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  1. Thanks much - I don't have much time until the weekend to peruse things, so I don't keep up with the news portal during the week.
  2. So is there a capt. retrain free since they substantially changed the purpose of the MFAA skill vs the prior reduced cooldown on setting sectors, and made the skill substantially worth less on many cruisers meaning a respec is now necessary due to WG changes? @Kami, et all
  3. Glocktalker69

    What the f... with overpens?

    Y'all overpenned the thread so hard, you shot back 6 months. Or would that be underpenning. And even from feb it was a minor necro from dec.
  4. Glocktalker69

    "lets rework to make cvs more popular"

    Keep in mind, by playing them at all, even once in a while, you are contributing to the "Rework is a success" satisfied customer count. The only way to indicate your dissatisfaction is to stop 100% of your cv play. Every time you take one out, you are on the "Rework is good, player is happy" side of the spreadsheet. Enough "I only take them out once in a while" players just means that WGing's spreadsheet shows that cv balancing is good now.
  5. Glocktalker69

    Bottom Tier Bismarck Early T10 Push

    Also for the record, as long as I still have compliments left, I try to ALWAYS compliment t8's that are in the top 2-4 on a team in t10 games. Especially if they're BB's or CA/CLs
  6. Glocktalker69

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    Yup, I did my t8 cv's for francoflakes, all the while hating that I was validating the "rework is a success" narrative on a spreadsheet somewhere. I got all 6 done on one day, and they can now go back on the shelf. I think there needs to be a happy medium between AA effectiveness/shooting planes down, vs the ability of a cv to effectively prosecute attacks from the beginning of the match until the end/they are sunk, just as every other ship enjoys. Right now, the plane regen is nowhere near balanced with the AA power, meaning it is back to being easy to lose soo many planes to become combat ineffective, and until it is just as common to knock out all guns/torps on ships for the remainder of a match (not just temp) this is NOT balanced gameplay. That said, I'd much rather they adjust the cv's planes vs make it super easy to de-wep surface ships.
  7. Glocktalker69

    Am I the Only One This Unlucky?

    Not only 27k dubs, but 27k dubs trying to get a TECH TREE SHIP! You spent over $100, just to get early access to something you could earn for free, without spending a penny. But hey, it's your money and you have the right to spend it however you want. I'm a whale, I've given thousands of my money to Weegee for many things. I will not spend $100 gambling for a tech tree ship.
  8. Glocktalker69

    Bottom Tier Bismarck Early T10 Push

    100% agree with the principle. Some people whine about being bottom tier. I put my man pants on and say "Challenge Accepted - My Mission (I have already accepted it) is to try my best to outscore the t10's and shame them!" Whether they feel any shame whatsoever is secondary to my perceptions of shaming them. Anytime I look at the team list and see a t8 at the top, and t10's at the bottom, I want to give them the Wonka "You FAIL, Sir! Good day!"
  9. Glocktalker69

    What is best nation to start playing Carriers in

    Yeah - doing my francoflakes, I did 95k in the Lex, and less than 30k on the Enterprise, Shoku, Kaga, Zep, and Implacable. It's possible to have good matches, but not common (for me at least), and I wind up deplaned even when trying my best to conserve planes.
  10. Glocktalker69

    What is best nation to start playing Carriers in

    As someone who isn't even Anti-CV, my recommendation right now is: Don't start any. Wargaming still hasn't figured out how to make a cv-inclusive game that doesn't HEAVILY favor one side or the other. Right now, they're 2/3 into a set of patches which neuter CV's into the grave. Regretfully, I had to play mine to get the Francoflakes this week, contributing to the "Rework is a success" narrative. Right now, AA is so powerful that you will wind up deplaned regardless of regen, unless you spend half the game barely playing, or get lucky enough to wind up against a team of full taters. If it weren't for francoflakes mine would still be shelved, and will be back to being shelved since I got my flakes done.
  11. My solution would be this - no plane count, no regen, just unlimited planes. Keep AA the way it is, nice and strong including proposed 8.6/.7 changes. Surface ships can mitigate attacks by using their AA skills and grouping up, etc. Strong AA ships and capt skills are appropriately rewarded. However, the cv maintains it's ability to play the game and try to make attacks, even if they are severly weakened ones, and only 1 pass. This satisfies the CV's desire to be able to contribute - they can try, even in the face of extreme disadvantage, to influence the game for their team, without the spectre of effectively being deplaned due to too many planes shot down and half squads being useless in the face of the powerful AA. On the flip side, surface ships get the ability to feel their aa is meaningful in actually defending the ship and reducing/preventing attacks, and get the economy and impact of actually shooting down planes (more in fact, potentially, since cv's won't be handicapped by plane limits and more willing to commit costly attacks. Remember - a good compromise means no one gets exactly what they want, so CV's have to accept plane losses, and surface ships have to accept they can be attacked and can't be immune. I'd also add that I think DFAA and fighers should also be made unlimited use like DC, and simply balanced using cooldown in this model.
  12. Glocktalker69

    Why is everything so Grindy and why so many tokens?

    Yup, it worked against them in my case. I'd like the Benham, but I work a job that has me out of the house 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I'm not willing to just sunup-sundown Warships over the weekends,. So I can't play the grind (nor would I care to honestly, even if I were a laze around the house 24/7 person). Nor am I going to spend $250 or something like buying boxes of bovine scat for tokens just to get a prem dd. Put it in the shop for $60 or whatever, and I'd probably buy it. But I doubt they will (at least not until after the "free" period for those who earned her) to avoid all the grinders/boxers from lighting their torches and readying the pitchforks. Oh well, lost opportunity for them, and less money out of my budget.
  13. Clearly, the correct answer is "Other: BACON!" Or more seriously, someone needs to inform WGing that their survey is not valid, because it lacked a predefined "Bacon" answer.
  14. Glocktalker69

    Are there known cheats/hacks/exploits?

    Also could have been an rpf salvo. I've seen and have tried (although I suck so it hasn't ever worked for me) to use rpf to know where an enemy is going, and then use map knowledge to send speculative torps Well - I say never worked.. I did just torp a Mo' last weekend after sending some rpf-directed speculative torps trying to scootch an enemy dd off cap. The Mo came around an island (had no idea he was nearby, or I'd have skedaddled myself, as he came up in radar range) and blundered into them. Don't count that though since they weren't actually speculatively aimed at him, although the end result was the same. He popped around a corner and "OH HAI TORPS!" Probably felt kinda cheaty to him
  15. I played on the men's team, so only got 2 containers.