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  1. Glocktalker69

    few thoughts from an epic noob

    As a somewhat middle of the road player - more battles than some, less than others, and firmly average in quality - I would address your comments/concerns as follows: Battleships - Brawling is possible, in some lines more than others (ie Germans are built for brawling and are more likely to take big hits when trying to snipe, also have lower accuracy at long range) but you have to develop a sense of when. Charging full steam ahead into the full enemy team 1 minute after battle starts is a sure ticket to the port express lane. Playing midrange, then learning when the best time to plunge in like a knife to the opfor's kidney is a skill/intuition that will take time to learn, but can change the outcome of a battle if executed successfully (and if your team isn't all hiding watching you saying "You have fun with that, I'm staying here with Island Waifu". Cruisers you pretty much nailed - jack of all trades, master of none. Most lines have either radar or hydro which help them counter DDs, decent AP against lighter targets like other cruisers, and good HE to counter BB's that play too passively or wrecklessly both. That said, they are also at a deceptively high skill floor - in that if you make a mistake, against a good player in pretty much any class, you can be punished quickly and severely. As a jack of all trades, their weakness is in their relative fragility. Woe be unto the CL/CA who turns at the wrong moment, that can be just as short a game as a bad DD run. DD's - think of them as both recon and harassment. In your example of a dd chasing a BB - you don't need to catch up, unless your the only person left of your team. Recon - keep him lit for other people to shoot at, job done. You can light up targets for friendlies, help screen them from enemy torpedos they wouldn't otherwise see coming, and harass the enemy when you can safely do so, with either torpedos or gunfire (or both). Keep in mind, even if you miss all your torps, if a BB or CA has to dodge them but goes broadside and gets cit'ed by a friendly BB, you helped. As an overall general principle, also keep in mind that all ship lines, DD, CA, and BB, are not created equal. Saying "I'm playing a DD" and talking about the Shimakaze, vs "I'm playing a DD" and talking about the Khab, are two entirely different things - because even though they are both DD's (arguably ) they play in entirely different ways. Some lines may not be for you - if you prefer stealthy torp ninja, IJN is the king of that. Although personally I will say since torpedos are (pun intended) very hit or miss, I prefer hybrid and/or gunboat DDs. With a shima, you can have a match with a bunch of straight and level BB drivers and rack up insane numbers, or a game with people who remember they have a keyboard with wasd keys, and get like 1-2 hits. This may be exacerbated by my lack of purple players intuition, but I prefer reliable hits to throwing out a die every 1.5 - 2.5 minutes and hoping to roll well. This is just me however. Also keep in mind that in the higher tiers US gets to stealthtorp too (radar notwithstanding). But at low tiers in US dd's you're more gunboat, scout/harass/ambush predator. Have a BB coming around an island, drop some torps and run while he's out of LOS - he gets a nice surprise, and you don't die "bombing" in to try to nail him, plus he doesn't know the torps are coming. Gonna try to be gentle about the upgrades - but no. The ships play the way they play to maintain both class and national flavor. The french are fast, the ijn torp DD line are stealth/torp kings, US CA's get superheavy shells at higher tiers, etc. they are the way they are so that you can enjoy a different experience leveling the US CA's, vs the IJN CA's, vs the German CA's, and so forth. Trying to give every ship every flavor would homogenize everything (amongst other issues). Find lines you enjoy the characteristics of, and enjoy those, or try out lines you don't necessarily like to see if a new playstyle may grow on you - those are my two recommendations. Those and find some friends to div with - bonus points if they're experienced. If you find me online, feel free to message me. I mostly play midtier prems and I'd be happy to go a few rounds and chitchat about ship lines and my experiences. I've failboated and/or freexp'd (or a combination) to most of the t10's so I can help you find what ship lines might fit your comfort zone
  2. Glocktalker69

    CV Test

    One thing that isn't stated anywhere that I saw - and I don't know if it was just mine, but this may help you @Willy55_1955. I had to close and reopen WGC before it showed the option to download TST. When following the directions, I only had the normal regions + Public Test, but no TST. Closed it entirely (not just the active window, but in the background apps of the taskbar) and relaunched it. I was then able to see TST on the additional instance choices.
  3. Glocktalker69

    I can't keep up with this sewage spill in MM tonight

    Of course, it's also a matter of personality - you come across as condescending to those who chose to stop banging their head against a wall. I'm easily frustrated. If I have a series of games where my teams couldn't find their gluteus maximus with a map, a compass, a gps unit, and a "YOU ARE HERE" sticker - I'm just going to get so irate that I keep getting the teams of windowlickers that it will degrade my ability to play at my (admittedly mediocre) level. I'm an average player, I get lucky sometimes, and act like a windowlicker myself sometimes. If I play angry the chances I analyze the minimap and play intelligently go down. This is a personal problem of mine, but I acknowledge it. Ergo, if I don't "give up" I'm more likely to either contribute actively to my team's continued failures and be angrier and angrier that I'm playing like a doofus, or I'm going to die in the first 2 minutes, then have the team win. Either one will just frustrate me that much more. The best thing for me, personally, is to take a break for a while, or even the rest of the day. It's not worth busting a blood vessel over a game I'm supposed to be playing to relax/have fun
  4. Glocktalker69

