then death. Don't act like a petulant child and you won't get stupid prizes. Only regret is i think we lost, so i didn't bomb his daily if it was his first match. From my side i did get pink once not realizing a freddy had snuggled up my bb and i blasted him with rear turret he and set a fire. Deserved my pink and almost died myself from reflection. Whoopsie
  3. GG Supercontainers

    Between the fact that even going TYL they are still rare as hell for me and the fact that the rewards are meh half the time i always go signals now. 8 to 12 flags that I'll probably use vs TYL and getting only 4 or something even more useless like bad camo.. easy choice - more of the useful things please. Then the uber-rare super container from signals usually has some of the really good ones
  4. Got all camo out of 5 admirals, not putting another cent in. What I need the least, I get exclusively. Would rather have doubloons, flags, prem time, or the Eugen
  5. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    I'm on of them - it is open 17 containers. #1 I know this because that's how I got it, #2 because it basically says EXACTLY that. Not everyone gets excited about crates as others do. I personally am sort of meh about them. I had 24 saved up, opened them all.
  6. "Chat server Unavailable?"

    Twitch, that's less a "fix" and more a workaround - my logically based opinion is that WG introduced some network bug(s) with this last patch. The evidence is that the issue is with their side not with our side. All of a sudden, many players who have been playing for quite a while with 0 chat/update/networking issues all of a sudden have simultaneous computer issues with our DNS servers? Not likely. A patch released to this game occurs at the same time as update issues/chat issues/network issues start that affect this game and this game only. Evidence seems to suggest that logically, the probability that it is something on their end, or in the patch itself that has bad netcode or networking pathing or whatever (not a programmer) is behind it.
  7. "Chat server Unavailable?"

    Yeah this last patch seems to have broken a lot of network related stuff - for example, I had to change my DNS to download the update and even the installer from their website, after no issues for the last 2 years roughly (since cbt). I've been getting this "Chat server unavailable" issue most times, although it seems to fix itself after about 5-10 minutes, or maybe after a battle. It tends to work itself out eventually,. I did a ticket when trying to get the thing running after the update, but they came back with suggestions to fix my end. Sorry WG, but when everything starts breaking literally at the exact moment you patch the game, that would logically indicate that you messed something up, not my settings which have never been a problem for 2 years.
  8. [] Master Port Collection

    Can't wait for the 5.11.1 update, On an unrelated note - the installer seems to be putting the version folder in the base WorldOfWarships folder for me, rather than the resmods folder. Easy enough to move after the install, but not sure if that's working as intended. Great work gentlemen, newcomer to the pack, but instant fan!
  9. Also, my router is actually already set to use the Google DNS system as well.
  10. Yeah it's not affecting everyone, what ever *IT* is - I've seen some of my internet game cohorts playing since the update fine, pretty sure they'd be on the NA server (Canadian, and play the NA Armored Warfare server, so I'm assuming the same for WoWS).
  11. Here's my issue with this - why should anyone have to alter their DNS settings when everything was working fine previously. My internet itself is fine - see the fact I'm using the forums. I was playing WoWS fine yesterday, before they went down to do the update. As of last night, all the settings and programs were fine. As of today, this moment (just checked), those same exact settings are not working. Thus, it would logically appear that something is wrong on their end, or something that happened alongside/in relation to the update, Setting exceptions internally on the computer for anti-virus or firewalls is one thing, changing internet routing for the whole PC is something else entirely. I don't believe the issue lies with my computer or settings due to the above factors, and I believe the responsibility to resolve whatever issue started occurring with this program and only this program, which was working fine with the current settings prior to the update, lies with WG.
  12. Yup getting error in the launcher here in southern US as well - and interestingly, assuming maybe my launcher had become corrupted, I went to the main website and can't download there either. http://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/ This site can’t be reached The webpage at http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/na/files/MDcyICBcdT/WoWS_internet_install_na.exe might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Go to http://wargaming.net/
  13. DD Magazine Detonation

    I'm not saying what was or wasn't before - I didn't pay that much attention. What I'm saying about this now, is if your magazine was hit, which clearly it was per the screenie, but it did not detonate, then the flag worked. You seem to think that just because you took a lot of dmg, that automatically indicates a mag det - when I don't think this is necessarily so. Ultimately, the only ones who can say for sure are WG, and they probably aren't going to reply in this thread. I think you can get hit for a large amount of damage - including a magazine *critical hit* as reported in the screenshot (which the flag says nothing about preventing) without the magazine detonating and blowing up the ship. In fact, I know you can, because I've had my cruisers take magazine dmg that didn't result in a detonation, and I repaired it and moved along. In the case of my cruiser I was NOT using the signal, so it was simply a crit not resulting in mag det. To me, the evidence - no mag det "award", the fact that you have a signal in theory programmed to prevent it, and the fact that you are in a ship that could fairly easily have gotten hit for it's health pool without a one-hit-kill trigger - means I'm personally inclined to be more skeptical of "game broken, fix plz." Ultimately as I said, only WG would be able to look under the hood and see if the ship was hit for 1k dmg and destroyed via mag det that shouldn't have happened, or hit for 6k when it only had 5k remaining, and that 6k just happened to include a non-det mag crit. Hopefully they will investigate and verify the flag is working as intended, and if it is not, will fix it.
  14. DD Magazine Detonation

    Did you get the "achievement" for detonation? Since the achievement comes up whether you're earning new flags or not - if you didn't get the medal, you didn't get a mag det. You just got hit for your remaining hp (or more), IMO.
  15. World of [edited]Matchmaking

    So - Carriers. Our team - Me in a Hosho Their team - 2 Langleys. Summary - they have 12 fighters, I have 4. My fighters, basically useless that outnumbered, my torp bombers about to be shot to hell as soon as they're off my decks. their 12 torp bombers, invincible when escorted. Results - predictable/10: They send all 4 sqdrns over the mountains where even if we had AA cruisers they couldn't do anything. They shoot my attempt at self defense down in about 5 seconds, and torp me to death 2 minutes into the game. Is this a fun match? No (I'm sure they were giggling like schoolgirls, of course, but from my perspective). Is that a match that is completely and utterly slanted 100% in favor of one team? Yes. Am I just going to say *forget* this and not even play the match next time the teams are like that? Absolutely. I did 0 dmg anyway, not even 1 torp bomber shot down, and then died. What's the difference between playing 2 minutes and dying, or just quitting out of the match before it starts when there is literally 0 chance to do anything. None. What is my motivation to play at that point? None. *edited for improved friendliness*