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    It's not so much useless as it is subobtimal as some have said. If I had unlimited points, I would take it, because 3500 hp isn't useless *sometimes*. The issue is more in opportunity cost. Taking 3 points for SE means I don't take a different 3 point skill (or another 4pt, or a few 1/2 pts). Looking just at tier 3 - are there times where having 3500 hp would have helped me? Yes, absolutely. Are there times where burning for like 15% less time saves my life, or keeps me in a game longer? YES! Which one of these happens more often? I am on fire almost every game at least a few times, thus I get use from BoS every single game I play - and I would argue saves me more than 3500HP in almost every game since I let 1 fire burn out (sometimes 2). Thus by taking BoS instead of SE, I gain a skill that's used every match I'm in on a BB, and give up the 1/100 that the extra 3500 would have made the difference - and like I said I'm 99.9% sure I wind up with more survivability than with SE.
  5. Wow, I missed the memo, I thought the point of a game was to play the game, the point of playing the game to have fun. I didn't think tier really was the point. I've been doing it wrong this whole time! I have most of the t10's, only missing a few. Guess what I play more - mid tiers or t10? Although real talk - I've been playing and enjoying the heck out of the Haru in the last few weeks. Also, progressing faster is not "winning" regardless. Paying to have a ship that you couldn't damage without you also paying for "super-ap" ammo, or that had twice the hitpoints of anything available for free - that is pay to win. Pay to "convenience" /= pay to "win". Not to say WG hasn't done some p2w type shenanigans, ie some of the tanks in WoT that are basically there to make people use gold ammo (although nowadays it's only "shiny" ammo since you can get it for credits) or otherwise be nigh unkillable. But this is not WoT.
  6. Glocktalker69

    Is The Death of Custom Skins?

    If it is in fact a loading issue, this may be their next experiment in resolving the rendering delays on ships - like load a small texture first to display the ship on screen, then work on a higher resolution one afterwards or based on range or something. Don't have anything constructive to add but figured I'd throw some speculation into the ring for giggles.
  7. Did WarGaming actually ever say "Everything ever in the arsenal will always be 100% free, you will never have to pay money for anything in there?" I don't remember such a definitive statement. If I remmeber correctly they said it will give people an option to get some things just by playing the game naturally, or something along those lines.
  8. I had an insane game once, total adrenaline rush - *puts on glasses and takes out cane, switches to granpa voice* this was back in the day when the game was either still in or just out of beta, been so long can't remember exactly, but I was in either the Clemson or Nicholas, and I charged around an island, had 3 battleships that were already worn down a bit, 2 on one side, 1 on the other. Went charging through them with engine boost, center launcher to one side, side x launcher on the other side, side y launcher on the last one. All torps hit (they were all like less than 3km away), 3 kills, and back behind cover asap dodging bb and cl fire all the way and shaking the heck out of my badonkadonk. I have never pulled off quite a silly/lucky run since, nor prior, but once I finished that battle and lifted my hands off the keyboard, they were quite literally shaking a little. Took a 5 minute break to settle down and hoot n hollar a little at how I managed to get away with it. *puts glasses back in pocket, cane back in the stand, and goes back to normal voice*.
  9. Glocktalker69

    How do I hide ARP ships in 0.7.8

    I have 107 ships in my port, I don't need 4 myoko's and 4 kongos, plus a spare Atago all taking up space on the regular. That said, I do prefer to keep them, because once in a long while, I will actually take them out. I do this for mainly one reason: I'm a collector, yes only of pixel boats that are at the end of the day effectively worthless, but it brings me personal satisfaction to have "stuff". Especially "stuff" that is not at this time and may never again be available in game - ergo somewhat of a status symbol. It's like having a limited edition of something, that only had one production run. Again, meaningless to everyone else (at least inherently, some may agree with my perception), but it makes me happy.
  10. I have 107 ships, I don't need like 10 extra copies of the Kongo, Atago, and Myoko between dragons and anime girls. If I wanted to play them, I'd want to have the camo on for that match, but if I don't, I don't want to have to scroll through so many extra random ships. Just have a second button next to the "Hide camo" to "Hide from carousel" or something like that. Honestly, I don't even mind seeing the camo when other people run them, I just don't want almost a whole page of ships that I'm almost never going to play